Wednesday, July 13, 2011

We're Surviving

Back off Ladies. This stud is taken!
     You know you're experiencing extreme weather when your glasses fog upon transition from inside to outside.  We've actually had a few heat advisories already this year, and all the news channels seem to mention, besides obscene crimes, is the ridoncilous heat and humidity we are dealing with this year. On that note, it's caused a few changes in my day to day way of life.

The heat induced delirium has set in.

     The only way I can survive outside is to hibernate during the day, only venturing out before and after sunrise, or to be submerged in H20 (minus the few minutes a day I suffer for the love of my dogs to relieve their bladders and bowels on the neighborhood bushes). While growing up, I took for granted having a river in my backyard and upon spreading my wings and moving to other places, I realized what a luxury I had grown accustomed to. Now days, I settle for chlorine induced cemented pools instead of naturally fresh, rugged, moss growing, muddy bottom running water, but all the same, I can't live with water. (Yes, I realize human kind can't survive without hydration, but I'm speaking of the recreational form.)

     We had a Sunday-funday with friends Jessica and Bobby, and I do believe I won the sparkling golden star prize for having too much fun (if you know what I mean)! Grilling out, laying out, yelling out, and passing out are rarely an over-rated event, as long as there's a recovery day involved.
     Patrick broke his sunglasses just in time to migrate to the cool pool douche-o-roma watering hole. The boys participated in an unfriendly game of water volleyball against a team of single-for-obvious-reasons scum bags while Jessica and I spent our energy professionally cheering them on. It was comical in a sense that it felt like a scene from an American Pie wanna be movie, and we walked away winners (only by moral, definitely not by volleyball points).

     All things aside, it was a memorable afternoon filled with laughter, and waterproof digital cameras are the bomb-diggity!

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