Monday, January 27, 2014

The 80's Wasn't a Good Look for Me

Actually, the 80's wasn't a fantastic look for anyone, was it? We all get a "get out of style jail free pass" for at least one decade in our lives, and I'm a little glad I was too young during this particular era to waste mine (the whole 5.17 years {that's actually the real number....I calculated it with my nerdy self} I participated). 
But it sure is fun to pretend, like for themed birthday parties!!!
Lara was turning 40 with a bang, and with the help of a few others, threw an awesome throw back party. I love any event that requires creative dress up, but this event was a little special, considering I can't really wear just anything in my closet these days and Patrick and I had a strict goal to look as authentic as possible without having to actually purchase anything. 
One completely disastrous bedroom and emptied closet and a million group texts later, I'd finally put together some pieces that worked (and that wasn't too uncomfortable for Cotton). I was actually shocked at how many items I had that fit into the category.......
Then I was shocked again at how long it took me to fix my hair and makeup. The 80's was hard work.
Over an hour after leaving our house (we really live 20 minutes away but 635 construction is the devil these days), we finally made it to the party ready to grub down on some burgers, chips, and Little Debbie snacks, but not before donning our slap bracelets and coordinating jelly bracelets.
With a DJ playing era appropriate pop to get the dance floor moving, a photographer catching as many magical moments as she could, and trash can punch being passed around like it was Kool-Aid (darn the timing), this party was a happening place. It's no wonder a teenager from the neighborhood would try to wander in and mingle, probably hoping to score some freebies. Lara spotted him immediately and escorted him out the door, which is when my night took a turn for the interesting. 
Me: Did you see that? I think Lara just kicked some kid out of here.
16 Candles Character: Yeah, he was probably born in the 80's.
Me: .......... (just keep dancing, just keeping dancing.....let's not make her feel awkward...) Yeah, (giggles) or maybe like the 90's.
16 Candles Character: So how do you know Lara? Did y'all go to high school or college together?
Me: (Wow......the 80's really WASN'T a good look for me!!) husband went to high school with Tim and Lara. (Slowly danced my way out of the conversation.....)
I immediately found Patrick to ask him a very important question.
My favorite part of the night was figuring out who lots of people's characters were, and deciding who had the best authentic outfits.......AND seeing Tim with hair!!! Hilarious. 
Did I mention we went to Tom Thumb like this?

Are you embarrassed to go into a store dressed in a costume fearing people might not know it isn't your normal look?

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