Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Why I Love my Job

It's always so moving to know I made a positive impact on someone's life.
I love taking care of babies and helping save lives, that not too many years ago, had slim to no chance of survival. It's amazing, challenging, touching, and truely a miracle to witness how these tiny infants thrive on our attempt at external nuturing to replace the perfectly made womb.
And as I get all caught up caring for my actual patient, sometimes I can forget just how big of an impression a nurse can make on the parents live's as well. In a way it's like having 3 patients in one, becuase our care for the parent's emotional well-being is almost as important as our care for their baby.
But when I get notes like this, I am reminded that even the simple act of catching a baby in the delivery room, and developing that inital bond, can create a connection that lasts forever between a nurse and a family.
And then I come home, and love on my own family, resting easy that someone else is taking care of my job, just as I do when they are at home.
Our Sumo Wrestler gives the best hugs.
I love watching them play together! It's so entertaining.
And if things get a little too rowdy, Callie goes to her safe place. Can you spot her?

What do you love most about your job??


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