Monday, February 6, 2012

Pass Me a Cold One

     I knew the answer to 4 questions on a single episode of Jeopardy. At first, I didn't know if I should be ashamed or proud of myself about it, but then I decided, "When in doubt, have confidence." Therefore, I allowed myself to feel really smart on Friday. The cute guy in the middle was kicking the other contestants’ butts by double. Then I wondered…"Is he really cute, or does he just project the image of attractiveness because he is so smart and is winning a lot of money?”….
     I used to think the only thing that matter was the shape of the guy's ass, but now being a few years older, and after discussing this with other females, I conjured up a list. Things that advance one's mate-ability factor besides natural good looks (without looking through drunk goggles):

*Musical ability
*Physical ability
*Intellectual ability
*Comedic ability
     I am so proud of myself. You may not care, but I discovered the perfect level of intoxication, if there is such a thing (probably because I was feeling so smart). What constitutes such label you wonder? There’s a fine line, and I can’t give away my secrets. But I can testify that I washed my face before going to sleep, made the smart decision to avoid Whataburger before bed, and didn't wake up with a hangover. ‘Nuff said.
Breaking it down country style with her shoes off. 
     This was a huge deal because we went to House of Blues Friday night. We had a double date with Cristina and her husband John, meeting for dinner and spending the rest of the night jamming to the soulful grudge holding voice of Kristy Lee and the hip-hop blues rhymes of G-Love and Special SauceG-Love likes cold beverages......and so do I.
     And as always, the people watching was priceless. Our favorite was this long haired blonde guy in designer jeans and a sports coat flapping his wings and dancing like a brooding rooster. He definately had the confidence, but someone needed to let him in on "The List", assuming he was out to hook up with a hot chick {an actual woman}, instead of a hen {an female chicken}. It proved to be a decent decision to skip out on the Mavericks game, given they sucked it up, while we danced the night away down the street (another side effect from feeling smart, perhaps?).
G-Love and Kristy bringing us to music church
P.S. My husband scores are phenomenal on "The List", and he knows his baby's got sauce.

What's your biggest factor when sizing up a mate? How proud of yourself are you when you know an answer on Jeopardy?!?!

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