Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Feeling Those First Tiny Flutters: Week 17

I thought I felt Cotton move for the very first time at exactly 16 weeks and 0 days, but brushed it off as really weird gas until talking to a couple of veterans who convinced me otherwise. Two days later, I know for sure it was definitely quickening because I was so startled by it, I dropped everything I was holding on the floor. All was quiet for the next 5 days, and then the little vibrations made a reappearance. So far he/she seems to either really like (or dislike) strawberry Starburst candy canes and second helpings of spicy queso!!
I'm obsessed with eating avocados straight out of the shell with a little sea salt and lime juice. OBSESSED, I TELL YOU.
All my tailbone discomfort had angrily turned into sciatic nerve pain, but seems to be warded off (so far) by staying active in the gym. I can tell a big difference in how my body feels after skipping a couple of workouts. If my own comfort's not motivation enough, I read a few articles (herehere, and here) on advanced brain development in newborns whose mother's consistently worked out during their 2nd and 3rd trimesters of pregnancy (no one cares about the 1st trimester because it turns even the best of us into slugs). Despite modern medical research, I'm still fighting the hard-core wive's-tale-believers and old-school-way-of-thinkers out there on how much my body and the baby can handle.
The process of gathering things for the baby has officially begun. I got a Baylor Bears T-shirt for Christmas from the In-Laws that was a few sizes too small, so we're saving it for Cotton, and my mom and I made a trip to Hobby Lobby to gather some gender neutral fabric so she can have plenty of time to sew us some receiving blankets and burp cloths!!
After lots of uterine growing pangs this last weekend, my belly is really starting to present itself to the world. My mom even poked it and sounded surprised that it "felt hard".........(shaking my head).
And as a tradition, Nana always gets us a new ornament for the tree. This year's is pretty special.


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