Wednesday, February 23, 2011

White History Month??????

     It's unbelievable that these two pictures are of the same pond in our community during the same month this year. One week I was seriously considering sledding down the sidewalks and actually witnessed two individuals ice-skating down our streets. I was finding it extremely challenging to put on 3 layers of clothes each time the dogs needed to go outside and also found myself on the ground a few times, and I don't mean on purpose! Two weeks later I could wear a sundress very comfortably and even the turtles came out for a little irresistible spring action. I even thought, "If I had time, I would love to lay out poolside today...just to get enough Vitamin D", and behold, I saw a few residents executing that thought!  Aghhh, the adventures of Texas weather. You really NEVER know what tomorrow will bring; enjoy what today beholds.
     This month also happens to be Black History Month. I listened to a funny song on Jimmy Fallon the other night, basically comically complaining that it happens to fall on the shortest month of the year. Does this just sum up all cultures of black race into one category? Do white people have a history month, and if they did what exactly would it be in celebration of? I came across a intriguing book title the other day and I thought it was hallarious, but is it true? "The Unique Guide to: Stuff White People Like. The unique taste of millions". Wow. Really? I've had my left nare pierced since Patrick and I have been married. There's a reason I chose the left side. In Indian culture, piercing the left nare after marriage is believed to bring happiness in marriage and to help with fertility/childbirth. Later down the timeline piercing the right nare represented rebellion and punk/rock. I have had a few people of Indian decent notice the side my nose ring is on and they are always impressed when I know what it means, but confused I'm sure of why I chose that side. Growing up I went to several denominations of churches, not caring where, just as long as God was in worship. When I got married I didn't care where it was, but wanted it to consist of what Patrick and I liked, not necessarily what was considered tradition....tradition to who? We can make our own traditions. I could think of a million examples of this, but I think what I mean is, I am not of one culture. I don't even think I have a certain culture to pinpoint myself to, unless it is of  the "melting pot of American culture"; a little here, a little there, a touch of this, a dab of that....taking the best of everything and mashing it together like the best loaded mashed potatoes. It makes for interest and allows for change and open-mindedness.
     Speaking of this month, I hope everyone had a memorial Valentine’s day for one reason or another. I'll always remember our new love colored car was purchased on that day of celebration. Did you know, "In the Middle Ages, young men and women drew names from a bowl to see who their valentines would be. They would wear these names on their sleeves for one week. To wear your heart on your sleeve now means that it is easy for other people to know how you are feeling." It's fascinating how we develop traditions and sayings. We say so many things these days without regard to their original or deeper meaning. Something to think about!


Sunday, February 20, 2011

Here's to making everyday life an Adventure!

     This family has had a lot of changes in the past few years. "Bodda Big Bodda Boom" changes. Dramatic changes! We love change though; it keeps life from becoming stale and reminds you not to just go through motions, but to remember everyday really does count. In the past 5 years, I became a nurse, Patrick moved to Plano and I followed my love, we got engaged, got hitched, moved to the west coast and got a dog, moved to south Texas, moved back to the west coast, moved back to central Texas where I changed nursing specialties, bought a house, sold a house, moved back to Plano and got another dog, and our cat Lucie has managed to tolerate us all the while (minus the time she tried to jump through the windshield on our 24hr drive to Los Angeles). Don't get me wrong, she hated my guts for a solid 4 months after we adopted Callie, and then full-heartedly protested to liking me for another year, but has finally realized that love rulz. Thankfully she didn't even flinch when we brought Sumo home. On the contrary, Callie pouted hard-core for an entire 2 weeks before she would even look at baby Sumo.
     Now that you know where we live and where we have lived in the past and know our kid's names, it's pertinent for you to know that we have an unlimited supply of mace, tazers and knifes throughout our happy-go-lucky home and am not scared to use them. (Shout out to my mother!)
     I'm currently listening to Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds talk about the time they did mushrooms. "Hugs not Drugs" that's what I always say, unless it's caffeine, or the sarcastically termed romantically poetic Kei$ha put it well when she said "Your love your love your love is my drug!". That's how I feel about the love Patrick and I have for each other. It's how we make every day life an adventure.
      Speaking of love, Patrick is currently letting me massage the side his face and head with my toes. That's real love right there; especially since I wore my Van's for hours today without socks on! I like to lay my legs on him when we sit on the couch and he usually passes time by picking the toe nail polish off my toes. I tell him not to but, but secretly like it. Not to be a movie promoter, since I'm not getting paid and all, but my mother and I saw a great movie about love today. If you enjoy cute funny flicks that have mushy feel good endings you must see "Just Go With It". The theater was full and we were all cutting up, with laughter, not cutting the cheese.
     So here's to life and keeping it fresh. I hope you all strive to enchant your own lives, even if it means being creative with your everyday activities!

TTFN (tah tah for now as Tigger always said).

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