Monday, February 27, 2012

High on Life and on Ground

Would you believe that I wasn't even sore after those 2 days of skiing??? Amazing feat. I guess that's what long runs and hours of cross training can do for a person!........Sore-less skiing.....and black toes, which are even more black now
We decided to take the longer way back home, for a unfamiliar territory adventure. We had absolutely no idea where we were going, and how we would get there, or even if our phones would continue to have enough service to guide us back to Denver..............
But something about feeling the unknown makes me happy inside. Maybe my wires are crossed and my brain recognizes nervousness with excitement. 
The entire drive was breathtakingly beautiful. We obviously couldn't stop driving every time I wanted to take a picture......some things just have to be left to the cobwebs of my memory......
But every now and then, Patrick gave in and let me stop for a little documentation. 
We visited Alma, Colorado. One of the tiniest towns I've seen and, no joke, the highest town I've seen. No, people weren't standing around rolling fat's literally the highest elevated town with permanent residences in the United States! I was out of breath just thinking about it! 
Then we stumbled upon South Park. It took a little convincing on my part, to make Patrick believe it was the real life home of Comedy Central's well known cartoon, but he held on to his reluctancy until we saw this little shop proudly displaying a Kenny flag and turd character.  
I googled the town to verify my assumptions...and then we found the Ghost Town {behind us}, that is set up as a museum. 
We even hung around a while in the shops and did a little souvenir shopping. 
As we drove through the countryside, we gawked over several homes with spectacular views, and although I love living in the city, I admitted I thought I could tolerate remote living if the pain was eased by such a sight out my window.....
..........and it'd be easier to convince Patrick to let me walk around naked with the curtains open. 
By afternoon, we made it to Red Rocks, in Morrison, back to the snow covered ground. 
We were prepared this time and remembered to bring Patrick's guitar. 
We not only took it up the ramp slowly because we were out of breath for the view...but the elevation was still getting the best of us.... Get it? "It took our breath away."......I crack myself up sometimes. 
I don't know if you've noticed so far, but I wore a million hats on this trip (actually probably like 1-2 a day). I decided I had to squeeze as much hat wearing in as possible, since it's been to warm back home to wear many knit hats. 
One day.....we'll see a concert here. 
I can only imagine how amazing it will be. 
The sun, taking a bite out of the rock!
Until we can make it up for a actual concert, Patrick gave me a private version, for a fix. I tried to get him to play loud enough for everyone to hear while I was sitting in the stands, to test out the amphitheater's capabilities. Even strangers were clapping for him when we walked on stage with his traveler. But he was feeling a bit shy. 
So instead, I sat next to him on stage, and he softly serenaded me with the song he wrote for our wedding while smiling at me with that sweet face of his.  Everything about it was ridiculously romantic.
The sun was shining down on us, and although it was super cold outside, I felt all warm and fuzzy on the inside. Best Valentine's present ever. 
After we were done making the other  sightseers gag with our lovely-dovey selves, we hopped back in Ol' Trusty for another adventure. Off to Stew's family's house for a little Rest and Relaxation.....then beer drinking and wings at the Breckenridge Brewery! 
A day well spent. The pugs agreed. And you don't argue with a face like that......or a girl like me, for that matter!


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