Friday, August 5, 2011

Mutlitasking, Delirum, and Intellect. OH MY!

As you can see, I am calculator dependent, so obviously I'm no where
 near as smart as that guy. (My Brain featured above. P.S. No identifiable
patient information was compromised by the making of this photo.)
     Remember the movie A Beautiful Mind? Russell Crowe, back in his sexy days, too smart for his own good, adequately equipped with enough charm, yet tainted with enough 
schizophrenia to create a lifetime of confusion for himself and his loved ones. Remember how he would write out his in depth complicated mathematical equations all over the walls and windows? Though I'm confident I'll never qualify for a schizo diagnosis, sometimes it scares me a tinsy bit when I look down at my "brain", a nickname nurses give their cheat sheets for charting purposes, and see the resemblance of how my work brain functions and how Russell Crowe's brain functioned in that movie! It's disguised organized information clutter.
     My contradiction is the constant evolvement from scary smart characteristics, to the short-term presence of absent minded actions. Never at work. Never when it counts; one of my strong points is being able to make quick decisions in a smart and calm manner when under pressure, while keeping my to-do list constantly generating in the background. But today I parked on the wrong level of the parking garage without realizing it, walked to the elevators, to surprisingly find they weren't there (because I was on the wrong level), found the elevators, got in and went the wrong direction (the elevators were broken), had to ask directions through the ER, unaware now of how to find my way to the NICU, at my very own work place. What a disaster. A contributing factor could have been that I was trying to listen to an audio book, drink my iced mocha, and talk on the phone to my mother simultaneously while driving to work.
     Men are always curious about the mentality of the female species: What kinda of looney-toon wheels are rolling in the mind of a woman? Multitask, multitask, multitask!

Remember those ribs I mentioned a couple of days ago? The result was phenomenal. This is how a finished rib bone should look, also an essential for at-work-eat-ability: Fall off the bone good. Eat your heart out. (Once again, my phone's camera macro setting un-capability just blows me away with astonishment.)

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