Monday, February 20, 2012

Destination Reached Despite Delirium

I hope you're ready for this. Over the course of the next few days, I am going to completely overload your senses with photographic images from an adventure to the mountains. 
It was a 14 hour trip by motor vehicle. We left behind the premature spring weather of Texas, masquerading as winter, with smiles on our faces. Patrick was even smiling while practicing safe sleep, as I sat behind the wheel all night dancing and singing in the driver's seat. I was running off 4 hours of sleep and adrenaline fed by anticipation.  
We drove straight into Denver, to avoid possible winter advisory conditions on the short cut roads, and got native advice to eat breakfast at a place called Snooze. I was feeling open for more advice, and ordered the recommendation of the waitress, Eggs Benedict. It was amazing. 
After nourishment, we were back on the road to Breckenridge, our arrival being extremely early for check-in to the condo. So we went exploring.
It was a glorious day, which called for celebrating. 
Celebrating always leads to having a couple of drinks, which is exactly what happened when we found a cute little place called Burke and Riley's Irish Pub, in town. Their homemade potato chips were remarkably tasty, and my weight watchers points went out the window from there. 
After a couple of Irish coffee's, we set out to experience the shops on the Main Street strip, where I found a snow bunny with impressively large hooters. She enthusiastically waived me over, so I took a picture with her, to avoid {her} embarrassment. 
Of course, Patrick couldn't be outdone, so found his own snow babe, who was way too cool to smile for the camera. At least my girl was smart enough to wear shoes. Who wants to lose a toe to frost bite? Duh. 
Finally, our room called to summon us, so we stopped molesting mannequins to go check it out. It didn't take me long to make it {the condo} feel like home sweet home.  
This is part of the reason I gained 5 pounds on the trip. 
A minor surgery was performed on the chip bags verging elevation explosion. Alien goggles are always a must for serious situations. 
We started a fire, turned on the basketball game, got the shish-kabob's going on our mini charcoal grill, and and kicked back to relax.....with a side of silly.
Lindsey and Greg arrived just in time for dinner. Then we took the party, with our spiked coffee's and our bloated happy Buda bellies, out to the hot tub to enjoy the delicate white snow plummeting from the dark night sky. The contrasting temperatures were nothing short of perfect. 
Then something came over us.  Me, in a 4-hours-of-sleep-in-a-57-hour-time-period-induced-delirium, and everyone else (out of pure excitement I guess) feeling just crazy enough, decided to lunge our steaming bodies onto the powdered snow covered loungers for a picture.........but the steam destroyed all evidence, so it {the steam} thought. In yo face, Steam. 
And then we laid our heads down to sleep on the king sized bed upstairs, where we slept like well deserving rocks. 

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