Friday, January 17, 2014

A Belated Ugly Sweater to You and a Question

What do you get when you combine a bunch of crazy little kids with a bunch of crazy big kids? The Carruth, Hintz, Winkelman, Kwiatkowski, and Fontenot annual post Christmas Christmas celebration, White Elephant Exchange, and Firework Show (that scared one of the dogs to the point of running away causing half the night to be spent  trying to find it {unsuccessfully}, only for it to return hours later covered in mud and grime) .

This year we switched things up and added an Ugly Sweater Contest, but only the adults who were cool enough to participate were photographed. 
A few ugly sweater facts: 
1. My friend Jessica handcrafted my sweater, and not only did Santa's beard manage to photobomb my crotch, but also could be found in the bedroom, decorating the driveway, hanging out on the kitchen floor and probably anywhere else I went that day. He just wanted to share the love. (Don't worry, I only wore white pants in the winter in the spirit of bad outfits.
2. Please take a moment to appreciate the fact that my sister in law has a three dimensional cardinal on each of her shoulders; I think she would have won the contest had she not moved the gigantic fake poinsettias from their original positions (over her tata's). 
3. Laura learned that you can't just buy an ugly sweater anymore. You actually have to add more ugly stuff to make it extra hideously personalized. I think that's why she's not smiling.....
4. My father in law wore a Bill Cosby sweater with a sign that read "I don't have an ugly sweater, so I wore this ugly sign" (spelled with lots of backwards letters and such). 
5. Patrick's picture face counts towards his ugly sweater points. 
I don't think we actually announced a winner, but Patrick and I won the best gift at the White Elephant Exchange. We've used our Whirley Pop 3 times already this week while finally finishing the last of Breaking Bad!!! It was soooooo good (the homemade popcorn and the series ending)! 
What Netflix series should we watch next?

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