Thursday, June 7, 2012

I Could Have Died, Ya'll!!!

It's a good thing we strive for living every day to the fullest, because you never know when it's going to be your last........
Saturday started out like any regular weekend.....AFTER posing provocatively with the ginormous produce my mom sent us from her garden. (I swear she must water her plants with steroids.......after these next 2 weeks, I will have cooked every zucchini and squash reciepe ever invented.)
But the most important part of this story is when my life flashed before my eyes. Yes....we are lucky to be alive.  
It was a beautiful afternoon in North Central Texas, a good day for traveling on four wheels, not a brake light in sight. As usual, I was driving. While performing my routine mirror checks, midway over a one lane bridge suspended very far in the sky and moving at about 60 miles per hour, I looked into the rear-view mirror and saw a little sports car startlingly appear out of no where. It swerved from one side of the lane to the other, extremely careless and recklessly fast. My fingers instinctively gripped the wheel and a shrill noise escaped my throat. 
In that moment, I pictured the car not slowing down, either rear ending us, sending us into an controllable tailspin, or trying to pass me in it's hasty zigzag pattern, projecting our car off the bridge. SPLAT. Either way, there'd would be no chance for survival. I had to think fast. 
I tried to hug the wall a bit, as safely as possible, and without hesitation, the car sped around us. I didn't even realize I was holding me breath until I could breathe again. 
 I was pissed! Had he been traveling at a speed that I could make out the digits on his liscense plate, I would have turned the bastard in to the police.  How dare he threaten to short stick me on the afternoon that I have beef fajitas and tequilla waiting for me?!?!?!?!?!
Aside from staying alive, we were all in charge of contributing yummy homemade goods for a small fiesta at the new White House. I made fresh tortilla chips, Texas caviar, and fruit pizza (which disappeared into everyone's bellies almost instantaneously)...............
I answered a record amount of "why" questions from this adorable little fellow, Blake....but I didn't mind; he can ask as many questions as he wants with that blue eyed charm......
With our happy tummies and after a few beeritas (obviously our new thing), we finished up watching the Texas Rangers choke......
And then on the way home, merely a couple of miles from both our house and the nature preserve I routinely run at, we watched a damn mountain lion sprint across the road! It was only last week we got the warning from a fellow runner aproaching from the opposite direction on our path that a spotting had been made.....but it's a new kind of reality to actually witness the oversized, out of place, cat with your own eyes. 
Forget the dangers of driving! Looks like one morning run could be my last......
Guess I can never have enough excitement in my life!

Have you ever felt like you had a near death experience? What happened?


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