Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Half Baked Model in the Making (Gender Reveal): Week 20

We've officially reached the halfway mark of pregnancy and that in itself seems crazy.
So the big questions is, is our little mini a girl or a boy? (My mom had the day off and begged to be a fly on the wall during our ultrasound so she could look between the legs, swearing secrecy!!!)
The ultrasound tech confirmed:
...........Drum roll please...............
It's definitely one or the other!
I hope I didn't get your hopes up (even Dr. B begged a little for us to find out, since he's anxious to know as well), but despite completely disagreeing on what we THINK Cotton is (I say girl, Patrick says boy), we both totally agree on staying team Green (hence our green shirts, if you didn't catch that subtle hint)!!!!
Positioned breech, sucking on his/her hands and stepping on my bladder between cat naps, sweet Cotton was teasing the ultrasound tech and not cooperating with her plans by only looking directly into the camera the entire time (dare I say modeling already?), so we get to have a bonus peek in 3 weeks to view the heart chambers more closely. I even tried the coughing trick to coax him/her into moving around, but he/she just rotated towards my spine instead, then back at the camera again.
We found out I have an anterior placenta, which basically means there's a cushion between my tummy and the baby, so he/she has to kick really hard for me to feel it and even harder for Patrick to feel. Work, baby, work!
Even crazier than this part of our journey being halfway over, my uterus is already larger than a cantaloupe!! I'm about 100% positive a solid night's sleep is far from reality for me, forever moreAll my favorite sleeping positions are now either too uncomfortable or contraindicated.....but I'm kinda okay with that if it means Cotton is healthy.
And other than requiring a bit of concealer for my dark circles and a pair of eye speculums to hold my lids open at work (no, seriously, Patrick even found me sleeping in the car in our driveway this week because I was so tired I didn't feel like walking inside and up the stairs to bed), I'm as healthy as a horse. I even managed to only gain 4 pounds in the last four weeks (hello, that's quite an accomplishment over the holidays, people!), which is exactly on target (and puts me 4 pounds heavier than the heaviest I've ever been, requiring a little mind adjustment.) Why don't they just put duct tape over those scales in the office they require you to step on and write on the tape, "You look beautiful"??
As far as what I'm craving these days, this week it seems to be color coded. One day for lunch I had half an avocado, creamed spinach, a pickle spear, and a few slices of a green apple......bringing us back to the refrigerator.
 Our fridge just got one picture fuller this week, and we are elated!!!!

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