Thursday, February 23, 2012

What's Cooler Than Being Cool?

Who in their right minds could have anything but a big goofy smile on their face, waking up to this in the morning? I could barely pry my eyes off this balcony view to cook breakfast. 
The snow kept up all night again, so we pleasantly floated on fresh groomed powder trails in the morning. We warmed up on some nice, relaxing blues, and tried hard not to get lost without our friends by our sides for geographical direction. 
By mid-morning the clouds dissipated, and we had a clear view of the city from the top of the mountain for the first time during this trip. It was gorgeous and quite distracting.
That's my man.....cruisin'.
We were on a daily roll of celebration, so I kept with the trend, celebrating skiing in the sunshine with the best pose I could think of, with my most valued "ass"ests forward.
The sky thought I was funny, so it humored us back with an exclamation point cloud! Isn't it cool?
By lunch, we needed something to warm our bellies, so we found a lodge with Starbucks........and may have pulled a flask from our jackets to add a little kick of.......flavor....... 
I love the snow, but I don't mind the view when it clears!
It may not have snowed on us the entire day {from the sky}, but the wind was maniac strong. Several times throughout the day robust gusts of frigid air would sweep it's way through the trees, forming  "snow storms". Big snow, little snow, sideways snow, stingy snow. It all came in our direction with a vengeance, and we were forced to tuck for cover. Fine snow, clumped snow, icy snow....... I tried so hard to capture one of those moments on camera, but they were too spontaneous to accommodate such techniques in my bundled attire. 
Lindsey told me I always pose the exact same way for ski pictures, so I tried to get creative for her. 
And then, with the same surprise in which it graced our presence, the radiance was gone, replaced by more white skies. 
The difference a couple of hours can make on the mountains! It teaches us to never take a single moment for granted. 
I'm not much in to routine, but the hot tub was calling my name, so we went down for one last soak....and to meet some more, very interesting people. 
With little expectations, we got dressed in a frenzy and headed to Frisco for a sleigh ride.
Our mules names were Jane and Judy. Jason, our guide and waiter, gave a great educational run-down of our surroundings while we rode out into the mountains for dinner. 
As we rode into the sunset, wearing a knit hat, 2 jackets, 3 shirts, a scarf, gloves, 2 pairs of paints, tube socks, Ugg boots, and a wool blanket, never felt so smart. I was just barely warm enough to enjoy my surroundings. Good thing I didn't under-dress!
We were taken to our dinner reservations, which were located inside the fanciest tent in the world. 
Our tables were equipped with hot cocoa and peppermint schnapps. Cheers to that. 
We ate bread, soup, steak, chicken, potato, and apple pie for dinner, all of which {they bragged} was made without electricity. And the musical entertainment wasn't too shabby either. How many tents have you been in that have an Exit sign?
Of course, it was snowing when we walked outside, which made for a beautiful sleigh ride back to the real world. 
And just like that, Day 3 was over.


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