Monday, January 5, 2015

Hello? Was it me you were looking for?

You may have been wondering where I am.......... Why I have't written in so long........... How I could just leave you hanging like that......... When I may come back, if ever.............
Y'all, I have a broken computer, a busy 6.5 month old, and am in the process of packing up the townhouse we've been renting for the last 26 months!!! That's right, it's crazy times around the Carruth household!
Buying a house is consuming in it's own right and because of it, try as we might, Patrick and I had a diffucult time getting into the holiday spirit, but I wasn't going to let piles of paper work, too many emails and phone calls to count, or boxes stacked to the ceiling get in the way of putting up a Christmas tree. What else would I use as the backdrop to my baby's naked butt if I didn't have a beautiful Christmas tree?!?!.......Besides, it's not like I even had the string the lights (Shout out to the saint who invented pre-lit trees!). 
Our hearts have been strung out on a line of nail biting tension since the first week in December, hoping all the contracts played out just perfect with our first real family home and although we've been bumped and bruised along the way, we should ink the final closing signatures Janurary 14, then a whole new kind of chaos can commence! I promise I haven't done anything too extremely exciting in the last couple of months, minus my endeaver with eating a fresh pomegrante for the very first time. I dearly miss writing on a regular basis......if only I had a way of transposing all the pages upon pages I write in my head into the computer without any extra effort on my part.
I promise I'll be back for real sometime soon, realitive speaking. Untilt then, I'm sure you'll find a way to live without knowing my every thought; you wont be happy about it (I can see it in your eyes, I can see it in your smile), but you'll find a way.

P.S. You're welcome, for getting that song in your head. I hope it stays there all day. 

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