Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Tad Squooshed: Week 18

My belly feels really huge and tight right now, oh so tight, but by looking at my pictures, it doesn't really seem to look any bigger, so either I'm wearing a very slenderizing outfit or maybe things are just expanding on the inside and therefore causing me to feel squooshed. Besides the tightness and not being able to bend over quite like I used to (it makes me have to pee and feel out of breath), there's only the occasional pinch or ache of ligament stretching, otherwise, I feel amazing. 
I know two things for sure, when I'm hungry it's extremely urgent, and when I'm full I'm quickly too full and it feels awful. I'm still buying avocado's by the bag, but have added bananas paired with half a toasted english muffin topped by crunchy peanut butter and honey. I don't know which I enjoy best, so I just have both every single day. 
I'm feeling little Cotton move more and more, which is super exciting. Sometimes I think I can even feel a faint little bump or flip instead of a flurry. 
Workouts are going great. I'd rather avoid diastasis recti (splitting of the abdominal muscles) if at all possible, but want to stay strong, so now that it's getting later in the game I finally did my research on what type of abdominal work to avoid and modifications to exercises normally done while laying flat (which I received a nice compliment on by an instructor who noticed this week)!!!
I'm not sure if you'd call it "nesting", but I've been working really hard on getting some projects finished, rearranging the house, and purging of things we don't need (with the help of my love), so I scheduled a much deserved beauty day (hair, massage, and facial) with a couple of coupons that were going to expire. It felt amazing and rejuvenating........once I finally made it there........I accidentally locked myself out of the house with the wrong car keys in hand when trying to leave for my appointment and had to wait outside for Patrick to come and rescue me. The text he sent me after I called him said, "Help is on the way, dear. Help is on the way!" with a picture of Mrs. Doubtfire included.
I received the most expensive Tshirt I'll ever own in the mail yesterday, so I figured I'd show it off. It doesn't look like it would have cost $100, but at least it's soft!! (It's all about focusing on the positive things.)

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