Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Drab to Fab

     So in my efforts to do everything except pack on my days off last week, I decided to try decoupaging for the first time in my life. I've grown tired of starring at our boring T.V. dinner trays, which have seemed to evolve into a prime piece of furniture in our living space since we NEVER eat at the table. My half-hearted efforts at searching the world wide web and pinterest for idea's to mock, left me still clueless on how to spice these 'beauts up with the least amount of effort possible, so it was up to my imagination. 

      I knew I had the neccassary items.
 Mod Podge- check.
Boring T.V. Dinner Trays- check.
A crap load of scrap book paper that I got at Hobby Lobby because I just couldn't decide between 3 different books, so I bought all three and rationalized that it was okay because they were on sale for 50% off- check. 

     After starring at them blank-faced for serveral hours, and procrastinating for several more, all of a sudden, just like with any of my other spontaneous ideas, a lightening bolt hit me! Layered stripes required absolutely no measuring, minimal cutting (since they're layered), no rounding corners, and allowed me to incorporate all the pages I wanted so I didn't have to pick favorites!!! A little color schemed organizing, pasting, trial-and-error-making, and mod-podge-laying later, the transformation was complete!
     I chose not to cover the entire top, so that the wood would still be a feature, and just added an accent of color at the bottom of the legs to tie it all together. They turned out so visually interesting; I love looking at them now and can't decide which one is my favorite!
     The lessons I learned are:
1. Snippity Snip Snip: It is necessary to at least do a little cutting, because if you don't, the layers get too thick and you will have bubbling/wrinkling issues.
2. Roll that Sh*t Out: A roller is an amazing asset for smoothing down the paper just right to prevent bubbling/wrinking.
3. Size Matters: Well, thickness to be exact. The thickness of the paper really does matter. Don't go too thin; rounding corners is difficult if it's too thick.
4. Go Easy on the Touchy Feely: Certain types of paper can be more delicate than others. All of the paper I bought was vintage scrapbooking paper, but the slick peices were less destructable than the cardboard textured peices. If there was any sticky glue or extra moisture, the pattern on the cardboard-like peices was easily damaged.
5. Don't be scared to try it! If you can cut and paste, you can Mod Podge!!!!!

     Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to start moving into the new Rent House and make it Fab!!!!

Do you dread moving as much as I do???? Have you ever Mod Podge'd before?

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