Thursday, June 21, 2012

If Heaven Were on Earth, I Found it

I read a short Yahoo article about a young girl, with a rare syndrome, waking up after sleeping for 2 months (all the legit news is on Yahoo). I slept for 18 hours one day last week and only got up because I knew it was socially unacceptable, without the excuse of having an incurable illness or growing a human life, to sleep longer. I think I may have this Sleeping Beauty Syndrome.
Every now and then, when the stars don't line up just right, my mood takes an unusual flip into a southern direction. Somehow the traffic seems to be heavier that day, the lights always red, the people around me a little too obnoxious, the microwave heats to record temperatures, melting my favorite tub-aware container, my work shift a few hours too long....and it's usually associated with my sleep window being cut several hours short of refreshing
People who know me stare in disbelief as I whine, gripe, and complain. Then I'm disgusted with my poor behavior, because attitudes should be worth catching.
So yesterday morning I bailed on my running date to trade for an extra hour of sleep, and what a difference it made in my world. I arrived to my dinner date, with my traveling friend Latricia, at Cowboy Chicken 10 minutes early because everything went perfectly right along they way. We had time to laugh and look at all her beautiful adventure pictures. I got an extra free drink at Starbucks, which I gave to my friend Jessica, who's day was starting a little less fortunate than mine. Then my friend Ale sent me a text, saying she was bringing me a cookie to work from her favorite bakery. I swear, it doesn't get much better.
If sleeping in was a religion, I would be baptized in sheets of linen and drinking my chocolate milk from a holy grail in bed everyday.
So, the real question is, if you should do what you love, how can I land a gig getting paid for sleeping unusually long lengths of time?
P.S. I always look exactly that beautiful in bed. Always. (Do you think that would help me get a high salary sleeping job?)

How many hours of sleep per day do you need to function?


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