Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hey Dawg......I Like That

So I got to thinking about it, and maybe Sumo isn't just the dopey guy along for the ride....maybe he's a super smart con artist? Maybe he deceives us with his sweet cuteness, and just follows Callie around, letting her do all the tricks because he knows she will, which means he wouldn't have to do them, and then he can reap the benefits of something he didn't have to lift a furry paw for........maybe I've got him all wrong.......maybe that's not a smile, but a stealthy loathing grin while he's thinking to himself how naive we are........maybe.........or maybe he's just my sweet little snuggly-wuggly baby boy who I am currently mad at for peeing in the house this week. 

I think I'm all better. (Minus the fact I feel like I've lost all endurance after 2 weeks of no long distance running.) My muscles are just super quick to get tight these days, despite all my efforts.
Our gym just opened it's new yoga and cycling studio. We've known about it for months, and we were all dying with anticipation while it was being built. There are so many more classes offered now (their goal is 30 yoga classes a week), which makes it so much easier to coordinate my schedule......and the new spin room is dedicated to cyclists only, so moving the bikes around before and after class is now a thing of the past!
I discovered 2 new yoga poses that have changed my life. They're not actually new, I'm sure they've been around for hundreds of years....but the different forms within the poses are new to me. I constantly battle with muscle knots between my shoulder blades; I go for monthly and sometimes bi-monthly deep tissue massages and they still can't work those bastards out......but these new modifications of moves I already knew really target those places spot on. Because I'm so nice, I'll share them with you.

Start in Child's Pose and relax into the position.
As shown here
On your next deep breath, reach your hands/fingertips out as far as they can go, so far it causes your arms to lift from the ground. Take a couple of deep breaths, opening up through your back, pushing those shoulder blades apart. Then on your next exhale and staying stretched out, touch your forearms to the ground. Repeat. Then sigh...........Agh.........

Move into Puppy Dog position.
Like This
On your next deep breath, rotate your hands to a karate chop position. On the exhale, sink into it, stretching out that upper back. Take a couple of purposeful breathes here, breathing deep into the tight places. Put your left hand on your left knee and look up to the left, sinking in to your right side. After a couple of breathes, repeat that step for the right side. 
Oh yeah......feels good. 

It would feel even better if you did a few Sun Salutations beforehand, to get the blood flowing and warm up those muscles. 
See this link for all the important details!
I find things flow better by omitting the lunge from my regular Salutation, but I have bad each his/her own. That's what yoga is all about! 
Kermit, frawg, you're out of control awesome! (Get it? dawg + frog = "frawg".....)
I HAD to include this photo I's so funny to me seeing a grown man positioned EXACTLY the way I pronate babies at work....except he's positioned on folded blankets instead of folded diaper clothes. Doesn't look like he has any complaints!!!
P.S. Our Zooma Run Half Marathon is less than 1.5 weeks away!!! EEK!!!

P.P.S. Never practice any of the above poses with your man in the room......especially while naked. They turn into leaches. And it's hard to practice yoga off balance. 

How many hours a week do you spend on flexibility?


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