Monday, July 30, 2012

Forget 50 Shades of Grey

Last time we were able to get a decent group of us work girls together for a night out, it involved 80's music, pole dancing, and hangovers.....
This time, we had a not so dangerous, girls night.....with sweet potato fries, chocolate oreo shakes, 2 hours of starring at sexy men shake their groove-thang's on a big screen. 
Oh yes, we went to the Studio Movie Grill to see Magic Mike. 
I'm pretty sure it was the only movie I've ever been to that didn't have a single male in the audience, and some people in my group may have walked out with cell phone video bootlegs of certain hot and heavy scenes.
Who needs 50 Shades of Grey, when they can have a visual with no super complicated plot to steal the show??
One of my favorite parts of the rest of the week is when Patrick came home a couple of days after all the hoopla and said, "I read something today. It said all the men in Magic Mike have tiny, tiny penis'."
Oh Patrick......

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Lot of Fun with a Side of Trouble

We met Tim and Laura for dinner at Neo's Pizza, a place we tried a while back, and wasn't convinced it was Dallas' best pizza, but they had us swaying in a more positive direction after this last visit! I could totally kick myself for not photographing how amazing the pizza and dessert was.......but then again, a frozen image without fragrance would probably serve it no justice
Note to self: Always order the Black Truffle and The Dream on Metro-style crust, with an Olivella salad, and the Dessert Pizza. I think I may have just started to drool a little.
Those two cute crazy love birds totally kept it a secret that they were celebrating their 13th Anniversary together!!! I feel so special they shared it with us over good food and music.....and of course, gearing up some exciment by living on the edge a little!! I love anyone who will risk getting into trouble for a bit of fun!
When we discovered the balcony section was open, we did a little booty shake for joy, took some seats, and then turned around to discover the super cool booth behind us. Tim immediately started to plot our booth invasion, and Laura began the investigation.
Door was open, but chair was blocking entrance....easy fix.
Security gaurd said it's reserved for someone.....ghost's maybe??
When the headliner, Neon Trees, made their debut, we decided to screw the rules, and jumped into the booth, gansta style. And when I say "we", I mean everyone except my nervous husband, the worrier, who proceeded to dance and be silly in our seats until we got caught and kicked out by a gaurd who acted completely disgusted by a few adults just wanting to enjoy life and not let a few good seats go to waste!
We only got to feel like Abraham Lincoln for one song, but it was exciting while it lasted!
Neon Trees was awesome. They bring more energy to one stage then I could ever experience at one time, even if I was pumped up with a lifetime supply of Monsters and Red Bulls.
Their theme? "Fame is Dead"....whatever that means.
It was officailly my first HOB concert where the lead singer actually did a wardrobe change in the middle!! A little bizzare, but interestingly humorous!

Do you consider getting into a little trouble "fun", or prefer to play it safe like my husband?

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Why I Love my Job

It's always so moving to know I made a positive impact on someone's life.
I love taking care of babies and helping save lives, that not too many years ago, had slim to no chance of survival. It's amazing, challenging, touching, and truely a miracle to witness how these tiny infants thrive on our attempt at external nuturing to replace the perfectly made womb.
And as I get all caught up caring for my actual patient, sometimes I can forget just how big of an impression a nurse can make on the parents live's as well. In a way it's like having 3 patients in one, becuase our care for the parent's emotional well-being is almost as important as our care for their baby.
But when I get notes like this, I am reminded that even the simple act of catching a baby in the delivery room, and developing that inital bond, can create a connection that lasts forever between a nurse and a family.
And then I come home, and love on my own family, resting easy that someone else is taking care of my job, just as I do when they are at home.
Our Sumo Wrestler gives the best hugs.
I love watching them play together! It's so entertaining.
And if things get a little too rowdy, Callie goes to her safe place. Can you spot her?

What do you love most about your job??

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Scenary

As much as I LOVE this's always nice to have new scenary, and I think I found a new place close by that could offer just that!
It's nothing short of hot and muggy outside, even at the crack of dawn these days, but I always enjoy a little girl-time in rubber-soled-shoes. 
Running with the sunrise is always so exhilarating. 
I discovered Greenbelt park in Carrollton a few weeks ago, driving by, but the view from the road didn't give away any secrets! 
So I took the pups there this week to test out the trails, and was pleasantly surprised with what I found. There's not as much shade on the actual trails as there is at Arbor Hills, but the two-lane looped path is very nice, and there's plenty of grass and trees in the surrounding areas for Callie and Sumo to explore. 
Even though I wouldn't let them play in this water, like I do at our other place, it's at least nice to look at......unlike the butt Callie had in her face the whole ride home, while Sumo was stealing all the A/C!
This look says it all. "That was fun, but can you please do something about this butt all up in my area???"

What's better: Sunrise or Sunset??

Monday, July 23, 2012

Greased Monkey

Patrick: When's the last time you washed your hair? It looks like it's been a month.
Me:'s a stupid story. 

I can understand why there are a lot of people in this world too scared to get a professional massage. There are so many nerve racking questions that can travel through one's mind about such situations........

Underwear or no underwear?
What if I need to fart and I get so relaxed I actually do?
It feels a little breezy, is my crack showing? Is that gross or inappropriate?
What if I fall asleep and leave a puddle of drool on the floor or start snoring?
Conversation or no conversation?
What if I have a zit on my back??? Who wants to massage a zit?

All legit concerns, but what one should never have to fear during a massage, is getting their head rubbed with  fingers covered in oil or lotion or whatever it is they use, without permission, to the point of looking like a greased monkey when leaving their appointment.

What if I had an meeting or dinner scheduled after the massage?
What if I had to go to work?
What if I needed to go to the grocery store?

I'm not going to lie. Having my head rubbed felt nice, but what choice did I have but to let her continue? It was far too late to stop her after she already tainted my hair. It's not like I can throw mine in a tight pony tail and pass it for "sleek". 
All I'm saying is..........
I guess I'm a little vain sometimes. 

Have you ever been in a questionable situation while getting a massage? Has a massage therapist ever rubbed lotion in your hair without asking if it was okay first?

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Are My Roots Showing??

So I fell asleep in yoga. 
I remember being in Shavasana, trying to keep my mind from wondering, and then my awareness shifted for a moment.......the snoring stopped when I held my breath.
Does that ever happen to anyone besides me?? I guess maybe I should stop putting the towel over my eyes. 
It's really scary how easily I can nod off in public the time, a few weeks ago, when the Toyota Dealership guy had to shake me awake to tell me the car was ready. The look on his face was half embarrassment, half concern. Or the time I fell asleep in the meditation class I wasn't suppose to be in......Or that one time when I feel asleep driving and wrecked my car. 
I just get so relaxed.......sometimes the shift work really catches up with me. Someone should make me a sign that says, "Caution: Shift worker. May fall asleep at any given moment."

And it may be that my mother is a blonde, and roots grow deep....or that this shift work thing is more serious than we give it credit for, but I was doing anything but thinking the other day when I went from talking to my mom on the phone in the house (the remote house phone), to getting all my things together, jumping in the car, and driving down the street, all while still trying to talk to her on the same phone. When we lost connection, I took it away from my face and looked at it......(because don't we always do that to our phones when we lose connection???) mad that at my crappy service!
 It wasn't until the moment I laid eyes on that huge chunk of plastic in my hand, I realized why I lost connection. Apparently house phones only work in houses!!! So it rode around with me all day, "Searching"......the poor thing was more confused than I was. 
Zack Morris called, he want's his phone back!!!
You might be wondering why we even have a house was a bundle from Turd Warner.

Have you ever fallen asleep in a strange place at an awkward moment? What's the silliest blonde moment you've had lately?

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Oreo Peanut Butter Delight Cheesecake: Wallah

Not to brag, but I made one of the most amazing cheesecakes in the history of cheese or cake. I really think a cheesecake is closer to a pie, but that's neither here nor there. Though I'm not sure why so many people are scared to make these things....I've never had a flop, and I alter reciepes to my liking every time I make one....I'd say if you have the right pan, and enough money to buy 3-5 packages of Philly cream cheese, then go for it!!
The mixture of the chocolate crust and peanut butter topping, made for a perfect compliment to the plain cheesecake filling. Not too much of anything.

I'm calling this one a Chocolate Peanut Butter Oreo Delight Cheesecake.


1 package Chocolate Peanut butter oreos
3 tablespoons butter, melted

3 8-ouce packages cream cheese, softened
1 cup sugar
2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
1 tablespoon vanilla
1/4 cup milk
3 beaten eggs
3/4 cup semi sweet chocolate chips

1 cup sour cream
3 tablespoons chunky peanut butter
1/2 cup sugar


1. Count out 18 Oreos, crush them using bottom of a cup or food processor, then place in spring foam pan and add 3 tablespoons of butter. Blend together and smoosh evenly to cover bottom of pan. 

2. For filling, in a large mixing bowl beat cream cheese, sugar, flour and vanilla with an electric mixer until combined. Beat in milk until smooth, then stir in eggs. Then add chocolate chips. 

3. Pour filling into crust-lined pan. Bake at 375F for about 45minutes, or until 2.5inch area around the outside edge appears set when gently shaken. 

4. Combine topping ingredients in small bowl, spread over cheesecake, and place back in oven for 5 minutes. 

5. While cooling on rack, place remaining Oreos from package on top of cheesecake in desired design, sinking the Oreos gently into the topping. 

6. After cooling for 10-15 minutes, loosen crust from sides of pan with sharp knife, let cool for 30-60 minutes longer, then remove sides and chill in refrigerator for at least 4 hours before serving. 

And from my Better Homes and Gardens cook book Cheesecake Supreme recipe

It was a perfect WAL-LAH moment. 

Have you ever made a cheesecake?? What are you waiting for???

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

For the Record

Life works in mysterious ways. 
You spend years of your life thinking if a certain thing were to happen to you, it'd be taboo. It would completely ruin your life plans. It would change things for the bad. So you do everything in your power to prevent it from happening.
Suddenly, one day, that very thing you thought of in such negative ways transforms into the object of your heart's desire. You reach for it. Try to obtain it, but it's not as easy to capture as it once seemed to be. 
Time feels like it's ticking faster than it once did, and you begin to wonder why time even matters. 

We put so much emphasis on how and when we think things should happen, it's easy to forget to appreciate what life gives us in the present moment. And it's even harder to live free in the moment with the pressure and standards of others pushing on our shoulders, whispering in our ears, nudging us in their footsteps. 
For what? To meet standards? To follow a pattern because centuries before us did? 
Let us enjoy the present for what it has to offer. To be happy in health and fellowship. To live without expectations. 
I regret none of my past, because it has molded me. And fear not my future, for I know it will be exciting. And I'd like to live this very moment carefree and accept what life has to offer, because soon today will be but a memory. Why not make it a happy one?
For the record, Patrick and I would love to welcome a mini kp into this world, but have accepted that it will be on God's time, not our own. If anyone else insinuates anything without a personal official announcement from the actual mouth of Patrick or myself, then if or when we actually are pregnant, we will keep it a secret until a baby is actually coming out of my vagina. No one wants it, for us, more than us, but until then, we are happy, all 5 of us. 

We are not searching for advice or sympathy....merely peace. 

Monday, July 16, 2012


I got out my crafting supplies!!!!
(Patrick loves it when I drag all my boxes and bags of crafting supplies onto the living room floor and get messy, leaving my scraps scattered for days and whining when one of the dogs take off with my ball of yarn and unravels the entire thing under the bed, while refusing to take the blame for it. He just lives for it.........not really, if you could imagine.)

So I have been itching to make a yarn wreath for a while. Nothing says, "Welcome to our cozy home, feel  free to admire my craftiness," like a homemade yarn wreath!!

Here's what you'll need to get started:

  • A wrap-able wreath (You can use straw, but I chose foam that is flat on each side because (1) it would fit perfectly between our entry door and glass door, (2) the foam is a more even, flat surface with a little bit of stickiness to it, to hold the yarn in place better, and (3) I thought it'd be easier to change designs with it, as I'll explain later.)
  • Your choice of yarn (It actually took 1.5 rolls of yarn, good thing I always buy too much! Remember, the thinner the yarn, the more wrapping to do!)
  • Scissors
  • Push Pins (I chose the T-shaped kind so I could find them easily when I wanted to rearrange things.)
  • Whatever embellishments you choose to decorate your wreath with (I chose burlap and buttons, to make vintage flowers, a few feathers I got on sale, and lace ribbon to tie in bow.)
If Making Your Own Burlap Flowers:
  • Burlap (Color of your choice, you can be the messiest with the pale cream color, because the glue gun work doesn't show.)
  • Glue gun 
  • Scissors (You're going to struggle hard core if they aren't sharp.)
  • Buttons (optional)
  • Need and Thread (if using buttons)

  • Dog paw not required for either project
 Start by securing the yarn in a snug knot around the wreath.
Then start wrapping until it's completely covered.
The less perfectly the yarn is aligned, the better, so I stretched out a couple of inches from my solid yarn, fill in the space by speratically  looping it snuggly around the wreath, then repeat until you meet your starting point.
When you are finished, just tie another not in the yarn, the same way you started.
 Then add your embellishments.
I hot glued some burlap flowers (deciding against using the red, because it started to look like 4th of July decorations), the more rugged the better, then strategically pined them on with the T-pins. If I didn't like how it looked, I pulled out the pin and started over.

Burlap Flower Version 1:
 Cut a 3-4 squares of burlap, you can make them as big as you want your flower to be.
Take a square and fold in half, corner to corner.
Fold that in half.
Fold that in half again.
Cut the big end in a curved shape (it will kind of look like an ice-cream cone.) Repeat with each square.
In one square, make a cut in the crevice of  a petal and stop at the center of the flower. Piece the flower back together and glue it in place.
In the second square, cut out a whole petal, stopping at the center of the flower. Piece the flower back together and glue in place.
In the third square, cut out 2 petals, stopping at the center of the flower. Piece the flower back together and glue in place.
Leave one square untouched.
Place all the flower pieces on top of each other, in ascending order and secure together with needle and thread.
Then sew on the button!

Burlap Flower Version 2 (works great with fabric too!):
For a 1 inch tall flower, cut a strip of burlap 2 inches wide and about 24 inches long. (This is not an exact science, it could be longer, or shorter if you like. Cut the fabric wider for a taller flower.)
Fold the burlap in half length-wise and start rolling and gluing.
Keep rolling and gluing until the entire strip is......for lack of better words, rolled and glued.
Don't be scared of all the frayed pieces, it adds character to your flower!!

Burlap Flower Version 3 (works great with felt too!):
Cut a large circle, diameter roughly 4 inches. (Again, the bigger or smaller the circle will determine the size of your flower.)
Then cut into the circle, spiraling your way in, until you reach the center.
Start winding the strip together in it's nature curved nature, layering each outer layer a little further out than the last and gluing it in place.
Glue the last little tail to the bottom of the flower as a base.
Leave as is, or glue a button in the center!

Burlap Flower Version 4:
Do exactly like Flower Version 2, except twist and turn the fabric, playing with it's length and shape, while gluing it.

To be honest, I'm far too lazy to take you step by step with with flowers by pictures, because it would take about a million.....and there about a half trillion ways to make them, depending on the style you're wanting to create, and the time you're wanting to invest. I'd be happy show anyone in person, but until then, here are a few sites that aren't as lazy as me!!
Snug as a Bug Baby
Craft Aholics Anonymous
La Belle Bride

The feathers are secured by tying them in place under the flowers with the same color yarn I used to wrap the wreath, so they are perfectly removable if I ever choose to change it's style!!!
Then I tied a lace ribbon bow around the wreath and put it out for the world to admire!!!

(So you see why I used the T-pins, right? So I can add and remove embellishments as I please to change the scheme of the wreath. It's called getting the most for your time and money, baby!!!!)

Have you done anything creative lately?

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bold and Fresh Chicken Salad: Wallah

When Summer-time hits, it's absolutely necessary to add some chicken salad to your life. And it just so happens, I make delicious chicken salad. 
I've made it for a couple of occasions so far this year, and have gotten so many OOO's and AAAA's over it, I thought maybe I'd share my secret. 

  • 3 Chicken Breast, thawed, boiled in water, then chopped
  • 4-5 Eggs, hard boiled, then chopped
  • 1-2 Gala Apples, chopped with skin on
  • 1 package of Honey Roasted Sliced Almonds
  • Sour Cream
  • Mayonnaise
  • 1/2-3/4 package Ranch Dressing Mix
  • Garlic Powder
  • Black Pepper


Mix first 4 ingredients in large bowl (adjusting number of eggs and apples per size and preference). Then add your sour cream and mayo, half and half proportions to desired consistency (I believe this is crucial to flavor, but completely personal). To finish, add the last 3 ingredients, seasoning to taste. 


Now you have a bold but refreshing chicken salad ready to lighten up anyone's day with lettuce wraps, as I featured above, on crackers, made into a sandwich, my husband's favorite.............or just straight from the spoon, as I caught my mom devouring it a couple of weekends ago!

What's your favorite way to eat chicken salad? Do you have a special ingredient?

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Red White And Blue

Even though I missed out on Independence Day fireworks, we still had a chance to celebrate with some friends the day before. Ale and I had some fun in the sun with my girl Krystal, catching up on baby talk and everything in-between. 
Then we gathered at Cristina and Jon's house to grill hamburgers, munch on homemade chips and salsa, and drool into our bowls of homemade banana ice-cream, American Classics. Dang we are a group of good cooks.
I didn't do a great job of breaking out the camera, since I was a stranger to over half the people there, and didn't want to be the creepy person taking pictures of a bunch of people I don't know, but think we got some goodies. 
You can tell we're good friends, because Cristina, me, and Ale wore red, blue and white!!! What a perfect color scheme for the occasion. And here's great example of the depths of our friendship:
Cristina Farrar i think i should win in the most patriotic..... :P
Kayla Evans-Carruth I have red hair and a blue shirt on....and white I'm calling it a tie
  • Cristina Farrar BUT i have star earrings on...
  • Kayla Evans-Carruth o0o0o0, well I have multiple stars tattooed on my right foot that are there forever, AND the feathers on my earrings were gathered legally from a deceased bald eagle who died of natural causes, the nation's bird.
  • Cristina Farrar BSSSSSS
  • Cristina Farrar you killed that bald eagle!!
  • Ale Albritton Haha I should win the least patriotic! But that's cause I had a major wardrobe melt down that morning haha!
  • Kayla Evans-Carruth No Ale, we need you. You are the white cement that holds us together. And what would America be like without a little sparkle???
  • Another classic, is Patrick's produce in the crotch pose. I think it's becoming his trademark. He may have made the stranger on his left a little uncomfortable.......but it was all in good fun.....and if you cross your eyes a little bit and look at the picture in just the right angle, it kinda looks like Jon's pants are blurred out, for confidentiality. 
    As an afterthought, I guess we should have taken that banana home with us. 

    *Note: No birds were harmed in the making of this blog, especially not bald eagles.* 

    How did you celebrate our country's independence?

    Tuesday, July 10, 2012

    The Difference of a Day

    Isn't it amazing how some days you struggle to just move, and others you might as well be the super hero version of yourself?
    July 3rd, I had one of those amazingly strong days. First, I consistently pulled 200 to 256 watts on the spin bike with my RPM's around 90. Since I zone train with my Heart Monitor on, in the past I've never been able to spin with that amount of weight at that speed and maintain an aerobic state. I was tired, but smiling, just for the feat. Second, during the yoga class following my super strong spin workout, I held crow pose for the first time in the history of my practice!! For a year, I've been trying to get into this pose; what a breakthrough moment!!
    This is obviously not me, but it is crow pose, and I'm confident that I looked just as impressive as her while holding mine for the first time, but seriously three different people the ground....during this class of balancing techniques and I was just glad I wasn't one of them. 
    I mentioned the exact date, because two very important things happened on July 4th, other than our country's celebration of freedom, of course. 
    One, the momma bird that is murdering my plant and attacked my husband's head, finally has two hatched baby birds. This explains why when I tried to water the plant a couple of days prior, instead of flying away, she stood up, flapping her feathers at me, and gave me an extra evil eye. Hopefully soon they will fly the coop, and I can nurse my plant back to life. 
    Second, I broke my record for not throwing up since the night I turned 21. That was almost 7 years ago; not quite as long as Jerry Seinfeld's streak, but still impressive. Sparing the gruesome details for those faint of heart, I was very sick, and Patrick threatened to take me to the hospital several times. It's a big deal to him when I don't talk.....and moaning is about all the verbiage that escaped my mouth the entire day. Luckily it only lasted for 24 hours and Patrick had the day off to take care of me, but unfortunately I never made it off the bathroom floor to see any fireworks, and he cooked the most wonderful smelling ribs I couldn't eat.....and then he ate every bite, not saving me a single one.....
    It's always hard getting back to feeling so strong, after such a physical beat down.
    What a difference a day can make: from feeling on top of the world, to feeling like I was going to die.....and now back to rebuilding again.  
    What's that thing called....Murphy's Law???

    P.S. Patrick felt so bad about eating all the ribs, after I pointed out to him how rude it was, he made me more a couple of days later, when I was back to my usual iron stomach self. 

    If you practice yoga, what move are you currently working on being successful at?  

    Monday, July 9, 2012

    Work Hard, Play Hard

    I thoroughly enjoy having a few days off in a row; it gives me the energy to live every day to the fullest. Like going to two classes in a row at my gym. Spin, followed by Yoga. My favorite if that particular instructor would just acquire some better taste in day would have been 100% amazing. It kills me to listen to music without a melody line, especially when it's for consecutive classes! It's like a fitness crime!  Oh yes, and I still had time to take the puppies on a run. Love to make them happy!
     Even though the temp's are stuck in "Hell", we thought it'd be nice to try out the most popular Tex-Mex joint in The Colony, sit on the patio to enjoy the lake front view, and hope the ceiling fans made the heat tolerable.
     Actually, I thought it was pretty great......until the sun started setting directly in my face at exactly the same time my jalapeno stuffed shrimp wrapped in bacon arrived. Eating my spicy hot plate at that moment definitely made me start sweating bullets, or maybe rivers; Patrick kept wiping my face off with his napkin. Oh yes, I'm sexy like that. 
    BJ (Jessica and Bobby), and my brother came to join us, for the jolly good time. 
    After dinner we went back home to get the kids and headed over to BJ's for a chocolate chip cookie and tequila party!!
     But first we had to get serious, about fashion, after noticing Jessica's purse matched Patrick's purple shirt..... although I'm pretty sure Stacy and Clinton from What Not to Wear would be pretty disappointed in our 80's "matching" theory. It's all about "coordinating" now. 
    And then we had to reenact a scene that never happened from the Incredible Hulk, after spotting these ridiculous green fists on the front of this ridiculous looking truck.....but ever so quickly, so no one would notice how ridiculously weird we are.
    Patrick and Bobby are two peas in a pod, never a serious moment, like when Bobby-B came back from the bathroom and had toilet paper hanging from shorts. 
    Oh, and how they love to sing together......
    And then we had a small kitchen dance.....I took Sumo as my partner. I'm pretty sure by the look on his face, he wasn't enjoying it as much as me.
    After a single shot of tequila, a lot of chocolate chip cookies, and tons of laughs later, it was finally time for bed.
    Work hard to play hard. 
    Enough said.

    Do you have a favorite type of workout music?? Do you ever see strange things in the public and stop to pose with them? What's the last new restaurant you tried?

    Thursday, July 5, 2012

    I Hit the Junkpot!

    Oh. My. Goodness. 
    Sometimes on my days off, I take a different route to my destination, just to discover new things.
    Remember when I asked my family to come visit me so we could go shopping at the huge flee market that only happens once a month, and I sent them up here on the wrong weekend?!?! Well I wish I'd known, that day, about this amazing place I found this week: Frisco Mercantile. It is basically a mini-indoor flee market/antique store!!
    That's the cool thing about living in the Metroplex. It doesn't matter how long you've lived here, there are always super rad things waiting to be discovered. 
    I just said, "Super Rad". 
    Just look at the stuff I didn't actually need, but was screaming to be adopted to a good home by someone who would appreciate it's awesome-ness!!!! 
    I know. I just said, "Awesome-ness", and insinuated inanimate objects have feelings. At least "Rad" is actually a real abbreviated word. 
    Cobalt blue glass juicer....
     Magnets made from recycled metal and old silverware....
    A red oil lantern and old wooden clog......I'm thinking of planting a little succulent cactus in the clog. 
    The most adorable yellow stackable teapot set..... I absolutely love it's random quirkiness sitting atop my brassy goldfish. 
    And while walking the dogs around the neighborhood, I came across a yard sale........I was able to gather the tools there to start some of the projects I've saved for myself on Pinterest!!! Not to mention, but I'll brag anyway, I couldn't resist this vintage mirror for the bargain price of $4. It adds the perfect bohemian quality to my mantel!!
    I didn't purchase this, but did tease Patrick about finding him a mower for $25, since he currently keeps the entire yard groomed with a weed-eater.
    And then there was this thing....which got a lot of feed back to my question on Facebook: Creepy or Cute? Turns out most people thought it was plum creepy, which probably isn't the exact feel it's designer intended, but I thought it would be perfect to put on our front porch to scare away burglars and small soliciting childern. Don't worry, I didn't buy it either. 

    Do you make a point to discover new things in your area, or just stay content with what you know? 


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