Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Te Gusta??

     You like this song? I do. It feels like new age rock with a R&B rhythm. . . . . . .Yeah, I like it.

     You know what I don't like?!?! Isometric exercises! They make me restless. When I'm feeling the burn, I like to push through it; grunt and move on to get to the end. In my mind, I know I'm going somewhere. But while holding a difficult pose for as long as I can, all I want to do is move and I can't! It's so frustrating! The guy who instructed core class today, LOVES isometric everything. He can't help himself but to participate, and he's almost laughing through class. "Doesn't this feel great?!?", rings his annoying humor leached in my brain, "Stop making such ugly faces! Keep your face muscles relaxed! When it hurts, just smile!!!!!!" Dear sir, I'll tell you what I'd really like to do right now, and it doesn't have anything to do with smiling. It's more or less a little something related to my foot, and your. . . . . .  .Well anyway. . . .I'm already sore.
     I can't seem to keep myself in a recovered state lately. I more like a walking band-aid instead. Currently I have a ruthless abrasion on my left pinky (self inflicted fingernail wound), a terrible oven burn on my right forearm (domestic hazard while cooking my love some manicotti per his request), and just finished healing from my sunburn and pearing knife incidents from last week! Do I need to start rolling around in a hamster ball to stay safe?!?!
     Speaking of walking disasters, we watched "Dinner for Schmucks" last night. I was actually getting pissy because it was such a frustrating movie! But in the end, there's a nice moral and a cliche ending, so it wasn't a complete waste of time.
     I bought new running shoes today and can't wait to break them in! I'm so excited that I actually wouldn't have minded going to for a second workout this afternoon, but I'm bound to the kitchen instead on account that I promised Patrick I would make him my famous homemade barbecue meatloaf tonight. I'm trying something new by sneaking in pulverized carrots, and for a side we'll be eating creamy cauliflower " moch mashed potatoes" (also something new). I'm very interested to see if they actually taste like cauliflower or mashed potatoes!

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