Thursday, March 29, 2012

Love. Words. Actions.

Thursday evening before I left for the movies:
I brought home dinner because we needed to cut Sumo's hair and I didn't have enough time to cook before my hot girls date.

Pat: Aw man! I forgot you were leaving me tonight! Please don't go!

Me: I told you about this a week ago.

Pat: Ya but I forgot!

I gave up on Sumo's hair and hurried to get in the shower. Patrick poked his head through the shower curtain to make conversation.

Pat: What do you want to watch tonight?

Me: I'm going to watch the Hunger Games.

Pat: Dang it! I forgot you were going to that! I don't want you to leave!

I took a shower and spent the next 30 minutes in the bathroom primping while Patrick was laying in bed playing with the puppies.

Pat: Come on, hunny. Get in bed.

Me: What? Look at me, I'm about to go. 

Pat: What?!?................Aw man; I forgot you were leaving!!! Are you really leaving?

Me: Yes. I already have a ticket! This is serious! It was on the news!

Pat: It must be terrible, having a husband that actually cares when his wife is leaving him.

Me: I love that you miss me when I'm gone, dear. I hope you always do.

Pat: You're probably going to complain about how clingy I was to your friends tonight, huh?

Me: No. I'm going to brag about how much you love me. 

Random Day Last Week:
I was throwing a minor tantrum in bed because I was desperately craving frozen yogurt. The problem was, it was midnight. 

Me: Find a way to get me some!...........Pleeeeaaaaaase! Buy me a machine and figure out the recipe. I need some original tart ASAP!

Pat: I would if I could hunny, but that sounds expensive....and I don't think there are any stores open where I can get something like that right now.

Me: Well I want one by Christmas for sure.

Then I kicked my heels into the bed several times, flailing like a fish out of water, and whined for a emphasize the severity of my frustration. 

Pat: I'll be right back; I have an idea. 

After disappearing for a while, he came back with an entire platter full of ice-cream. Oreo Cookie Roll. English Toffee on a stick. Ice-cream sandwich round. (Yes we had all of those in our freezer.) We sat in bed and happily shared, he making sure I got plenty of bites of my favorite, and I making sure he got a fill of his favorite. It wasn't fro-yo, but the added sweetness of his thoughtfulness cured my craving.
Things aren't always bluebonnets and butterflies, but when they're not, we verbalize our feelings, find a resolution or settling point, and move on.

First priority: Make my spouse feel happy today. Let him/her know how much I love and appreciate him/her.

Two people in love cycle through multiple ups, downs, and plateaus throughout the year, month, week, sometimes even day. But the most important thing is they remember above all, making sure their loved one is happy and taken care of is most important. If both party's best interest is the other, all the rest should fall in place. 

Remember: Actions may speak louder than words, but words still speak too. 

What do you do when you have late night cravings? How do you make your loved one feel special?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One Flipping Disaster After Another: The Fall

Part II
Lesson: Stay on good terms with your guardian angel, and wear headgear.

When we got home, I decided to take the furry children rollerblading, to get our minds off of things.
We had to get rid of this action.
And that's when my helmet came in handy for the first time in it's cold plastic life.
Staying true to the park sidewalks like they were the yellow brick road to happiness, I was rolling swiftly downhill, the the dogs close on my tail. We'd passed people everywhere; it was a nice afternoon, and both dogs had been perfectly minding their own business. A girl learning to ride her bike without training wheels. Some kids playing basketball. A few runners, screamers, and swingers (the kind you only see at playgrounds, not to be confused with the kind you meet at bars)......I was impressed {at my dog's self control}. 
Without warning, a wild hair struck Callie right in the butt, and she took off in the opposite direction. Within half a second, she had wrapped herself around a large wooden trashcan and light poll, yanking my arm back with her, before I knew what hit me, followed by my entire body flying through the air, taking me down flat on my back. Wheels aren't great for stopping in an instant, ya know. It was fast. Lightening speed fast. 
All I remember is hearing someone scream, I think it was me, and my head bouncing off the ground. I sat up and whipped around to glare in her direction.
She sat in the grass, her leash stretched taught, her tongue hanging low. I was too irate for embarrassment. I marched to her, eliminating the obstacles between us, said a few choice ungodly words, and then looked up to meet the gaze of 6 eyes. Two children and their mother. Starring at me. Oops. Oops. Double Oops.
She didn't say a word, and neither did I.
Stinker Jerk
The good news is, somehow I managed to evenly distribute my weight, so that no part of my body was scraped or bruised. I think I met the most force with my head, instead of my tailbone, and glad to say my helmet protected me so well, that I might as well dove onto a pillow top mattress. Actually, I think my guardian angel must have caught me, and lowered me to the ground because I haven't a single scratch or bruise on my body.
We went straight home after that. Patrick met me at the door.
"Why is your butt all dirty?"
"I fell." I said while clenching my teeth.

And to think, I was just commending myself on the fact I haven't had any personal mishaps to write about in a long time.

When's the last time you fell? Did anyone see?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

One Flipping Disaster After Another: Clipper and Penile Malfunction

Part I
Lesson: Never under estimate the power of a makeover, and keep lube in handy.

I took the puppies to get their summer cuts. I told the groomer "short", and when I came back I barely recognized my dogs!!! It was a neccassary action, since the day before I tried to cut Sumo's hair with our clippers and failed miserably.
You see, the clippers haven't been oiled in about 2 years, since Callie got her death clench on the oil bottle and chewed it to pieces. If you're wondering why I haven't purchase any oil sense then, I have absolutely no good explanation. Therefore Sumo's baby-duckling-down-fine-hairs were getting yanked left and right.......he objected. So I stopped, leaving him with long scruffy hair everywhere..........except for a large bald patch on his left back, and a long bald strip on his right back.
Way to go, me.
Their before picture

I promised Patrick, he {Sumo} wouldn't look, or smell, like a scroungy step child for long, and woke up the next day to call about 20 different groomers and heard the same broken record from all of them, "Sorry, no openings until Monday or Tuesday." Ugh. Of course there aren't. 
It probably wasn't in my favor that I didn't start calling until noon, since I slept-in from the previous night's activities.

I'm here to tell you that in most cases, persistance alway pays off.
On the 21st call, I got a maybe, that turned into a yes, that evolved into a brilliant accident. If not for all the other rejections, I never would have found this gem of a place. All the workers  were ridiculously sweet and genuine dog lovers. They baby talked both Callie and Sumo's faces off. I loved the atmosphere there; all the other daycare dogs were just running around the joint like a little doggy-pack family at their second home.Of course, I felt the need to explain and apologize for how terrible Sumo's hair looked, that it was actually an owner induced bad hair day instead of mange, but they made me feel like it happens all the time.
When I arrived to pick the dogs up, they too had been adopted into the pack and were as happy as could be, which put a smile on my face, especially when I got the bill!!! Smell ya later Petsmart, you've been out-priced, fools. I've never seen the puppies happier after leaving them at the groomers, and the receptionist encouraged me to bring them back for daycare some time because they were, "such a joy to have." 

They got summer cuts.....and were sporting ridiculously cute bandanna's!
Sumo, was feeling so happy, that he got the wrong kind of "happy", if you know what I mean. I spent the next hour trying to pry him off of Callie, and then something terrible happened. Pink-thing made an appearance. And then, pink thing's balls came out and stayed out. As in, everything got stuck. Out. We wrapped him in a towel and rushed to the vet......with poor horny Sumo thrusting his little hips hopelessly into the air the entire way.

But the vet's office closed 5 minutes before our arrival.......

Patrick banged on the glass door for a solid minute, scanning the inside for a moving body. When someone finally answered shaking their head "no", my heart sank.........
"But you don't understand! We NEED to see someone now! His ball's came out! HIS BALLS ARE OUT OF HIS SKIN!"
Luckily male-parts are universally recognized as emergencies and the Vet Tech let us come in. We later learned, those weren't actually his balls saying hello, but his penile glands.
A little lube later, everyone was relieved. Except poor Sumo. Despite our quick action, there was quite a bit of swelling, and I could only imagine, quite of bit of horny left.
There was only one thing left to do, but you'll have to wait for Part II.
Same place. Same time. 

Have any good at home grooming or penile disasters?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Hungry Nerds After Midnight

It was news worthy. I witnessed it myself while I was running my last long run before the big day. Yes, my last long run taking place on the treadmill was horrific, but that's bore in itself. The day all of us book worms have been waiting for finally arrived, and it didn't go unnoticed.
I'll give you a hint. Pay close attention.
{The Hunger Games}

Nerd Alert Clue #1: Last week, I was asked by a friend to go to the midnight showing. I said yes, and laughed hard when she said our tickets had already been purchase. Geez, could we jump the gun a little with excitement??? As it turns out, so did everyone else, because 4 days in advance, all the theaters were sold out!

Nerd Alert Clue #2: When I went to Hobby Lobby the day of it's debut, I overhead a family picking out t-shirts and crafting supplies to make fan shirts for the movie. 
The dad asked one of the girls, "Do you have a favorite character?", in reference to what they could write on their shirts.
"Yes; it's Katnis," the little girl responded.
"Well maybe you can write something like Meow on your shirt," the absolutely clueless dope replied.
Meow?? Are you kidding me? Obviously you didn't read the books. That's a terrible idea......not to mention she hates the family cat. I decided I probably shouldn't break the news to him, since he was just trying to be helpful. Not that I was ease dropping or anything.

Nerd Alert Clue #3: We all met for coffee and arrived to the theater 3 hours before showtime, to get good seats. We weren't the only ones either!! When I was running that afternoon, the news was already broadcasting lines forming outside the theaters. 

Nerd Alert Clue #4: I almost cried when I realized I forgot to bring my camera. I never leave home without it. Stupid phone camera's. I don't know what people see in them. I wanted to capture the atmosphere.
We actually stopped people to ask them to take pictures of us. At a movie theater.
The place was packed immediately. My favorite spirit shirts I saw said, "Keep Calm and Trust the Mockinjay." 

Nerd Alert Clue #5: After sitting in our amazing seats for 2 hours, we waited in line for 40 minutes just to get popcorn. I ate a hefty dinner before leaving home, but Cristina and I devoured an entire large tub of butter soaked, salt covered, crunchy-corn heaven by ourselves.....minus the left overs I found in my shirt, bra, scarf, and crotch. My lips were so chapped the next day I felt like I had spent a week in the north pole with no chap-stick.
I also drank a grande white chocolate frappuccino. Then ate half a package of thin mints and downed a Chick-Fil-A lemonade, both of which I had stashed in my purse. 
What can I say?? 9 miles of activity works up quite an appetite. 

I promise Cristina is the crazy one in a tank top.  Everyone else in that theater was freezing.
Nerd alert Clue #6: Cristina and I looked to each other at every big part of the story, nodding our heads in approval, or bickering about how it should have been done. There were 7 girls in our group, only 2 hadn't read the books, so after it was over, we all stood in the parking lot and deliberated. Those who hadn't read the books yet, were now motivated to get their read on. 

The whole experience made me feel like a teenager. It was super exciting.
I cannot express my deep gratitude for everyone there taking it seriously. Nothing would have made me more agitated than sitting through a dramatic replay of how I heard the Twilight showings were.
All in all, it was the best attempt at portraying a book I've watched yet. They stayed mostly true to the novel, although I felt they could have done a better job at showcasing the rebellious acts throughout. I realize that a movie can only be so many hours long, but those who didn't know the between the lines information had lots of questions after the credits rolled.

What gets your nerd motor purring? Have you read/watch The Hunger Games yet?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hey Dawg......I Like That

So I got to thinking about it, and maybe Sumo isn't just the dopey guy along for the ride....maybe he's a super smart con artist? Maybe he deceives us with his sweet cuteness, and just follows Callie around, letting her do all the tricks because he knows she will, which means he wouldn't have to do them, and then he can reap the benefits of something he didn't have to lift a furry paw for........maybe I've got him all wrong.......maybe that's not a smile, but a stealthy loathing grin while he's thinking to himself how naive we are........maybe.........or maybe he's just my sweet little snuggly-wuggly baby boy who I am currently mad at for peeing in the house this week. 

I think I'm all better. (Minus the fact I feel like I've lost all endurance after 2 weeks of no long distance running.) My muscles are just super quick to get tight these days, despite all my efforts.
Our gym just opened it's new yoga and cycling studio. We've known about it for months, and we were all dying with anticipation while it was being built. There are so many more classes offered now (their goal is 30 yoga classes a week), which makes it so much easier to coordinate my schedule......and the new spin room is dedicated to cyclists only, so moving the bikes around before and after class is now a thing of the past!
I discovered 2 new yoga poses that have changed my life. They're not actually new, I'm sure they've been around for hundreds of years....but the different forms within the poses are new to me. I constantly battle with muscle knots between my shoulder blades; I go for monthly and sometimes bi-monthly deep tissue massages and they still can't work those bastards out......but these new modifications of moves I already knew really target those places spot on. Because I'm so nice, I'll share them with you.

Start in Child's Pose and relax into the position.
As shown here
On your next deep breath, reach your hands/fingertips out as far as they can go, so far it causes your arms to lift from the ground. Take a couple of deep breaths, opening up through your back, pushing those shoulder blades apart. Then on your next exhale and staying stretched out, touch your forearms to the ground. Repeat. Then sigh...........Agh.........

Move into Puppy Dog position.
Like This
On your next deep breath, rotate your hands to a karate chop position. On the exhale, sink into it, stretching out that upper back. Take a couple of purposeful breathes here, breathing deep into the tight places. Put your left hand on your left knee and look up to the left, sinking in to your right side. After a couple of breathes, repeat that step for the right side. 
Oh yeah......feels good. 

It would feel even better if you did a few Sun Salutations beforehand, to get the blood flowing and warm up those muscles. 
See this link for all the important details!
I find things flow better by omitting the lunge from my regular Salutation, but I have bad each his/her own. That's what yoga is all about! 
Kermit, frawg, you're out of control awesome! (Get it? dawg + frog = "frawg".....)
I HAD to include this photo I's so funny to me seeing a grown man positioned EXACTLY the way I pronate babies at work....except he's positioned on folded blankets instead of folded diaper clothes. Doesn't look like he has any complaints!!!
P.S. Our Zooma Run Half Marathon is less than 1.5 weeks away!!! EEK!!!

P.P.S. Never practice any of the above poses with your man in the room......especially while naked. They turn into leaches. And it's hard to practice yoga off balance. 

How many hours a week do you spend on flexibility?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sometimes I Forget Things.......Wal-Lah!

Sooo....I think the local Kroger's bakery department may have been sipping the funny juice when they were labeling these. "Why Cook Tonight? **Deli rotisserie Chicken"?.......Weirdest looking, cheapest chicken I've ever seen. Maybe they're chicken flavored chocolate cookies? Or maybe they are trying to redirect the cookie cravers to the deli section? I'm still baffled.
I cannot believe I forgot to tell you about this Apple Coleslaw I made. It's been over a month since I thought I mentioned it, but not until a friend pointed out she couldn't find the recipe on my blog, and I got on to show her how blind she was, did I realize that I'm the real dope. My bad. 
I used the Weight Watchers base recipe and put a kpLOVE spin on it, of course. It's basically pure veggies, but with a sweet ring to it that will make you think you just ate a summer dessert. 
1 Bag Broccoli Slaw
1 Handful Shredded carrots
2 Chopped Gala Apples
Few generous shakes of Poppy Seed
2 Tablespoons Olive Oil
6 Tablespoons Apple Cider Vinegar
2 Tablespoons Sugar
Pepper to Taste

Combine Broccoli Slaw, carrots, apples and poppy seed in large bowl with a lid. 
Mix Olive Oil, Apple Cider Vinegar, sugar and pepper in a container you can shake the hell out of. 
Pour the dressing you just made on to bowl of veggies, top off with the lid, and, "Shake shake shake....shake shake shake....shake those veggies....shake those veggies!!!"
(I procrastinated my first attempt at this recipe, because the original version says to refrigerate for 2 hours before serving. I think that is a bunch of hoity crap. I ate it straight from the bowl as soon as I made it, and it tasted fantastic.)

Next on the agenda is what I like to call Hogs in a Blanket (as seen above). They laugh in the face of Pigs in a Blanket. They make Pigs in a Blanket look like Turds in a Blanket

1 Can Cressiant Roll Dough
Few slices of Provolone Cheese
Your favorite Smoked Sausage (I did a batch using jalepeno smoked sausage, and a batch using garlic smoked sausage; both were delicious, preference was just according to personal taste.)

Preheat oven to 350F.
Slice sausage link a few inches long (about as wide as the width of the cressiant rolls), throw in skillet and cook until nice and crusty.
Lay your uncooked cressaint triangles on a greased pan and place half a slice of provolone cheese on top of each cressiant. 
Place sausage pieces on top and wrap the dough around it. 
Cook in oven until golden brown (whatever your can of cressaint dough says).


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Adventures of a Dashtabulous Paddy's Day

I absolutely despise waking up at the crack of dawn, especially when I stayed up late the night before trying to get all my crap together because I procrastinated doing it all day. But a little light bulb went off in me when my alarm clock sounded on Saturday morning, it's called excitement. I didn't even hit the snooze button, which is a huge altercation from my normal 5-10 strikes per day. 
I just love our running friends so much. Everyone was a good sport with smiling faces and giddy feet, though the sun had yet to rise....even Patrick, who usually doesn't like to talk to people until he's been up for at least a couple of hours, seemed extra happy.....though it could have just been Monster between his legs. And by that, I'm referencing to the picture above, where there is literally a Monster Drink sitting between his legs. 
We were pumped and ready to go!
Excuse me Sir, did you know your shamrock is showing?
There were all kinds of crazy loons lurking, dressed in their festive costumes, but thankfully we were the only loons in tie-dye, which made it so much more easy to keep up with our clan. Unfortunately, our shirts' beautiful bright vibrance faded when I washed them before the race, but they were still shnazzy with personality, despite looking like we've all worn them for 10-20 years!
As the sun began to rise, we worked our way over to the starting line, weeving our way through the developing crowd.
Apparently the Dash Down Greenville race/parade was almost cancelled a few weeks ago, due to lack of funding, but our lovely local billionaire Mark Cuban, whom I'd gladly adopt as an uncle with open arms, decided he wouldn't stand for it. So he wrote a check, to save the 33rd anual tradition sending the message to: Keep Calm, and Run On. (I don't know if he actually said those exact words, but he did write the check for the event, and Run On was the official sponsor, so I thought it sounded good.) This isn't the first time Mr. Cuban has saved a Dallas parade with his checking account.
Thanks, Mark Cuban! You're the man!
The proceeds of Dash Down Greenville supported the North Texas Food Bank.

The race was officially sold out, with 8,000 people registered. We were actually towards the front, if you can believe that! 
I wanted to document the whole thing, so I carried my camera throughout the entire event. It was Patrick and I's first 5k to ever participate in! I was a little nervous, given both our condition's last week..........but at the very least I was determined to have good pictures!
Has anyone ever told you how extremely difficult it is to take quality pictures while running faster than one's normal comfortable turtle speed? Consider yourself warned. 
As the race started, people started darting around all over the place to get their happy position. We passed several runners, but mostly I was watching my back to make sure we were getting run over. As the crowd began to thin out, the sun started peaking over the trees, showcasing the pretty spring flowers, and we found our happy pace.
It's so crazy what some people can tolerate running in. I'm very picky about how things touch me during physical activity, but obviously this little leprechaun could care less. 
Jessica is always checking on the pack. She's everyone's biggest fan and most supportive cheerleader....I love this action shot of her and her man! 
I was so proud of Patrick. He hasn't ran 3 miles at one time in years, and did it after being sick with no complaints. 
As we rounded the last corner, the more elite runners that had already finished, cheered us on.
Can you tell which two people in this photo don't usually run?!?! The winner of the race finished in 15minutes flat. Dang. 
I finished 229th out of the 822 females in my age group (31:02 minutes).
Patrick finished 183th out of the 334 males in his age group (30:55 minutes).
Maybe if I would have spent less time taking pictures, and more time running, I could have beat my husband, no?
We finished the race with a straight shot view of the Krispy Kreme donut shop........our mouths were watering.
But we kept out heads screwed on straight, our hands glued to strange people's fake buns, and went to the stand serving free banana's instead. 
Ale may have gotten a little carried away with the freebee booths and turned into a mild miniature hoarder......
Then we found a open area for a little stretching.....

And a little balancing competition. (It helps when I stick my tongue out.)
The lovely church that we parked at let us use their Montessori to clean up. A few baby wipes and deodorant swipes later, we were ready to take on the parade festivities. 
I brought clear cups and green dye so we could have color appropriate beverages, but didn't realize I bought was gel instead of liquid until it was too it looked like I had green worms swimming in the bottom of my cup. Fail. 
Some brainstorming later, we figured out a mixing method and was back in the game of things!!! For a little while.........
There were so many people crowded near the street, we gave up trying to see the parade, which can be a little dangerous when they are throwing out beads without warning. If I ever teach you anything from this blog let it be this.....
Parade lesson 101: Never. Ever. EVER. Turn your back on a parade. 
Patrick did, and got smacked with a set of beads, right in the side of the face. They whipped down and crashed into his cup, shattering the plastic and creating a green-beer-waterfall-party-foul all over the place. Good thing he was already wearing green, so it didn't stain his shirt!!! Winning!
The festivities must go on, and on they went. A group of people that Ale knows from CrossFit made over 1100 jello shots for consumption.
After a few hours of street dancing later, and Cowboy Chicken in our bellies, it was time a for little relaxing under the church tree. 
The weather was perfect for grass smooshing and people gazing. 
We only had about 200 different conversions, and every time we voiced our opinions, Bobby asked Ale what hers was......but she didn't answer....
She got a little too relaxed and actually fell asleep, on the concrete, so her white skirt wouldn't get grass stained...... 
And then she slept some more on the way home......
And then a little more once we got home........But we never left her out of a single subject.
Is this girl related to my brother???
After Ale broke the record for most-consecutive-hours-of-continuous-sleep-in-the-most-places-within-a-single-nap, we woke her up to celebrate Carrie's "29th" birthday. Her wonderful husband Ryan, who we are dubbing "Husband of the Month" was our DD. He campaigned for "Husband of the Year", but we thought that was stretching it a bit for a single night of selflessness. (It takes way more than that to win these girls over for an entire year, Ryan!!). 
He handled himself with great poise while dealing with our classic indecisiveness and lack of audience discretion. He even took this picture of us in front of a stranger's green sports car while pretending not to be embarrassed. 
And when we needed him to finish off the last shrimp at Ra because our eye's were bigger than our stomach's, he took one for the team, even though he was already full. 
What a man, what a man, what a mighty good man......
All in all, it was a super fun St. Patrick's day. The first one I've ever had the pleasure of celebrating, to be exact! If they are all like this one, maybe I should make a habit of it!

Mark Cuban, will you be my uncle???

Monday, March 19, 2012

Get OFF Me, B****

We had a downtown picnic dinner before game day last week. I packed club sandwiches, tomato basil soup with parmesan baked pretzels, and Riesling. 
 We used our new handy-dandy picnic blanket/bag my mom got us for Christmas and each had our own amazing thermos' that keep liquid hot/cold for 7 hours with fold-up spoons that fit into the lids. Pretty nifty. I don't know why I can't think of a ideas like that first. If only......(Sigh).....I'd have so much more money.
 I couldn't drink all my wine we packed so I asked Patrick if he could sneak it in for me. Turns out skinny legged pants aren't really great for smuggling. I couldn't help but make a prediction of how it would go down if we actually tried it. 
"Sir, do you mind explaining to me what's in your pants??" the security gaurd would say. 
"My shlong. My well endowed shlong is in my pants. Why? Is there a problem?" that hunky smuggler man of mine would reply. 
"No Sir. Congratulations, sir. Please, enjoy the game. And stop by the bar on your way to your seat for a complimentary beer. Tell them I sent you, for being so awesome."
Patrick didn't think that's what would happen. So we brought it {the wine} back to the car instead. 
Not a bad view for our $5 parking, huh? I love that Patrick is man enough to carry my vividly pink bag to the car by himself. 
 Once upon a time, some years ago, I was quite a feisty one. Patrick loves to bring up the night we are at a bar and after some random drunk girl had used me as a crutch one too many times, I turned around, made a face similar to this one, and yelled, "Get OFF me, Bitch!"
She did, and I felt better. And Patrick laughed so hard, after getting over his initial period of shock
I'd like to think I've grown as a woman and moved on from such behavior, but the truth is, I will probably always be me, and can only take so much in this world before I release the feisty. 
I may have haggled a Referee. He deserved it. To be honest, if I had my zapper at the game, was close enough for contact, and knew I wouldn't go to jail, I probably would have used it on him. But since the criteria didn't meet, I'll stay armed and ready for that moment when the stars line up. 
I'll be very ready.
These acrobat guys entertained us for half-time. They were crazy strong. I know it's more impressive to use the weight of a male body as opposed to a female's for resistance training, but some of the things they were doing just would have seemed nicer to the eyes if it 
I was thinking about the co-ed thing when Patrick asked me, "Do you think they're Porn?" 
That's what I thought he said, anyway. Turns out that's not what he said. "Do I think they like popcorn?" I corrected myself, pulling my mind out of the gutter. Actually, I was drinking a Diet Coke and couldn't stop thinking about how good a bucket of butter saturated popcorn would be to pair with my soda. 
"Do. You. Think. They. Are. Foreign? Like, from another country????" he clarified.
" where?"
To which we both simultaneously voiced, "Russia."
Who knows why.
It's not everyday you see a man take his hands off his crotch-al-region to do something even less productive but impressive all at the same time!!!
"Look Mom, I told you I'd stop playing with it long enough to do something with myself one day!!!" is what that "probably Russian" fellow was thinking in his head.
  I struggle with holding a proper full plank position while lifting one leg using only my own body weight......and this guy is so cool he doesn't even need legs. 

 Do you have an inner feisty? When's the last time you used it? 


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