Sunday, July 3, 2011

Is You Is or Is You Ain't

I had a hot date last night with the hubby and never left the neighborhood. (We decided it was worth skipping the Ranger game for some alone time.)We started off walking to Naan to investigate the quality of their happy hour. They have these fancy bench booths that are so comfortable we both could have stopped there and took a nap. Instead, we had a cocktail and sushi.
Then we had an in depth conversation about how to properly represent the number 3 with your fingers. I like the left hand's sign. It just feels natural. Patrick chooses to use the right hand's sign. He went on to explain to me that's the way they do it in basketball because it's easier to see and if I paid close attention I would know that. It deemed an extra appropriate conversation since he happened to be wearing his Mav's shirt.
From there, we migrated to Urban Outfitters, who was having a sidewalk sale. I got sucked in, and Patrick was sweet enough to encourage me to try something on. He knows my weaknesses. While I was preoccupied with fashion, he got us a porch seat at Taco Diner so we could eat dinner and listen to the live Jazz that was playing across the street. And that's exactly what we did, while we had another cocktail. They have some tasty frozen margarita's with sangria and brandy mixed in! Yum!

The band performed "Is you is, or is you ain't my Baby", and we couldn't stop singing it for the rest of the night. Literally. There are so many great versions of the song, but I decided to share the Tom and Jerry version, since Tom's romancing his lady, and it was Saturday. They just don't make Saturday morning cartoons like they used to!

For dessert, we walked to Red Mango and had some delicious self serve frozen yogurt. We both decided to get pomegranate, and I threw a little original in with mine as well. There was about a million kids there, but we stayed and ate there for the first time anyway, since we figured it would melt on the way home, and then it wouldn't be FROZEN yogurt anymore.
Red Mango is suppose to be the best for you. The wall says so. Probiotics, all natural, fresh fruit, etc.

As we headed in the direction for home, the chocolate factory caught my eye, and we decided to get something to munch on while we watched a movie. I chose a chocolate covered smore. It was graham cracker and roasted marshmallow layers dipped in dark chocolate. Wowzers!

On our way back home, we took the scenic lake route and saw Stewart Little's boat! "Hey Stewart!!!!"
We hopped into bed and I watched about 7minutes of the movie before I was passed out like a baby. What can I say? I think I was pretty active for only getting 3 hours of sleep. Yup just a regular 'ol Saturday night. . . . . . . . . . .

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