Monday, June 11, 2012

No Life Too Small

In the NICU, we believe there's no life too small not worth saving.
You see, we have these two very large fish tanks in the community area of our unit. Sometimes they can be quite entertaining.......I find myself mesmerized by the silly games the active ones occupy themselves with to keep from going completely insane, or repulsed by their cannibalism when they turn to a deceased member for, as Taco Bell puts it, a fourth meal....."Sometimes you gotta live mas". Sometimes the bubble machine will stop working and the vibrant colored fish morph into sluggish whitish grey blobs, like ET in the scene where he freaks-out all the innocent children by revealing what an alien looks like when he's dying, and migrate to the surface of the water in search for air. 
In the past, we came to the rescue by getting creative and delivering emergency oxygen via our portable O2 tanks and nasal cannula tubing that we normal use for the babies.....but then we got in trouble for "wasting supplies", is energy spent on saving a life ever really considered a waste?
I mean....I guess my point is......Jessica and I run with our eyes on the sidewalk when we are in the park, and would consider risking a sprained an ankle, for the sake of not squishing any bugs in their natural habitat.........
When the tank malfunctioned again last week, Liz and I couldn't stand to watch the fish "drown", what a humiliating way for a fish to die.....we're not prejudice against amphibian lives, just because the hospital is run by a bunch of fish hatin' we saved them. One by one. 
It was a hysterical event.......Liz, being the prissy girly-girl she is, and I being the tom-boy at heart.....She hesitantly held the tank lids up for me, while I went fishing, and then she would scream and run from the water while I giggled, flinging the netted fish around, carelessly splashing the water in every direction. 
In the end, all small souls were rescued, except for 2 extremely tiny fish (one, because they were too fast for me to catch, two, because we can't help those that wont help themselves.....AND three, because Liz said she actually didn't feel as bad for the tiny ones), and one very large sucker fish (because, let's face it, those things are creepy, and he didn't seem to be bothered much, anyway)
You can just refer to us as angels without wings........

Have you ever gone out of your way to save a tiny creature?

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