Monday, August 29, 2011

Time Marches On

It's starts getting really good about 1:30min into this video. I love the dog that is guarding it's bone from his own foot.....priceless video!

My sweet Callie taking a nap with me.
     I have vivid memories of being thoroughly embarrassed by my elders snapping pictures of me while I was trying to do something fun. It's before I even knew what eye-rolling was, but I recall doing many mental eye-rolls. My Nana even photographed us into tears verging emotional breakdowns a few times, while bribing us with food and games so she could get in a few more "rolls" before we were blinded by the flash. I also remember thinking I would never do such a thing. But just as history always proves to repeat itself, we inevitably seem to turn into or parents or grandparents before we even realize we're a grown adult. You find yourself married, with all your friends are having babies. You give other kids weird advice about not growing up too fast, and you send your husband down to the Yappy Hour to take a ridiculous amount of pictures of your furry children because you had to be at work for your dog's 3rd birthday celebration. Maybe that last part was just me, but you know what I'm saying.
Sumo at Grannies this weekend. He loves the first step into the water, but will never go past it. Chicken.

      Callie turned 3 last week, so Patrick went to Petsmart and got new toys, new treats, and took them to the dog party downstairs for new friends. I was told later by fellow dog owning friends that Callie stayed true to form and kept watch over the bricked area, of which she ranks queen over, barking at any dog that got too rowdy on the pavement. And Sumo was his usual charming self, loving the doggie swimming pools and doggie friends. So yeah, we take a silly amount of pictures of our cute animals.

     Patrick and I watched Blair Witch Project last night. It was the first time I've seen that movie since I was in Junior High! I forgot how weird it was!


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