Thursday, January 30, 2014

Ten Things Thurdsday

1. I actually did this:
I had two books immediately within reach that had just been donated to me. I picked up the one on top: Dad's Pregnant Too! by Harlan Cohen.
It read, "Shock and awe are the best words to describe the first doctor's visit."
I wasn't really sure how this fit into my love life, so I decided to pick up the second book: 1000 Questions about your Pregnancy 3rd Edition by Jeffery Thruston, M.D., F.A.C.O.G.
"In the first trimester, you may gain anything from no weight to about six pounds, or you may even lose several pounds."
It seems as though I need to get more romantic books within my reach or my love life is in trouble.
2. Patrick finally used his rice cooker and made me sushi rolls! He even made his own eel sauce. I felt extremely sorry for him to know he went through the trouble of trying to make me tempura calamari and it turned out as chewy as little pieces of recycled tire, but I hear it' s a pretty tricky meat to cook!
3. I finished one of my very time consuming projects, but unfortunately can't share the results yet, because it's a surprise for a close friend!
4. Me and Krystal actually made time for a extended lunch date, and we had a great time over salads, crafts, and toddler play! Why do I never take pictures when we are together?!?!
5. Upon request, I made Patrick a chicken fried steak dinner of his dreams with all the fixin's: creamed corn, gravy, green beans, mashed potatoes. Left overs galore were planned accordingly by popular demand; I'm a wife that delivers.
6. My brother and his girlfriend moved in together this week! We went out to Cold Stone to celebrate and the Kardashian family was there (there's so many insiders on this one it'd need a post of it's own).
7. My parents came to town and took us out for lunch. Then we went to JoAnn's to finally finish getting material for Cotton (this kid is going to have the funnest and nicest gender neutral blankets and coordinating burp cloths anyone has ever seen).
8. I'm still a little perturbed at my mom for addressing me with, "Hey there, Fatty," as we walked into the buffet restaurant (that was not my request, by the way)........but I guess she know's not what she does (or says).
9. I really like the judge panel combination on American Idol this year! (I can't believe I still watch that show, but they sucked me in again by adding Harry Connick Jr..)
10. It may have taken Jess and I an entire year to plan a date to attend McKinney Trade Days and actually follow through with it, but the take away is we finally did it and she found some great stuff for her wedding!!! 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Screw Flutters, We've Got Nudges, People! : Week 21

It's amazing how much movement I've started to feel this week; little nudges from the inside that are constantly getting stronger, mostly noticeable when I'm working the night shift. They're almost startling sometimes, especially when they're directly on my bladder or feel higher up than I can imagine my uterus reaching inside my torso. My fundus is officially above my belly button is that possible?!? I think Cotton must be doing some somersaults or really fast turns because several times a day I get that feeling like I'm in a car and driving really fast over a dip in the road, you know, that roller-coaster-stomach-flip-feeling.....except it's coming from where the baby is instead of my stomach. Patrick knows I've always loved that sensation; there's a particular road near his parents house that we always drive fast on, just so I can make my stomach turn. 
I want so badly for Patrick to be able to feel our little miracle moving about, but he/she just isn't strong enough yet to punch or kick with enough force to get through that placental cushion. The anticipation for that moment to happen is exciting, though.
I've been extremely restless in my sleep lately and woke up with a severe cramp/charlie horse in my calf this week. Since then, the muscle has been sore!! The last time I'd experienced anything like that was probably 2 years ago or more. I told some girlfriends about it and they said they had them their entire pregnancies!!! WHAT? Hopefully this is not the case for me, but if it is, I'll just add it to my list of strange pregnancy symptoms that no one ever told me about!
I'm starting to notice a few age spots/freckles are darkening on my face, even though I haven't seen much sun (if any) in a loooooong time, but according to my phone app, this is completely expected; no linea nigra though, so there's that. My skin has been getting really itchy, so Patrick is super sweet and rubs lotion all over my stomach and scratches my back for me. I seriously don't know what I'd do without him......
My favorite meal: An avocado with lime juice and some Cheetos on the side!!
Have I mentioned how fun it is to feel Cotton move all around and know for sure that's exactly what it is?! So fun. Guys really have it easy, but they miss out on a lot. 

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Dating and Flatulence

It seems like every sitcom featuring couples in the story line has an episode or two about couples "dating" new couples as a way of introducing new friends into their lives. It's funny because I feel like we actually do this in real life, but don't tend to think about it as "dating", but really, it is. 
Patrick and I hadn't dated anyone new in quite a while, until last week, when we went out for sushi with an adorable couple we met back in December. 
It's always a good sign on a first date when conversation is never in short supply. 
First Date Test #1: Things to talk about, check. 
Then our food came out and the rolls were just flat out too big to eat with chopsticks and I got brave and started eating with my hands (especially, but not limited to, the onion ring shaped calamari).
First Date Test #2: Experiment casually with tolerance of bad habits, check.  
And then at the halfway point of our meal, my stomach was still growling. I may have mentioned this little fact out loud as I started to indulge in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th helpings (what can I say; I worked out really hard that day in Ballet Booty Class), completely overtaking the table of food as everyone else gradually started to slowly withdraw their hands from any rolls left on the table (probably scared I would gnaw their fingers off). As I realized what was happening I decided I MUST address the situation, "Please, everyone, don't feel like you have to stop eating on my account. I can always order more. After all, this is our first date and I don't want y'all to remember me as the gluten who ate my own helpings and everyone else's as well!"
And even though they promised they'd had enough, encouraging me to eat my heart out, I had a suspicious feeling it was all a sacrifice on behalf of the lady eating for two.
First Date Test #3: Feel out the waters for boundaries of generosity, check. 
When I finally had my fill, our dessert of fresh, strangely (but conveniently) peeled oranges was served. It seemed like a perfect time for a group photo. 
First Date Test #4: Assess willingness to postpone dessert while I try to balance my camera on various objects to get the perfect framed self-timed picture and openness to be blogged about, check.
At the stroke of bedtime, we bid adieu to our perfectly long (and very fun) dinner date duo to head home, which is when it really sunk in that we had been on a first date. To understand why, you'd have to know my husband, the gassiest (benign, most of the time) person I've ever met. I once asked him how he didn't spontaneously combust like Kenny on South Park in the first stages of our relationship when he never let even a silent flatulence slip in my presence. His response, "I just held them in while I was with you and farted all the way home."
How could this be? How could one just save all their farts for a time of complete convenience and not be in agony for the rest of the day? It's understandable that I never completely believed him until this moment when he proved to me just how dedicated a fart saver he could be............because he actually farted all the way home (just like he did on our first several dates). Impressed, shocked and entertained by both his tact and skill, I had the window rolled down until we pulled into the driveway (chuckling the entire ride, because let's face was laughably priceless entertainment). 
My husband is a talented man, who cares very deeply about first impressions. For that, I applaud him (oh how I love that crazy guy of mine).
First Date Tribulation: Self control over embarrassing bodily functions, check.

Monday, January 27, 2014

The 80's Wasn't a Good Look for Me

Actually, the 80's wasn't a fantastic look for anyone, was it? We all get a "get out of style jail free pass" for at least one decade in our lives, and I'm a little glad I was too young during this particular era to waste mine (the whole 5.17 years {that's actually the real number....I calculated it with my nerdy self} I participated). 
But it sure is fun to pretend, like for themed birthday parties!!!
Lara was turning 40 with a bang, and with the help of a few others, threw an awesome throw back party. I love any event that requires creative dress up, but this event was a little special, considering I can't really wear just anything in my closet these days and Patrick and I had a strict goal to look as authentic as possible without having to actually purchase anything. 
One completely disastrous bedroom and emptied closet and a million group texts later, I'd finally put together some pieces that worked (and that wasn't too uncomfortable for Cotton). I was actually shocked at how many items I had that fit into the category.......
Then I was shocked again at how long it took me to fix my hair and makeup. The 80's was hard work.
Over an hour after leaving our house (we really live 20 minutes away but 635 construction is the devil these days), we finally made it to the party ready to grub down on some burgers, chips, and Little Debbie snacks, but not before donning our slap bracelets and coordinating jelly bracelets.
With a DJ playing era appropriate pop to get the dance floor moving, a photographer catching as many magical moments as she could, and trash can punch being passed around like it was Kool-Aid (darn the timing), this party was a happening place. It's no wonder a teenager from the neighborhood would try to wander in and mingle, probably hoping to score some freebies. Lara spotted him immediately and escorted him out the door, which is when my night took a turn for the interesting. 
Me: Did you see that? I think Lara just kicked some kid out of here.
16 Candles Character: Yeah, he was probably born in the 80's.
Me: .......... (just keep dancing, just keeping dancing.....let's not make her feel awkward...) Yeah, (giggles) or maybe like the 90's.
16 Candles Character: So how do you know Lara? Did y'all go to high school or college together?
Me: (Wow......the 80's really WASN'T a good look for me!!) husband went to high school with Tim and Lara. (Slowly danced my way out of the conversation.....)
I immediately found Patrick to ask him a very important question.
My favorite part of the night was figuring out who lots of people's characters were, and deciding who had the best authentic outfits.......AND seeing Tim with hair!!! Hilarious. 
Did I mention we went to Tom Thumb like this?

Are you embarrassed to go into a store dressed in a costume fearing people might not know it isn't your normal look?

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Half Baked Model in the Making (Gender Reveal): Week 20

We've officially reached the halfway mark of pregnancy and that in itself seems crazy.
So the big questions is, is our little mini a girl or a boy? (My mom had the day off and begged to be a fly on the wall during our ultrasound so she could look between the legs, swearing secrecy!!!)
The ultrasound tech confirmed:
...........Drum roll please...............
It's definitely one or the other!
I hope I didn't get your hopes up (even Dr. B begged a little for us to find out, since he's anxious to know as well), but despite completely disagreeing on what we THINK Cotton is (I say girl, Patrick says boy), we both totally agree on staying team Green (hence our green shirts, if you didn't catch that subtle hint)!!!!
Positioned breech, sucking on his/her hands and stepping on my bladder between cat naps, sweet Cotton was teasing the ultrasound tech and not cooperating with her plans by only looking directly into the camera the entire time (dare I say modeling already?), so we get to have a bonus peek in 3 weeks to view the heart chambers more closely. I even tried the coughing trick to coax him/her into moving around, but he/she just rotated towards my spine instead, then back at the camera again.
We found out I have an anterior placenta, which basically means there's a cushion between my tummy and the baby, so he/she has to kick really hard for me to feel it and even harder for Patrick to feel. Work, baby, work!
Even crazier than this part of our journey being halfway over, my uterus is already larger than a cantaloupe!! I'm about 100% positive a solid night's sleep is far from reality for me, forever moreAll my favorite sleeping positions are now either too uncomfortable or contraindicated.....but I'm kinda okay with that if it means Cotton is healthy.
And other than requiring a bit of concealer for my dark circles and a pair of eye speculums to hold my lids open at work (no, seriously, Patrick even found me sleeping in the car in our driveway this week because I was so tired I didn't feel like walking inside and up the stairs to bed), I'm as healthy as a horse. I even managed to only gain 4 pounds in the last four weeks (hello, that's quite an accomplishment over the holidays, people!), which is exactly on target (and puts me 4 pounds heavier than the heaviest I've ever been, requiring a little mind adjustment.) Why don't they just put duct tape over those scales in the office they require you to step on and write on the tape, "You look beautiful"??
As far as what I'm craving these days, this week it seems to be color coded. One day for lunch I had half an avocado, creamed spinach, a pickle spear, and a few slices of a green apple......bringing us back to the refrigerator.
 Our fridge just got one picture fuller this week, and we are elated!!!!

Friday, January 17, 2014

A Belated Ugly Sweater to You and a Question

What do you get when you combine a bunch of crazy little kids with a bunch of crazy big kids? The Carruth, Hintz, Winkelman, Kwiatkowski, and Fontenot annual post Christmas Christmas celebration, White Elephant Exchange, and Firework Show (that scared one of the dogs to the point of running away causing half the night to be spent  trying to find it {unsuccessfully}, only for it to return hours later covered in mud and grime) .

This year we switched things up and added an Ugly Sweater Contest, but only the adults who were cool enough to participate were photographed. 
A few ugly sweater facts: 
1. My friend Jessica handcrafted my sweater, and not only did Santa's beard manage to photobomb my crotch, but also could be found in the bedroom, decorating the driveway, hanging out on the kitchen floor and probably anywhere else I went that day. He just wanted to share the love. (Don't worry, I only wore white pants in the winter in the spirit of bad outfits.
2. Please take a moment to appreciate the fact that my sister in law has a three dimensional cardinal on each of her shoulders; I think she would have won the contest had she not moved the gigantic fake poinsettias from their original positions (over her tata's). 
3. Laura learned that you can't just buy an ugly sweater anymore. You actually have to add more ugly stuff to make it extra hideously personalized. I think that's why she's not smiling.....
4. My father in law wore a Bill Cosby sweater with a sign that read "I don't have an ugly sweater, so I wore this ugly sign" (spelled with lots of backwards letters and such). 
5. Patrick's picture face counts towards his ugly sweater points. 
I don't think we actually announced a winner, but Patrick and I won the best gift at the White Elephant Exchange. We've used our Whirley Pop 3 times already this week while finally finishing the last of Breaking Bad!!! It was soooooo good (the homemade popcorn and the series ending)! 
What Netflix series should we watch next?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Advice, Anyone? : Week 19

Not too much to report this week. We are basically just counting down the days to our anatomy ultrasound, and I'm starting to think it's going to be extremely difficult to turn my head and look away when they check for parts between the baby's legs. 
Patrick stares (key word being "stares") at my belly A LOT and just smiles. It's really cute. And while on the belly subject, it's not so internally tight anymore. I think my ligaments finally called a truce. 
I don't think I've mentioned this before, but for the last few weeks I've been struggling with pregnancy induced dry scalp......or dandruff.....apparently they are two different things and are treated differently!! Who knew? I've never dealt with this issue in my entire life and not only is my itchy head driving me crazy, but I have no idea what I should actually be doing about it. Aveeno didn't work, so I moved on to gentle care Head and Shoulders but it makes my hair feel dry and I'm scared it's just going to ruin my color. 
I'm completely open to trying new methods from anyone out there who's been there and done that or knows more about hair than I do, so please share if you have any advice for me!!!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I Have a Problem

Hi, my name is Kayla and I have a problem. 
It's called C.A.D.D., crafting attention deficit disorder.
The fact that I'm feeling a lot of pressure from the 4 parties I'm helping plan (that will all be happening within the next 1-2 months), isn't making my disorder any more manageable. Each party is adding a crafting project or two on to my already pending list and I'm starting to feel overwhelmed. My biggest obstacle is getting excited about starting one, then jumping on to another one when that particular project gets too challenging or scary, leaving the house and my mind's to-do list a complete mess.
I'd like to say the placental shunting is a strong contributor, but let's face it, I've done this same crap my entire life and now it's only amplified. The pregnancy brain has, however, really affected my short term when I ruined my classic Coca-Cola pants by leaning up against blue paint that I JUST finished brushing, like a complete dummy.
Here's to hoping I finish everything by their deadlines and stay sane in the process, especially when what I REALLY want to do lately is lay in bed with my feet propped up watching Netflix while eating cheesecake!! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Tad Squooshed: Week 18

My belly feels really huge and tight right now, oh so tight, but by looking at my pictures, it doesn't really seem to look any bigger, so either I'm wearing a very slenderizing outfit or maybe things are just expanding on the inside and therefore causing me to feel squooshed. Besides the tightness and not being able to bend over quite like I used to (it makes me have to pee and feel out of breath), there's only the occasional pinch or ache of ligament stretching, otherwise, I feel amazing. 
I know two things for sure, when I'm hungry it's extremely urgent, and when I'm full I'm quickly too full and it feels awful. I'm still buying avocado's by the bag, but have added bananas paired with half a toasted english muffin topped by crunchy peanut butter and honey. I don't know which I enjoy best, so I just have both every single day. 
I'm feeling little Cotton move more and more, which is super exciting. Sometimes I think I can even feel a faint little bump or flip instead of a flurry. 
Workouts are going great. I'd rather avoid diastasis recti (splitting of the abdominal muscles) if at all possible, but want to stay strong, so now that it's getting later in the game I finally did my research on what type of abdominal work to avoid and modifications to exercises normally done while laying flat (which I received a nice compliment on by an instructor who noticed this week)!!!
I'm not sure if you'd call it "nesting", but I've been working really hard on getting some projects finished, rearranging the house, and purging of things we don't need (with the help of my love), so I scheduled a much deserved beauty day (hair, massage, and facial) with a couple of coupons that were going to expire. It felt amazing and rejuvenating........once I finally made it there........I accidentally locked myself out of the house with the wrong car keys in hand when trying to leave for my appointment and had to wait outside for Patrick to come and rescue me. The text he sent me after I called him said, "Help is on the way, dear. Help is on the way!" with a picture of Mrs. Doubtfire included.
I received the most expensive Tshirt I'll ever own in the mail yesterday, so I figured I'd show it off. It doesn't look like it would have cost $100, but at least it's soft!! (It's all about focusing on the positive things.)

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Magical Blanket

Looking back at our years together, we realized we'd never actually gone out (besides sleeping over at a friend's house) for New Years Eve and if there was ever going to be a year to do it, this would be our chance!
I'm a big advocate for not driving on such occasions (working in a trauma ICU will do that do ya), so I did my research to verify the trains would be running extra late to and from Dallas.
kpLOVE was ready to crash Big D NYE, which is Dallas' Victory Park version of the New York Times Square annual celebration. It's actually the biggest party in the central time zone and televised in multiple states. 
The weather has been off and on Spring-like lately, but every time we want to participate in an outdoor event, it's apparently a requirement for the temps to plummet so low that 3-4 layers of clothing become a vital part of survival.  
It's a good thing I had my disposable princess tiara and ostrich feather (Full disclosure: I just had to Google "ostrich" because I had no idea how to spell it. You don't even want to know how difficult it was for the search engine to figure out what I was trying to ask. You may think it's an easy word to spell, because you're already looking at it, but trust me, it's tricky. And then I laughed, not at myself, but at the hilarious pictures of ostrich faces staring straight at me as a result.) to help keep me warm, given my sweater was way too short.
Food trucks lined the event entrance and we took our pick, eventually agreeing on the familiar Korean truck I grew to love earlier this year. Strangely enough, I was dying for some ice cream, but the design your own ice cream sandwich truck was missing, which probably had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that it was freezing outside and I'd be the only dummy placing orders.

We walked around to check everything out and eventually decided it was time to get comfortable against a barricade right smack in the middle of all the action, which is when we discovered the special powers of our beloved picnic blanket. 
People did as people do, and started to follow our example as space allowed, except no one else had what we had, a blindingly bright red and yellow blanket that screamed, "WARNING! I'm HERE," to everyone in feasible distance. Actually, no one else had any blanket at all to shield their butts from the winter saturated concrete floor. 
We sat there, just the two of us (three if you count Cotton), surrounded by a sea of bustling feet, for the next few hours just talking and laughing and enjoying each other's company while critiquing the performances of the night's entertainment, until 20 minutes out from the stroke of midnight. 
Standing up, we found ourselves in shock and awe at just how many people had squeezed around the comfortable space cushion our magical blanket had created. 
We'd sensed things were getting tight, but even still, passerbyers would tiptoe over corners to carefully avoid stepping on our nest and apologize if they got too close, then do a double take and tell us how jealous they were of our set up. 
Sure enough, as soon as we packed up the blanket, our territory disappeared along with it. 
We were okay with that though; time was inching closer to the big finale.
I always kiss my hunny with a purpose, but kissing him to begin a new year requires extra special attention...... squooshing all the features on his face in an aggressive but sweet manner, so he knows I really mean it. 
It was such an enchanted kiss, fire works started launching above our heads and everyone got to reap the benefits. 
The colorful display of midsky explosions was spectacular, especially since I missed The 4th of July.
When it was time to head home, we met our only obstacle for the night. It was truly the closet I've ever been to being caught in a mob and the closet I ever hope to be. With only enough room to breathe, I would have been scared for my life had everyone been angry and violent instead of laughing and joyous. We didn't even have to walk; we were literally being pushed along in the massive assemblage of people that seemed to be neverending.
But eventually we made it out safely, to the cozy comfort of our bed, where'd we'd spend half of the next day just sleeping in and enjoying life. 

Monday, January 6, 2014

We'll Never Let Her Live it Down

I was finishing up a long stretch of work over Christmas Eve and Christmas, so tired would be just one word to describe my demeanor, but on Christmas morning, despite already being up all night, I had a short burst of adrenaline.
A Christmas Story was playing in it's usual background noise marathon fashion, and Dusty was patiently waiting on the couch when I was greeted by the tantalizing aroma of smoldering pork weaving it's way through the house and out the back door. Patrick had got up early to make an entire breakfast spread.
Warm, full, and excited, we exchanged gifts, which made it even harder to force myself to sleep all day, since I was ready to use the Nesspresso I unwrapped!! Patrick got a rice cooker for making sushi, and Dusty, parts to his beloved jet ski. That afternoon I woke up to the most wonderful news of being On-Call (which thankfully lasted all night!!!) and a classic Christmas day meal (slaved over by my truly dedicated husband). The evening would be spent watching as many Christmas movies as possible while sipping fancy espresso. 
The following weekend we pretended it was Christmas all over again at the Carruth's.
Everyone got exactly what they wanted (we cheat by drawing names and handing out wish lists).
No more toys for our oldest niece, she's moved on to bigger and better things (I made her something to hang her scarfs on, per request).
I could barely squeezed my eyes closed that night in anticipation of going to get my favorite breakfast burrito (an Elephante from Lolita's) the next morning. Truth be told, I fell asleep in about 3.7 seconds, but I was indeed really excited....................
  .................I even got to see my Vanessa (two of my favorite things about Waco all rolled into one)!!!!
Then off to Nana's house we went, where Santa has an actual chimney to crawl down and fill our stockings that had been patiently waiting for our arrival. 
Nana's are all about bribery, which means they dangle presents in front of your face to make you pose for cheesy pictures in front of the Christmas tree (When we were younger she bribed us through countless rolls of film with the promise to take us to TILT for some game playing.)
Peeking over the mountains of wrapped gifts, we started to look pretty spoiled.
One by one, we took turns opening a single present, so we could pay attention, give individual thanks, appreciate the moment (a tradition we adopted from the Carruth's house).
This of course, required a great deal of self control and effort on my father's behalf. I told him not to cry, but men will be men. 
I found my mom an almost perfect sign for her craft room in their new house a few months ago and made it 100% perfect with a little paint, "Your crazy is showing, you might want to tuck that back in FLAUNT IT!!"
Don't be fooled by Patrick's Solo party cup's appearance, it's actually made of porcelain.
Nana wasn't concerned with opening her gifts; she was more fixated on taking pictures of our every move......
.....Like when all the women wore our chicken hot pad lid grabbers as hats, but couldn't actually get together for a photo because Allison was hopping around the room in agony with a muscle cramp while we all laughed at how ridiculous she looked.
It was silly times and a day filled with probably more "That's what she said" insinuations than any one day should be accustomed to.
Speaking of silly, how about that one time when I came up with the brilliant idea to surprise Patrick with a really nice travel acoustic guitar for his birthday and Christmas, got the whole family in on it, and managed to keep it a secret against all odds until 5 minutes before he unwrapped it? I'll never forget the look on Patrick's face when he heard Nana say, "And Patrick, I gave the money for your guitar to Kayla."
"I got a guitar???" He squeaked as he flew off the couch and out to the car to retrieve the gigantic blue box.
At least I had it wrapped in a box inside another wrapped box, adding to the suspense for a extra nano second longer, and blew him away with a Little Martin instead of a Baby Taylor. But I don't think we'll ever let Nana live this one down.
And just something to think about, does anyone notice anything oddly different about my stocking? Maybe even a few things that make it stick out from the bunch?


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