Thursday, July 19, 2012

Are My Roots Showing??

So I fell asleep in yoga. 
I remember being in Shavasana, trying to keep my mind from wondering, and then my awareness shifted for a moment.......the snoring stopped when I held my breath.
Does that ever happen to anyone besides me?? I guess maybe I should stop putting the towel over my eyes. 
It's really scary how easily I can nod off in public the time, a few weeks ago, when the Toyota Dealership guy had to shake me awake to tell me the car was ready. The look on his face was half embarrassment, half concern. Or the time I fell asleep in the meditation class I wasn't suppose to be in......Or that one time when I feel asleep driving and wrecked my car. 
I just get so relaxed.......sometimes the shift work really catches up with me. Someone should make me a sign that says, "Caution: Shift worker. May fall asleep at any given moment."

And it may be that my mother is a blonde, and roots grow deep....or that this shift work thing is more serious than we give it credit for, but I was doing anything but thinking the other day when I went from talking to my mom on the phone in the house (the remote house phone), to getting all my things together, jumping in the car, and driving down the street, all while still trying to talk to her on the same phone. When we lost connection, I took it away from my face and looked at it......(because don't we always do that to our phones when we lose connection???) mad that at my crappy service!
 It wasn't until the moment I laid eyes on that huge chunk of plastic in my hand, I realized why I lost connection. Apparently house phones only work in houses!!! So it rode around with me all day, "Searching"......the poor thing was more confused than I was. 
Zack Morris called, he want's his phone back!!!
You might be wondering why we even have a house was a bundle from Turd Warner.

Have you ever fallen asleep in a strange place at an awkward moment? What's the silliest blonde moment you've had lately?


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