Tuesday, July 17, 2012

For the Record

Life works in mysterious ways. 
You spend years of your life thinking if a certain thing were to happen to you, it'd be taboo. It would completely ruin your life plans. It would change things for the bad. So you do everything in your power to prevent it from happening.
Suddenly, one day, that very thing you thought of in such negative ways transforms into the object of your heart's desire. You reach for it. Try to obtain it, but it's not as easy to capture as it once seemed to be. 
Time feels like it's ticking faster than it once did, and you begin to wonder why time even matters. 

We put so much emphasis on how and when we think things should happen, it's easy to forget to appreciate what life gives us in the present moment. And it's even harder to live free in the moment with the pressure and standards of others pushing on our shoulders, whispering in our ears, nudging us in their footsteps. 
For what? To meet standards? To follow a pattern because centuries before us did? 
Let us enjoy the present for what it has to offer. To be happy in health and fellowship. To live without expectations. 
I regret none of my past, because it has molded me. And fear not my future, for I know it will be exciting. And I'd like to live this very moment carefree and accept what life has to offer, because soon today will be but a memory. Why not make it a happy one?
For the record, Patrick and I would love to welcome a mini kp into this world, but have accepted that it will be on God's time, not our own. If anyone else insinuates anything without a personal official announcement from the actual mouth of Patrick or myself, then if or when we actually are pregnant, we will keep it a secret until a baby is actually coming out of my vagina. No one wants it, for us, more than us, but until then, we are happy, all 5 of us. 

We are not searching for advice or sympathy....merely peace. 


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