Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pink Makes People Crazy.......And I Like It!!

There are 4 main bands that I remember listening to with my parents while growing up. They {my parents} would quiz me when the songs came on the radio. 
Led Zepplin. ZZ Top. ACDC. Pink Floyd. 
About 4 years ago, we went to House of Blues with our brother-in-law and sister-in-law to see a Pink Floyd cover band called Bricks in the Wall. Their performance left a lasting impression on me that night, and I immediately called my mom to tell her about them. After all, old stoner music is her favorite. It was decided then, we HAD to see them again, the next time bringing her along. 
That was 4 years ago...........
But she always told me I have the memory of an elephant.....whatever that means.....who cares about elephants when you have giant pink pig with fangs suspended from the ceiling looming over your head??? 
I totally kept my word and finally got the family together to witness this band live. It really is amazing how closely they can mimic their idols. Different guys in the band take turns singing lead, to match the voices of the original song, and it's easy to tell their love for the music is genuine. 
We bought balcony seats for the first time, which came with advantages and disadvantages. We sat in, what I nick-named the B.L.R. {Bad Luck Row}. A group of oldies were seated in the middle of our row that drank like fish and had the bladders of toddlers. They also distrusted all forms of passed down communication, so any time the waitress would come by for orders, the head honcho of the group insisted on making us all stand up so he could make his way to the isle to place his order, then make us all stand up again so he could get back to the middle where his seat was. What a douche-o-rama. It got to the point where we just had to laugh about it. 
Of course, it was an older crowd. Period. I expected that. But what I forgot is how crazy people get when they're trying to make it through their mid-life-crisis' while listening to music that brings them back to the "good ol' days". As our group was walking up the stairs to leave, a lady pops out from behind a column, pulls her shirt up over her head and starts sensually and sporadically rubbing herself all over my mother! Then she leaned in close enough to lick her ear, and lingered there for a few seconds. We all swiftly walked away when she took her shoe off and started aiming at people. Later I found out instead of giving my mother a hickey, she was really whispering in her ear, "I'm going to be 52!"
I'm just glad it wasn't me getting inappropriately molested for once!
Did I mention the light show was phenomenal? The circular white trampoline looking thing in the background projected really strange videos that correlated with the music in a weird Twilight Zone sort of way. 
The next day, I took the family exploring.
I have a memo list on my phone of places I want to try......when I have time. Between work and routinely domestic things during the week, I cross things off this list slowly. And when I say slowly, I mean
One of the impending destinations I've been meaning to hit is called Dude, Sweet. You have to drive through a sketchy south east Dallas area to get there, but once you arrive, you think you've stepped into a small preserved time capsule of the area. A few blocks are lined with specialty shops and eateries, fragrant smells, crocheted trees, and vintage charm of the 1920's. 
There's nothing fancy or hoity about the inside of this shop. But what you will find, is extremely unique flavors to satisfy every dark chocolate loving taste bud, and free samples of as much chocolate you can handle. 
The genius behind these combo's infuses flavors you'd never think of, in weird, eccentric and refreshing ways. 
Mushrooms. Jalepenos. Feta cheese. Balsamic Vinegar. Ginger. 
The best part? When you buy a box of chocolate from them, you can read every single ingredient without having to feel like your speaking a foreign language. 
My favorite was Crack in a Box. And you bet, I took some home with me!
I love the artist who loved the trees enough to brighten their trunks! 
There was a soda shop on the strip. We didn't try any of them, but I couldn't help but lick my lips at how many flavors they had. 
See what I mean about the time warp?
I bet it's so pretty here in the spring!
I was drawn to the pink flower power tree. And right across the street from it, was a inspirational floral shop, called DIRT. The shelves were dressed with vintage mason jars and old wood with beautiful succulent cacti planted perfectly within. Everything had such an earthy feel.  
And what's a day in the sun filled with fun, without frozen yogurt? My mom and brother had never tried Pink Berry, so I had to swing them by. Oh, how it reminds me of days in Hollywood with my Hunny......but I don't think that's the only reason it tastes like pure bliss. Other FroYo's may come close, but the cigar belongs to PB. 
(Isn't it cool how the sun shadowed "Pink" on the lady's shirt behind our table??? It's like it was meant to be.)
Pink bands. Pink trees. Pink yogurt. I think we've found a trend.....
........I guess Steven Tyler really did know what he was talking about. 

Do you ever feel like your day is can be categorized by a color? Do you have a favorite Frozen Yogurt place or love them all? What's your favorite thing covered in chocolate?

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