Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Not On My Watch!!

     My knees have been killing me, especially my left one. I actually get this excruciatingly sharp pain that makes me say, "OUCH!", out loud. It's bad when it actually makes me grimace out loud just doing regular activity; I can't even get out of the car without putting both feet down first. Hoping it was nothing more than stress, I took the last week off from working out. No improvement. Still hurts. So today I embraced my stupid aging body and went to Water Aerobics. Aside from the pregnant girl, I was the youngest individual by at least 20years. Everyone was so sweet and welcoming and the instructor actually offered more variations than I expected so each person could challenge their own fitness level. I treaded more 4ft water than I ever have in my entire life and at one point when I was losing my steam and really starting to sink, I mumbled, "I think I'm going to drown." The instructor heard me, since she was looking directly at me, probably to make sure I wasn't cheating, and yelled, "NOT ON MY WATCH!" Everyone chuckled, but not as much as I was chuckling on the inside thinking of how ridiculous it felt to workout listening to the Beach Boys and Bebop music. It was ultimately fun, and I think I'll return.
    We went to eat at a new place in the neighborhood called Mama Pita. Did you know I loved Mediterranean food?!?! ME EITHER! It was so good. So fresh. I can't wait to go back. There was an fundraiser event transpiring while we were there. Live Jazz. Videographers and photographers. 20% of all proceeds to help save dogs at animal shelters. It's always nice to donate to a cause and benefit my stomach at the same time. Our going there was a last minute decision after, emptying the entire freezer to decide nothing we had looked appetizing, and I'd had the idea in my head ever since I got the advertisement on our doorknob. ADS WORK! I was a hot-mess and my hair looked like I slept with my finger in an electrical outlet, so I threw on a spaghetti strap and a hat before heading out. I was feeling okay until we walked into the super new retro cool spot.

Me: Everyone in here is dressed up. I feel out of place.
Patrick: Not everyone.
Me: Like who?
Patrick: That guy behind you.......... The man over there standing in line........ That guy getting a drink.......
Me: You're only naming males. That's different.
Patrick: Ok, let me see....(nonchalantly looking around)..... Um.......Uhh......Hmmmm..... Ok, well maybe all the women are more dressed up.
Me: Yeah. I'm also the only chic in here that doesn't have any makeup on.
Patrick: You DON'T need makeup! Every other woman in here is ugly as hell and that's why they need makeup.
Me: Aw, thanks hunny. Does my love make your sticker peck out?

My man knows what's up. Words like that get actions like this!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Look At This!

A friend introduced me to this strange character a couple of weeks ago. There are a few different videos of this guy, and it's always interesting to see people's reactions to such social skills. Would you be so nice to this guy?

Some people choose to deface the outside of their car with stickers to represent what where they're from, how many children and animals are in their family, what school sport they root for, or what car they'd like to pee on. I get those. Then there are others. I've noticed a few around our apartment complex lately that have perplexed me.
"Would you look at this?".......What is this suppose to represent? Should I assume that you are a car bomber? Should I not park too close or you will throw a bomb in my car?

And this one??? "Would you look at this?".......I can't even began to imagine what this means. Do they have children and love Veggie Tales??? "Everybody's got a Water Buffalo. Yours is fast but mine is slow. Oh where you get them I don't know, but everybody's got a Water Buffaloooooooooeeeeeeoooooo!"
So I mentioned a while back how much I loved Magnum's. I decided that I'd try something with way less calories so I wouldn't feel guilty about chomping the entire thing by myself and this is what I bought. Problem is, there's a reason why this thing has way less calories: it has WAY LESS TASTE! And it also melts really fast, I guess since it's made of nothing but air and milk. I was so unsatisfied. I think in the future, I'll just stick to the good 'ol rich stuff.

P.S. Speaking of rich stuff.......I walked into the apartment this morning and immediately thought, "Why does it look so nice, but smell like sh*t in here?!?!?" Then I looked to my right, saw the bathroom light on, and immediately felt terrible for Patrick, thinking he must have woke up with bad doo doo. Turns out it wasn't him, unless he became incontinent over the last 24hours. I walked into the bathroom to find 5 piles of diarrhea turds scattered in various places hitting and missing the potty pad. "Would you look at this?!?! Just look at it!" What a nice welcome home surprise...... Hopefully the crockpot goodies will mask the smell soon!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Time Marches On

It's starts getting really good about 1:30min into this video. I love the dog that is guarding it's bone from his own foot.....priceless video!

My sweet Callie taking a nap with me.
     I have vivid memories of being thoroughly embarrassed by my elders snapping pictures of me while I was trying to do something fun. It's before I even knew what eye-rolling was, but I recall doing many mental eye-rolls. My Nana even photographed us into tears verging emotional breakdowns a few times, while bribing us with food and games so she could get in a few more "rolls" before we were blinded by the flash. I also remember thinking I would never do such a thing. But just as history always proves to repeat itself, we inevitably seem to turn into or parents or grandparents before we even realize we're a grown adult. You find yourself married, with all your friends are having babies. You give other kids weird advice about not growing up too fast, and you send your husband down to the Yappy Hour to take a ridiculous amount of pictures of your furry children because you had to be at work for your dog's 3rd birthday celebration. Maybe that last part was just me, but you know what I'm saying.
Sumo at Grannies this weekend. He loves the first step into the water, but will never go past it. Chicken.

      Callie turned 3 last week, so Patrick went to Petsmart and got new toys, new treats, and took them to the dog party downstairs for new friends. I was told later by fellow dog owning friends that Callie stayed true to form and kept watch over the bricked area, of which she ranks queen over, barking at any dog that got too rowdy on the pavement. And Sumo was his usual charming self, loving the doggie swimming pools and doggie friends. So yeah, we take a silly amount of pictures of our cute animals.

     Patrick and I watched Blair Witch Project last night. It was the first time I've seen that movie since I was in Junior High! I forgot how weird it was!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

"Looking for trouble? Look no further..."

I love these. They are hallarious

     Something really weird happened. I was going back through older posts and editing them to make the pictures larger, since I realized they were extremely tiny. Everything was going grandly until the last couple of posts that I re-saved moved themselves to the top of my posts! WHAT, they were from months ago?!?!? I'm so confused on how this happened and can't figure out how to move them back. My brain is about to explode from frustration.
     The puppies had their baths, and now Sumo and I are kickin' it cool on the couch while the husband of the house slaves in the kitchen, so I thought it'd be a convenient time to recap this whirlwind of a weekend. It was the big time fantasy football draft party yesterday, so we migrated once again down the nauseatingly boring I35 southbound. I got to spend Friday night with my Vanaynay and my favorite Kinsey in the whole wide world while Patrick hit the sack in old man time to rise and shine for his big day. We stayed true to tradition and made the dip we always eat when we are together as we debated which is hotter: Rotel Original or Rotel Mild. I won; it is original. Stacy graced us with her beautiful face and we got to talk like girls until 3am just like the good 'ol days.

I LOVE this chair

      Saturday while Patrick did man things, my mother and I devoured my most beloved breakfast in the entire world. Oh yes. An elephante burrito from Lolita's, a hole-in-the-wall authentic Mexican restaurant in downtown Waco, the best kind. Then we spent a couple of hours dragging our jaws on the floor, gawking over how much we love everything in Spice. I'm always inspired and be more creative and feel the urge to completely redecorate every time I step foot in that store. Problem is, I have exspensive taste. . . . . . That chair is $2,000!
I NEED these

     I got to check one person off my Christmas list, my mother, and then we discovered a new retro frozen yogurt joint next door. I think it was my mother's very first FroYo experience and to say she was like a kid in a candy store would probably be a mild understatement! She loved it, of course, because no one in their right mind couldn't. It was perfectly refreshing.

We self-timered this on her Christmas present; it's a vintage scale!

Please excuse my no make-up self
     After stopping by the draft to bring my husband some chapstick because "his lips hurt real bad" (thanks Napoleon Dynamite), I drove to Temple and spent the rest of the afternoon with my Nana, Sissy, and cousin Allison. We did what we do best when together: rocked in rocking chairs for hours chit-chatting. And we managed to find the time to go out for some fried catfish! Yummy.

You tell 'em girls!
     As soon as I made it back to Waco with heavy eyelids, my Mother-in-law put me to work highlighting her hair. It was my first time, and it could have been caused from delirium, but I couldn't stop laughing at how silly the cap looked! I told her it kind of reminded me of Hell-raiser. I didn't have a chance to get a picture of how good her hair looks after it was all finished since I was in a sleeping-coma this morning, but let's just say I did an amazing job for a first timer!


Someone should tell Hellraise to get his pins highlighted. They'd be much more flattering to his skin tone!  

Oh Well

My last fortune
      Ever wait to the last minute to do laundry; that point at which you've run out of hampers to stash the evidence and you'd rather just buy new clothes instead of wash the old ones because you know it's going to take hours to wash, dry and put it all away? I do that almost monthly. I say monthly because I actually have enough clothes to last that length of time without having to repeat, minus undergarments, but who needs 'em. I've learned it doesn't even pay off to stuff as much as you can in the washer because then you're left with half wet clothes when the cycle is finished. What to do, what to do? If I had to be completely honest, I'd say the couple of times that happened, I mumbled my Nana's infinite phrase, "oh well", and continued to throw them in the dryer anyway!

Guess I've always had a "thing" for hats!

     Speaking of Nana, she gave me the sweetest pictures while I was down visiting. My Papa, her husband and my father's father, passed away of esophageal cancer when I was  a mere 2 years old, but I still retain vague memories of him. I've been told he wanted a grandchild so very badly, and could not have been more thrilled when he was blessed with a granddaughter, that's me. He showered me with kisses every chance he had and although I don't remember his kisses, I do remember laying in bed with him, the same bed my father still has and keeps outside at the river lot to relax on. Just looking at old pictures, I can feel his love. I also remember standing in my Nana's kitchen and looking up at everyone while we waited for Papa to slowly make his way to the dining room, maneuvering his walker, so we could all have dinner together. My last oldest relating remaining memory I can recall is knowing what roads to turn on to drive to Nana's house. I loved staying at Nana's because she would feed us whatever we wanted (even if that meant going to 4 different fast food places or cooking me a pound of bacon so I could devour it myself and let me eat peach preserves from the jar), take us to tilt (as a form of bribery to take more pictures), and not force us to take baths (we'd have a "spit bath" instead). However old I am, I still love to go to Nana's house, where there's always flavored soda and a smiling face there waiting to ask if I'm hungry. {If you think I'm a lady of many words, you should meet her.}

Check out that rain!

     I thought we were going to get rained out at the Ranger game last night! I don't know if I've ever seen people run so fast for cover as if they were made of sugar cubes. Row by row we kept migrating up to shelter as the rain poured harder, and once a bolt of lightning was so loud I thought it got us! I believe I wasn't alone in that scare, just about everyone jumped. We stuck it out long enough to watch another inning after the game resumed and then headed home feeling pretty comfortable that we had a win in the bag. On a note of bags, I got commended on my supreme organizational skills when showing the purse police the inside of our soft cooler when entering the ballpark. Upon every entrance, I have at least one guard ask me if I'll share what's in the bag. I always pack dinner, snacks and drinks so we aren't tempted to spend money on outrageously priced and unhealthy ballpark food. Last night's main course: pork tenderloin and turkey bacon burgers on a toasted bun with provolone cheese, sundried tomatoes and pesto mayo sauce, garnished with a few sprigs of spinach leaves......and cheetos. Yummy. 

How man men does it take to roll up a tarp?!?!?!?  Atleast 8 I guess.......

Check out this cuteness

Tragedy or Comedy??? I think Comedy.

     While driving through Belton the other day, I witnessed people tailgating in a cemetery to watch, what I later found out, was an airplane show. Here I am, driving all slow, trying to be respectful thinking that someone must have died..........and they were just tailgating!!!! That may be one of the more startling things I've ever seen. I just haven't decided if that is okay or not. It has been reported that people are camping overnight outside In and Out burger and waiting in line up to 2 hours for a taste of the new-to-north-central-Texas fast food joint. The truth of the matter is, they could have just taken a 3 hour flight to LA and got one in a jiffy, no wait, by an established joint. Everyone knows when a new food place first opens it isn't as good. Or they could've just gone to McDonalds and ate a Big Mac, since that's what I think it tastes like. I wonder how they will react when Trader Jo's comes to town?!?! While on the subject of silly people, I might as well mention this. Did you know that I'm half retarded? I must be to have watched the Twilight movies out of order. It all makes sense now why it didn't make sense!
    So yesterday I ventured out to that big giant super store we all know as Wally World in the middle of a rain storm, with a mission to get the ingredients for Patrick’s dinner request. The only positive thing about braving the task of unloading groceries in the pouring rain is the comfort in knowing few others are that desperate, which means no lines! While there, I noticed Wal-Mart posted these new signs at the cashier's registers that say, "If you can’t give me a 10, what can I do better?? Please let me know."  Move faster; that's what you can do! I'd actually almost rather someone be rude to me and get the job done extremely quickly than chit-chat and lollygag like we both have all day. A couple of weeks ago, I almost lost my cool as I watched the cashier stand there and talk to the people in front of me stopping to use her hands.....several times......instead of ringing up the groceries. (If you are not mute, you don't need to use sign language, especially not if you're a cashier.) I was actually pacing in frustration. After she caught me giving her the stink eye, I switched lanes to the self check out. Not to mention that it aggravates me that there's no Carnation Instant Breakfast to be found. Of all the stores, I can't locate it anywhere up here. I guess I'm just going to have to order it online. It's my life-saving breakfast/treat in the morning when I get off work.

Instant breakfast......Where are you?!?!?
      It was a nice fantasy not working for a week, but it's back to the real world today. I went out with a bang last night and gave Patrick a brand-spanking-new hair cut and made him a dinner of his choice (homemade triple battered chicken strips with gravy, garlic sour cream mashed red potatoes, fresh corn on the cob and croissant rolls). He dubbed it pig-out-night and almost made himself sick on it all, while we watched the last few left on Survivor almost starve to death.
     Anyone still watching American Idol? Though he provides no useful input for the contestants, I love to hear the crazy language that Steven Tyler springs on America every week. "You made Gaga's ya ya go la la", he said to Scotty, the country kid on American Idol last night. {I think I want to read his book, just out of curiosity; I'll have to add it to my list along with Chelsea Handler and Jenny McCartney's books.} On the subject of Lady GaGa, that woman never wears any pants. I guess if I had legs like hers I might not either, which reminds me of something funny that happened last weekend. Anyone that knows me well is aware of the fact that I am my Nana's granddaughter, and other than for fashion purposes, I hate being bound by material. That being said, I especially hate it when I'm getting ready. My sister-in-law's friend learned a little more about that side of me on Saturday. There I was in my birthday suit blow-drying my hair, when from the corner of my eye I see someone walk in the bedroom and then walk right back out as quickly as they came, shutting the door behind them. Thinking it was my mother-in-law, I finished what I was doing, put on some clothes and came out to ask her what she wanted, exclaiming with a giggle, "You already saw me in all my glory, you might as well stayed and told me what you needed/wanted!" At that very moment, Meredith quickly interrupts, apologizing and with a bit of embarrassment in her voice says "It was me, it was me! I'm so sorry! I guess if I had a butt like that I'd walk around naked all the time too!" To that, we all laughed hysterically. Thanks for the compliment Meredith. I suppose we all feel that way about someone. I'll try to remind myself of that the next time I'm not feeling too hot in my bathing suit!
     At 10pm, as I was gathering myself, preparing to get cozy in the bed with my love, I soon realized my ice packs from the night before had leaked out all over the bed....under the comforter, on my elevation pillow, all over the sheets, soaking the mattress.....and on Patrick's side of course! There are no pictures to document the unfortunate mishap in fear that someone might one day use it as false evidence (it could have appeared as someone wet the bed). If I hadn't been so lazy and put icepacks away earlier in the day, like I should have, I would have noticed in time, or it might not have happened at all. But instead, I had to sit there and dry the mattress with the hair dryer and then change the sheets, leaving myself no other option for reaction other than to laugh at the thought that my life could often be featured as a sitcom. Yes, definitely comedy over tragedy. (referenced from Stranger than Fiction)

Weekly Wal-Lah: White Italian

     Let's get sexy and make an extremely easy foreign dish! I'm far from Italian, and chances are, so are you. But anyone can put this together! And it has some pretty healthy qualities as a bonus. Sexy and healthy???? Sign me up! I even threw this one together in a time crunch, 1hr before leaving for work.

Dish #1 Creamy Parmesany Noodles with Chicken: First, on a pan covered in foil (for super easy clean up)season a few chicken breast with Montreal Steak Seasoning, dried oregano and chicken rub, place in oven on bottom rack with oven on Broil.
Then, place a pot of water on the stove to boil and when it reaches a rolling boil place in 1 package of whole wheat thin spaghetti noodles.
While that's going, in a large skillet with olive oil, stir fry together 1 package of sliced mushrooms, 1 package of halved grape tomatoes, 1 jar of half and peeled garlic cloves, 1 small package of fresh basil- sliced, 1 bundle of sliced Italian parsley, and as much sliced fresh spinach as you can squoosh into the pan.

When the noodles are tender, drain in colander, put back in pot, mix in entire contents of skillet and 1 jar of your favorite fettuccine alfredo sauce.
 Your chicken should be tender and white (hope you didn't forget to turn it while you were doing everything else); take it out of oven, slice on a cutting board, and use to top off your noodle mix!

Dish #2 Wheat Garlic Bread:  Leave your oven on Broil, butter one side of whole wheat sliced bread (obviously sourdough or french bread would be WAY better, but we are being thrifty and healthy this time), covered buttered side with McCormick Garlic Bread Sprinkle, toast in oven (it only takes a couple of minutes so don't let it burn!), turn to toast other side and done!

     Wal-Lah! Speaking of sexy, I have faith that you can throw together this Italian meal faster than Fonzie could get into a girl's pants on Happy Days. "Aaaaeeeyyy.................."

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Erecting with Joy!

Wet Pavement??? What's that?
      The good Lord delivers in mysterious ways and at curious times, but delivers He does! Last night as our capabilities, patience, and emotions were put to the test at work, we all kicked into gear like a well oiled machine, pushing through it with team work. While all this was happening, I started thinking of happy things, and in return began feeling pretty needy. I wanted SOMETHING nice. . . . . . .the refreshing smell and feel of rain or cold weather, a tall glass of Riesling, an early retirement. . . . . . . . For an immediate fix, our manager came to help in the middle of the night and brought chocolate. That was a good start! Then, a miracle happened. We heard thunder and lightening and soon after, it started pouring down rain! We all starred out the window with smiles and gaping faces like 10 year olds seeing snow for the first time. It became an even more amazing reality when I left work this morning and inhaled the sweet aroma. I even drove home with my window's rolled down.

My furry bundles of cuteness!
     Callie and Sumo got a nice long walk this morning, since the weather felt too good to miss. We didn't want to go back inside, but my bedtime was starting to quickly approach. The news this morning is warning to conserve as much energy as possible during peak times of the day to avoid rolling blackouts due to the extreme heat. I can't imagine good things could come of people's air conditioners becoming powerless during the hottest hours of day, so I'm counting once again on a delivery from above!

Look! The lake is erecting with joy for cloud cover and rain!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Endurance aka Deal With It

     What happened to my last day off? I feel like it was only 2 hours long! I went to spin yesterday morning and assumed my usual spot in the room, mildly prepared for endurance day. I like to be in front, so I feel held accountable by the instructor, and near the mirror so I can make sure my posture doesn't get lazy when I'm exhausted. What I don't like? Oh yes, now I remember. . . . . It would be listening to the man behind me make moaning and groaning noises the entire class! What's up with that non-sense? It seems like it would be using up valuble energy, oh ya, and not to mention completely un-nerving me! I was starting to feel akward during "runs" when I had to stand up and stick my butt out over the edge of the seat while listening to another man grunt behind my backside. "Gag me with a spoon." GrossGrossidy gross gross gross.  Have any gross gym stories?!?

Trying to hang on
     We endured our first Ranger game since the fran-crap-u-lous record-breaking season of drought and extreme heat advisories came to town. It was considered a special occasion since the Rangers were up by 4 games and playing the Red Socks, so it was a must go by us and 34,000 other fans. I was suprised to make it out of the stadium alive, since I was convinced that a heat stroke would surely take my life before the game ended. I just hated for something like that to happen, stealing the thunder of the couple that got engaged during the kiss cam, so apparently my gaudarian angles agreed it wasn't time for my thunder either and blessed me with just enough energy to breathe. . . . . .although the real kind of thunder accompanied by rain would have been a God-send. My survival also could have been contributed to me drinking 3 glasses of tea, a glass of lemonade, and scarfing a lemon chill during the game which is extremely suprising since my hypothalamus usually takes as many naps as a 90 year old cat on a good day. After all that, I felt nasueated with liquid overload. I think the Red Socks pitcher was also struggling in his outdor environment. He held the ball for about 5 minutes between every pitch, long enough for the crowd to start chanting "Boo's", to which I gave him the benefit of the doubt and assumed he was trying to compose himself and not to give in to nature's cripling thermostat.

     After all that, Patrick and I both had to take our second showers for the day before turning in for the night, and then at midnight, P-daddy decided the only way he could sleep is if we changed the sheets. Random, but got him snoozing like a puppy in no time.

Gone Like a Fart in the Wind

Take note to the Alphapha
These may look like regular chocolate chip cookies, but they're
not. They have a special secret ingredient, it's call LOVE,
and they are some of the best CCC's in the world.

     Waco weekends are always jam packed with lists of things to do and people to see. Friday I baked cookies for my dad's birthday celebration, and before heading to the Big W, ended up receiving a birthday card for myself by a friend that thought we were going to celebrate MY birthday. Harmless misunderstandings are so funny, and it's always nice to get a card! It put a big smile on my face for sure.
     Saturday morning I peeled my almost lifeless body off my in-law's guest mattress to go for a morning hike at Waco's best kept secret, Cameron Park, before the summer sun started blazing it's death rays into the earth. Cousin Allison kept me company, and since it was her first time to hit the trails EVER, I made sure she got a friendly butt-kickin' worthy welcome. The view of the river and tree covered hills never gets old to me; just one more thing to distract my mind from my burning muscles.

View from Lover's Leap at Cameron Park

I've always loved the Bamboo Forest, but it's dying from the drought. So sad.

     After picking Patrick up from his fantasy football draft party, we went to my parents house to celebrate my Father's twelfth 39th birthday with lots of homemade Mexican food, cookies, chocolate meringue pie, and most importantly Patron margaritas. A couple of good friends also dropped by for a little catching up and before we could blink our eyes, it was time for church, therefore once again finding ourselves faced with rising from slumber sooner than our eyes were wanting to permit.

My Memma is an expert Meringue maker if you can't tell.


How cool is this vintage dress my mom gave me?!?! It was hers
when she was my age and my Memma saved it all these years!
Now I've got "The eye of the tiger!!!"

     The hubster and I spent Sunday night right with our feet tangled on our own lumpy couch, watching a real tear jerker, Toy Story 3, while eating frozen pizza and left over cookies. It seems like the weekend was gone before it arrived, just like birthdays, "Gone like a fart in the wind." Who can tell me what movie that quote was from?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Everytime is Breakfast Time: Weekly Wal-lah

I'm spending the weekend at home with the parents, so I thought it appropriate to feature some good 'ol-home-style-therapeutic-for-the-soul kind of food this week! This is the kind of stuff that puts a smile on your face, sticks to your bones, and is great because you can easily control the serving size while cooking to feed one to many mouths. Oh yes, we're making S.O.S. (Shit on Shingles), but spicing it up Kayla style. The traditional version of the dish is ground breakfast sausage and gravy on biscuits. But I'm going to add link sausage, bacon, eggs, and cheese into the equation.
First, preheat your oven and get your biscuits cooking. We love the frozen buttermilk biscuits. They almost taste home-made and you don't have to cook more than you will eat, like with the canned kind. Then, start cooking your maple flavored bacon and sliced smoked garlic link-sausage. When the bacon is good and crispy, place the meats on a paper towel covered dish to dab off the extra grease (like that even matters).
Making gravy is a difficult task to conquer if your experience is lacking, but with a bit of practice, it gets easier, I promise. The trick is getting the right grease/flour consistency. Pour your bacon grease into a molten lava friendly bowl and then spoon bit of grease back into the non-stick skillet. Turn the burner heat on medium, and spoon a layer of flour into the grease. Brown the flour with the grease while stirring with a whisk to keep the clumps out, and season with salt and pepper.

 The consistency of the flour mixture should look like this: It should be almost paste consistency, sticking together when stirred, like the picture above, but when you stop stirring it should be thin enough to spread out on it's own as it's simmering like the picture below. Once you get this right, pour in the milk and stir on medium heat until thickened. The higher the milk fat content, the richer and creamier the gravy. There is enough flour mixture in my skillet to require all the milk this pan can hold. I like gravy, but if you don't want enough gravy to feed a small army, just cut down your flour/grease mixture. If your gravy tastes like flour, you need to add more milk!   Hint: the gravy with thicken more after cooling, so if you have left overs, just add a little water to it when you re-warm and it will be good as new!
 Right about now, your biscuits should be done, do don't forget to take them out of the oven!
 Last, is the eggs. I like mine over easy so it's as simple as spooning a bit of the bacon grease on the skillet, cracking the egg on it and done Sun! (Get it? Becuase they're "sunny side up"?)
When it's time to put it all together, open your biscuit, sprinkle on the shredded cheese of your liking, top it off with the over easy egg, sausage and bacon, and then smother in gravy! 
 Wal-Lah!!!! S.O.S. with a grape jelly biscuit for dessert. Now the cheese will be melted under it all, and when you get to the yolk and it breaks open, spilling it's delicious yellow insides all over, adding the perfect palate compliment, don't come crying to me after you accidentally eat 10 too many servings because it was so good and now your belly hurts.
See that steam rising to the left? That's just the way I like to eat it. On fire hot.

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