Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I'm Turning into my Parents!

So we had big plans for Friday night. 
Badda Big Plans. 
The possibilities consisted of (A) going to a balloon festival and seeing the art all lit up on a chilly autumn night, or (B) heading to downtown Dallas to a super cool renovated venue to listen to a Jack Ingram acoustic concert.
Are you on pins and needles wondering which plan we landed on?
Well the answer would be plan (C): the old couple plan.
Instead, I sat in the kitchen putting together a step ladder from Ikea while Patrick hosted the kitchen making me fish and chips to kick off my birthday week (Yes, I get an entire week to celebrate my grande entrance to this world and surviving thereafter), and listening to live music on the Palladia channel (I'm turning more into my parents every year). 
Patrick wouldn't let met capture this image on camera because he was afraid he'd "look like a sissy" in the kitchen with his wife using tools in the living room.....but the truth is: any man that can make fish and chips that good is no sissy.
AND....he surprised me with bottomless wine in my favorite antique wine-drinking-glass.
Oh yes, and the cold front made for extra cozy weather. It might not have been snowing outside, but it was a hell-of-ugh lot better than 80 degree weather in late October!!!
In my world, birthday week is super special because: it indicates the beginning of Texas fall weather, and it kicks of the holiday season. Before we know it, it will be NYE!
In other notes, I've been cooking.
This egg white omelet is filled with spinach and arugula mix, grape tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, thick smoked bacon, and topped with feta cheese......with a side latte from my new kitchen feature: the coffee bar.
And it was a party in my mouth.
Mixing unpredictable flavors is my favorite. Garlic sauteed asparagus, Cuban baked sweet potatoes (Tip: Skip the squishing and the butter bathing;just spray with Pam and put a hefty amount of seasoning on top. Put on bottom rack of oven with it set on Broil. The seasoning will get crunchy, and you cut out unnecessary fat.), mesquite boneless pork chops, with a side salad of spinach and arugula, feta cheese, fresh caramelized cinnamon apple slices, and right out of the oven honey/agave baked pecans with ground black pepper.
Sigh.....this is my version of food pornography. I ate every last crumb.
And that's just a couple of things I created this week.

What were your big plans this weekend?

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