Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Difference of a Day

Isn't it amazing how some days you struggle to just move, and others you might as well be the super hero version of yourself?
July 3rd, I had one of those amazingly strong days. First, I consistently pulled 200 to 256 watts on the spin bike with my RPM's around 90. Since I zone train with my Heart Monitor on, in the past I've never been able to spin with that amount of weight at that speed and maintain an aerobic state. I was tired, but smiling, just for the feat. Second, during the yoga class following my super strong spin workout, I held crow pose for the first time in the history of my practice!! For a year, I've been trying to get into this pose; what a breakthrough moment!!
This is obviously not me, but it is crow pose, and I'm confident that I looked just as impressive as her while holding mine for the first time, but seriously three different people fell....thud....to the ground....during this class of balancing techniques and I was just glad I wasn't one of them. 
I mentioned the exact date, because two very important things happened on July 4th, other than our country's celebration of freedom, of course. 
One, the momma bird that is murdering my plant and attacked my husband's head, finally has two hatched baby birds. This explains why when I tried to water the plant a couple of days prior, instead of flying away, she stood up, flapping her feathers at me, and gave me an extra evil eye. Hopefully soon they will fly the coop, and I can nurse my plant back to life. 
Second, I broke my record for not throwing up since the night I turned 21. That was almost 7 years ago; not quite as long as Jerry Seinfeld's streak, but still impressive. Sparing the gruesome details for those faint of heart, I was very sick, and Patrick threatened to take me to the hospital several times. It's a big deal to him when I don't talk.....and moaning is about all the verbiage that escaped my mouth the entire day. Luckily it only lasted for 24 hours and Patrick had the day off to take care of me, but unfortunately I never made it off the bathroom floor to see any fireworks, and he cooked the most wonderful smelling ribs I couldn't eat.....and then he ate every bite, not saving me a single one.....
It's always hard getting back to feeling so strong, after such a physical beat down.
What a difference a day can make: from feeling on top of the world, to feeling like I was going to die.....and now back to rebuilding again.  
What's that thing called....Murphy's Law???

P.S. Patrick felt so bad about eating all the ribs, after I pointed out to him how rude it was, he made me more a couple of days later, when I was back to my usual iron stomach self. 

If you practice yoga, what move are you currently working on being successful at?  


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