Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Red White And Blue

Even though I missed out on Independence Day fireworks, we still had a chance to celebrate with some friends the day before. Ale and I had some fun in the sun with my girl Krystal, catching up on baby talk and everything in-between. 
Then we gathered at Cristina and Jon's house to grill hamburgers, munch on homemade chips and salsa, and drool into our bowls of homemade banana ice-cream, American Classics. Dang we are a group of good cooks.
I didn't do a great job of breaking out the camera, since I was a stranger to over half the people there, and didn't want to be the creepy person taking pictures of a bunch of people I don't know, but think we got some goodies. 
You can tell we're good friends, because Cristina, me, and Ale wore red, blue and white!!! What a perfect color scheme for the occasion. And here's great example of the depths of our friendship:
Cristina Farrar i think i should win in the most patriotic..... :P
Kayla Evans-Carruth I have red hair and a blue shirt on....and white I'm calling it a tie
  • Cristina Farrar BUT i have star earrings on...
  • Kayla Evans-Carruth o0o0o0, well I have multiple stars tattooed on my right foot that are there forever, AND the feathers on my earrings were gathered legally from a deceased bald eagle who died of natural causes, the nation's bird.
  • Cristina Farrar BSSSSSS
  • Cristina Farrar you killed that bald eagle!!
  • Ale Albritton Haha I should win the least patriotic! But that's cause I had a major wardrobe melt down that morning haha!
  • Kayla Evans-Carruth No Ale, we need you. You are the white cement that holds us together. And what would America be like without a little sparkle???
  • Another classic, is Patrick's produce in the crotch pose. I think it's becoming his trademark. He may have made the stranger on his left a little uncomfortable.......but it was all in good fun.....and if you cross your eyes a little bit and look at the picture in just the right angle, it kinda looks like Jon's pants are blurred out, for confidentiality. 
    As an afterthought, I guess we should have taken that banana home with us. 

    *Note: No birds were harmed in the making of this blog, especially not bald eagles.* 

    How did you celebrate our country's independence?


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