Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Apparently I Have an Extra Eye (Minus the Ball)

My mom made me this super sweet mixed Succulent Cacti arrangement. They're all really small now, but basing my predictions on the fact that I've kept my Christmas cactus alive for four months so far, I imagine they will grow!!! I've always admired how pretty something can be while possessing such strong survival instincts. I'm not a huge fan of the Aloe, but it's practical (since I'm pretty clumsy in the kitchen), so I think I'll keep it. 
I, characteristically, had the urge to add a little blingy-zing-botta-bing-botta-boom to the equation to help it fit in a little better with my eclectic attention to detail. So I tossed in a few jazzy beads, and some subtle sparkly clear ones, that can only be fully appreciated while witnessing in person. Here are the final results:
Remember when my husband had a break down and bought this random log from a street walker? Well my mom had a fantastic idea for it, and after becoming inspired by the arrangements in DIRT, I decided to go for it! I planted little tiny succulent's in the glass that previously held tea lights, and I think it {the cacti} did wonders for it's {the log's} personality! Who's a bump on a log now?!?!?
I really enjoy looking at it, so I placed it in my shower window to give me something pretty to stare at while I wash my hair! It just looks so earthy and vibrant. 
A couple of  weeks ago, I arrived to Yoga class just on time (which is 20 minutes late in Lifetime Fitness member standards). Consequently, I had to set up in the back of class, where all the newbies or usually males hide. When it came time to do balance work I was holding my composure well, until the guys on both sides of me repeatedly falling over began to negatively affect my concentration. For the rest of the pose, I had an extremely difficult time staying in my zone. Obviously there is room in my practice for concentration growth.......and from now on, I should arrive to class early!
To even out all of my running, I've been practicing more Yoga, for multiple reasons. I don't have to worry about my shoe issues, it's become my mission to master the art of purposeful breathing, and I love the holistic approach the practice has on life. It makes my entire body feel more balanced and strong, including my mind. It's calm, but intense. I've learned with Yoga, if you surround yourself by unbalanced people, it's easier for yourself to become unbalanced. If you think about it, this is true with anything in life. 
Self control. Eating. Exercising. Mood. Religion.
Last week, after getting in my cardiovascular workout, I headed to the Yoga room extra early, for a little quiet time and stretching before class. The instructor was there. "Are you here for meditation?" she asked. "Sure," I said, "I need a little quite time before class." I had no idea she actually meant MEDITATION. What kind of woman actually means exactly what she says???? (I had read the schedule wrong, and showed up for a special class that wasn't even listed.
I decided to stay. After all, the class is suppose to give your body as much rest as 4-5 hours worth of sleep would. "No expectations. Open Mind," I kept silently chanting in my mind. The instructor walked us through connecting our breath with our bodies and the earth. She talked us through training our thoughts and taught us some pretty strange breathing exercises. It's all about your third eye; it's in your mind, and it looks back on your past experiences. About 15 minutes into it, I started to wonder how long the class would last. So I opened my physically present eyes for the first time, looked at the clock, and saw 55 minutes had passed. WHAT???? Fastest. Hour. Ever. And to my surprise I felt relaxed, rested.  
Maybe it's something I should add to my practice??
Maybe I just set a record for saying "Yoga" too many times in one post???
Is this how the band Third Eye Blind came up with their name? Were they ignorant to learning from past experiences??? I miss them; they were good.

Have you ever gone to a meditation class? What do you think about the whole "3rd eye" thing? How many times a week do you practice yoga? What's your favorite part?

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