Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Slap Yo Momma.....Unless She's Irish: Wal-Lah

I was just kidding about the whole "slap you momma" thing. I don't want anyone getting in trouble now, ya hear?
Do you ever buy a luxury item, like Heavy Whipping Cream, for a single dish.....but then have the rest of the carton to utilize with little ideas of how to use it? I do that. But I hate wasting. So let's not.
Our Sunday morning was spent extravagantly without waste, sipping heavenly Irish Coffee's and devouring "slap yo Momma good" French Toast.
First, we'll make the coffee, to kick start the day right.....kpLOVE style. 
Just in case you don't know me well, when I do something my style, it always entails improvisions and extra ingredients than the original, resulting in tasty improvements you'll never forget. 

1/4 cup Heavy Whipping Cream (cold)
1/8 cup Godiva (I used Caramel flavor)
Generous Dash of Cinnamon
Boiling Water
1 shot of Irish Whiskey (I used Jameson)
2 teaspoons of Brown Sugar
Strong cup of good coffee (I used Starbucks Dark Roast)

In a bowl combine cream, Godiva, and cinnamon. Blend with mixer until frothy.
Pour boiling water into your drinking glass and let sit for about 1 minute (this is to warm the glass.....a must). 
Remove the hot water. Add the Whiskey and Brown Sugar to the warmed glass.
Pour in the coffee, leaving plenty of room at the top for the cream (the expresso setting on the Keurig is exactly enough)
Stir until sugar is dissolved.
Hold a spoon at the surface of your coffee and slowly pour the cream mixture onto the spoon. The result should be a floating of the cream.
Do not stir.
Enjoy immediately. 
The finished product is a perfect blend of kick and caffeine........with an enticing combination of hot and cold. 
P.S. It's not going to be completely separated into black coffee and white cream, as a traditional Irish Coffee, because the Godiva isn't as thick as Heavy Whipping Cream.
Now that the most important part of breakfast is made, it's time to move on the the most nutritious! French Toast and bacon. Oh yes. 

Heavy Whipping Cream
Egg Beaters or Real Eggs
Caramel Flavoring Syrup
Vanilla Flavoring syrup
Bread (a good utilization of your old stale bread in the frig)

In a bowl, mix 1 part cream with 1 part egg, a dash of caramel, and a big healthy dash of vanilla.
Take desired pieces of bread and slice into thirds.
Preheat your skillet to 350F, spray with cooking spray.
Dip bread into your liquid mix and place on skillet. 
Flip when bottom is browned/crispy.
We munched on it family-style, with the plate directly in front of me, and our own maple syrups. The only way to go.
Is there any better way to spend a Sunday morning with my Hunny?? I think not. 

What's your favorite extravagant way to drink coffee?


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