Thursday, September 27, 2012

Another Year Bites the Dust

To avoid busting out in a terrible version of blog-singing an old rock and roll hair band song, I'll skip straight to the point.
Happy 4th Anniversary to my favorite person in the whole world wide. Here's a little throw back "he said/she said" from our wedding website to open the flood gate of memories.
You've made the last 7 years feel like a wrinkle in time. With you by my side, even the most terrible of days is blissful compared to the thought of life without your presence. You're the Mariachi Band to my fiesta. More than most.

(It took great self-control not to edit any grammar in the following text, for the sake of authenticity.)

The History

Her: I had a pretty great childhood with a big yard and a tree house accompanied by a  river providing plenty of opportunities to play and explore my imagination with 4 boys who lived close that might as well have been my brothers. Cops and Robbers and War were my favorite and I hated it when the boys said I needed to be the nurse because I was a girl! That's pretty funny now, considering that I really am a nurse!  I have the best parents a person could ask for who never wanted anything but the best for me, and that is what I've had my entire life.  But they made sure I wasn't spoiled and taught me how to work hard for what I want. I learned a lot of valuable lessons about life throughout school, and even more after graduating and spreading my wings into the so called "real world", all the while having my parents there for guidance any time I needed them. And though I may not have always wanted to hear what they say, I listened....eventually. As I continue to grow as a person, I am excited that my soul-mate can be there to help me grow and witness my accomplishments, and I the same for him.

Him: I would be nothing without my mom and dad. I think I might have been spoiled but oh well. My mom and dad are passionate about me and Amy. My mom helped me with homework and my dad played catch with me anytime I asked. He didn't mean to hit me in the head with the baseball. I honestly lost it in the sun. They would truly do anything for me and they have no idea how much I appreciate them. They will never know.
My life was baseball as a youngster and it was great. I love sports and am extremely passionate about my teams. Kayla gets irritated at me at times when I get upset about a loss but I can't help it. I love that me and Amy have the same B-day. It's neato. We have always been so close. I have a great life with the people who are involved. Carson Daley looks drunk tonight. I LOVE, Kayla, my family, my guitar, DFW sports, Baylor, live music. The next few months will be awesome with a degree and marriage. I have it pretty good.

The Meeting
Her: People always say, "Don't go to bars to find dates!!!" But seriously, there are some pretty awesome people that go out to bars!! haha. I was bartending at Oakley's, to put myself through nursing school, and Patrick had been in a commercial for fun. One night while bartending I mentioned I saw him in a commercial; he said he was a local celebrity and asked for my number. I said, "NO". But after eventually giving him my number, it took him 3 months to call me! Our first date was at George's to watch a lady bears basketball game and everything was just so meant-to-be. I love to talk, and he said he loved to listen to me talk. He loves to be silly and I love to laugh with him. He is the cream to my coffee and I am the strings to his guitar. We could not imagine our lives without each other. So the next time someone says, "Don't go to bars to meet people", remember there are exceptions to the rules!
Him: I don't know why I didn't call. I think I thought she wasn't interested. I told Drew I thought that one bartender was hot. I remember the exact moment that I fell head over my heals yo in love with Kayla. We are ten years apart, but it means nothing. But I still cant believe she didn't know who Boy George was. A lot of people do "guys night" and "girls night", but I prefer to hang with her all the time. It never ends. I feel closer and closer every single day. Seriously. It's amazing. Snuggle time is the coolest time of the day and I don't know any other dudes who can say that. She is my Kayla and I love her more than anything than those who read this could think about.

The Proposal
Her: February 2, while visiting our good friends in Steamboat Colorado, after having a tasty dinner, Boswell suggested we have some yummy dessert at a place called Hazie's on the top of the mountain. We all got ready to go, and I noticed Patrick carrying this silly backpack with him. I suggested he leave it at home, but Boswell said it was unacceptable to  walk around with a video camera because people don't like tourists, so I never thought another thing about it. On the way up the Gondola, the four of us (Patrick, me, Boswell, Leah) were just being our silly selves, playing with the new video camera, and talking about our day. After munching on some cheesecake and drinking some red wine (for the boys) and champagne (for the girls), we decided it was time to head back down the mountain. Boswell and Leah insisted on riding in a Gondola by themselves, and we joked about being kissykissy. Cuddling up in the very last blanket donated to us by Boswell and Leah, this girl jumped in our cart at the last minute simultaneously asking, "Mind if I ride with you guys?" I told her it was okay, and then looked at Patrick and saw the terrified look in his eyes! Then, almost giving me a heart attack says, "Actually, we want to ride by ourselves if you don't mind." She quickly got out, and I had to recompose myself. On the way down, he asked me if I remembered about the surprise he mentioned early that morning and told me to close my eyes. He put the video camera in one of my hands, lit some candles on the seat beside him, poured 2 glasses of champagne and placed one in my hand. Then he told me to open my eyes. I knew at that moment why he had the backpack, but my silly self still just thought he was being romantic, not proposing. Then he asked me how much I loved him, and at that moment I knew what was coming next. We shared our sappy but genuine feelings for each other through words of compassion, and then I had to close my eyes one more time. When I reopened them, there it was, my shiny beautiful ring in this big lit-up box. I was so happy I just wanted to tackle him, but I thought that might not be a good idea being in a box hanging very high in the air! (not on a boat floating in the water, Jessica) When we got out, Boswell and Leah were waiting to see the look on our faces and then I just couldn't hold back the tears of joy. It was the best night ever, spent with my number one favorite person in the whole world, and 2 other of my favorite people. I have been blissfully happy ever since we first met, and continue to be so today. He always makes my day worth it.
Him: Ok. So you wanna here my story huh? Fine. First I would like to give thanks to Miller Lite and UTEC (You've officially been tricked out). Without these two things I don't know if I would have ever met the absolute love of my life. I disagree with people who say you can't meet anyone in a bar. In your face Billy. So we went ring shopping and I knew which one she wanted. A few months later I purchased the ring and then decided for months when to propose. I hid it in the apartment and it almost killed me not to give it to her everyday. I didn't want to do the traditional knee thing (nothing wrong with that), but something different even if wasn't outrageous. I came across several ideas but too many seemed lame. We already had the Steamboat trip planned so after talking with Bozz I decided that would indeed be the trip where the ring was finally given. Now I'm rambling. So Bozz hooked me up with the Gondola ride and you can read her story and know what happened. I am thankful that the airlines did not search my carry on bag. That night made me nervous but was the happiest day I have ever lived so far in our unbelievable relationship.
P.S. Remember when you told me you'd be so mad if I got cake all over your face, and we laughed so hard during the toast because we were both nervous the other may still have devious cake plans? (1st Picture)
P.P.S. Remember that one time when I tried to put the wedding ring on your right ring finger instead of the left???!!! (2nd Picture)
P.P.P.S. Remember that other time when I tried to participate in the air-jump-rope-dance after drinking a bottle of champagne and fell flat on my bridal back and everyone gathered around me to lift me up!!!???? (3rd Picture)

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Misunderstandings and More

Someone's stomach was smaller than his eyes!
Oh wait, that's not quite how it it? You get my drift though; I know you do.
Dusty wanted to go out to eat super duper bad, so we took him some place new, Kenny's Burger Joint.
When we got there, I asked the waitress for her drink menu, not realizing Patrick was holding the alcoholic beverage menu. She started rambling all the non-alcohol drinks available when I said, "Not those kind of drinks!!", just as I realized what Patrick was holding, and snatched it from his hands, then ordered a beer.
Needless to say, he thought this was directed towards him, telling him he couldn't have a single drink.
(And I could have sworn Dusty said he "didn't like almonds, but he liked them on his pizza". When apparently he said "olives", becuase he "had almonds for lunch".)
While we were waiting on our food we saw a challenge on the wall called El Jefe Grande, a 7lb 7,000 calorie hamburger, with only 2 victorious and 103 defeated participants since it's existence. Dusty immedately claimed his abilities to devour and conquer. Obviously his shirt must have had magic telepathic powers and was trying to brainwash him.
My sandwhich, Kenny's favroite, was not even close to 7 lbs and it was ginormous.
Patrick had to help me start and finish it off. 
Dusty ordered the exact same thing as me and was embarrassed when he couldn't finish it...even with breaks.
I gave him props for effort, but totally harrassed him about thinking he could win the challenge of El Jefe Grande. Afterall, he was so full he could only hold one eye open. (I guess his magic shirt wasn't as powerful as it thought it was.) 

And what about these songs; am I the only one in the world that thought they went this way???

Me singing Ace of Base, "I saw the sun. I opened up my eyes and saw the sun!!" (I told Patrick that sometimes it sounded like she said "I saw the sign", and he looked at me like I was crazy. I always just assumed she opened up her eyes to see the sun and it made her world brighter. )

Me singing AC/DC, "Dirty Deeds! Thunder Jeep! Dirty Deeds! Thunder Jeep! Dirty Deeds and the Thunder Jeep!" (Again {sigh}, Patrick told me I was crazy. I even asked my brother, and was out numbered. Apparently it's, "Done Dirt Cheap!" I just always thought a gang of guys that called themselves "Dirty Deeds" rode around together in their jeep they affectionately referred to as "Thunder". )

It seems a few times a week, Patrick and I have a misunderstanding of some sort, becuase I think about things in my own quirky way and vise versa (but after writing this post, I realize most of the time it's my fault becuase I live in the wondrous La La Imaginatory Land of Kayla).

How does your stomach match up with your eyes?? Do you have as many communication issues as I do?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Best Kind of Dingleberry

We've had some weird randomly placed objects around the house lately.
(No, this isn't a post about "Why is a little kid heart dresser in a grown ass woman's master bedroom?" I've had it since I was a little girl, and it's useful, okay? One day I'm going to update it somehow to make it a big-girl dresser, so stop judging me.)
Patrick came home the other day to find a toy dinosaur kneeling in prayer at the foot of our bed. I wonder what he was praying about? I swear it was unmanipulated for this photo.
And later that night, we were looking for Patrick's phone, and caught it watching t.v. with us. No joke. We had no choice but to ground it since this is the second time this week it's been up watching t.v. past it's bedtime. Raising phones is all about setting strict boundaries.
One of Patrick's coworkers sent him home with homemade marinara sauce, so without question, we had to make a pizza. You know it's going to be good when enough drippings run off the pan to almost cause a fire in your oven.
Don't be alarmed by the gallons of smoke in our kitchen, our smoke alarms were completely unbothered. Aparently they only care if the whole house is on fire, not just the kitchen.  
Another way to gauge your homemade pizza'a awesomeness is by the presence and length of cheese dingleberries.
And by it's slice stretch factors.
Judging by all three categories, I'd rate this pizza as a 10/10.

What kind of scale do you use to rate your pizza? Find any strangely placed objects around your house lately?

Monday, September 24, 2012

If Pictures Say 1,000 Words....

If pictures tell a story, I'm not sure these would actually be 1,000 word stories, but they are pretty self explanatory. (I'll provide the literal part anyway, because I like to talk.)

Story #1
Callie: Mom, that flash is way too bright. Must you really photograph every second of my life??
Sumo: What's that? Callie's getting attention?!? I guess I'll jump in the action!

Callie: Get off me, fool! Girls just wanna chill.
Sumo: Easy, easy, killer. Boy's just want to have fun!
Callie: It's my way or the highway; that's how we roll.
Sumo: Whatev'. This is so boring.

Story #2
Lucie: I think I see something out there. Too bad that crazy lady has gates half way up the door or I'd go hunt something in the front yard, like I did last week when she thought just one gate would suffice. I don't need claws, I'm badass without them.  
Callie and Sumo: What's that??? The cat detects movement? Out of our way cat, we got this.

Story #3
Callie: Ahhhhh, this is the life....sunbathing in the perfect weather without the elements of outdoors.
Sumo: What's that?? You're chillin' again?? I thought I told you, boys just wanna have fun!!!
Callie: UGH!!! Fine, I surrender.
Sumo: Mom, she was right.....this chillin' business is pretty nice. Thanks for the money spot, SUCKAAAAH!!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Jess and Bobby called just in time to save me from doing the dishes solo. Every plate and pot we owned had been retired to the sink, and lets just say it didn't take much convincing for me to abandon the kitchen massacre for one more night.
Everything takes a back seat to half-price sushi. Everything.
After recently discovering Instagram's compatibility with Driods, I've been mildly obsessed with this new form of photo crafting, so I captured our double date through my new mobile media application.
After eating all the yummy rolls our stomachs could handle, we went to play kissy by the water fountain. Several people actually thought this picture of Jess and Bobby looked like a wedding portrait, thanks to the perfectly positioned white water sprouting from Jess' hair, giving the illusion of a veil!
Next on the agenda was to try some Italian Icecream. A charming Gilato cafe happened to be just next door, and after verging being cut off from samples by the guy behind the counter, Jess and I finally placed an order.
There were so many diverse taste qualities and textures, us girls had a hard time deciding on a flavor, but Patrick and Bobby dove right in and ordered without tasting a single sample. Boys are so brave a wreckless.
Patrick also got a vintage coke in a glass bottle.
Jess and I ate our icecream super slow to procrastinate leaving; who wants to go home to sit inside when the weather's so nice???
The darker it got outside, the prettier the water became, transitioning into sparkling luminous flames.
But the abundant role of creating joy and picture perfect moments water had posed in our evening had a much different tone in my brother's, playing a part of stress as he came home to find his water had been shut off by the city.
With sleepy eyes, the watch dogs invited Dusty inside, and we all slept well in a home full of love, under a roof blessed with enough money to pay for an occasional night out and to keep the water running .
And that's how a date night through Instagram transpired.

Have you ever had Gelato? If so, what's your favorite flavor?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Alzheimers Free, Just Blonde (At Heart)

The best part about football season is the indication that autum is coming!!!
And. Oh. My. Gosh. I can't believe it......
We mentally prepared ourselves for an opening game loss, and had a little get together over yummy munchies to greet the new season with a bang and a distraction, but it couldn't have ended better.
In preparation, I made two grocery lists and forgot them, both times, so I made a new grocery list on my phone and still managed to forget something that I had on the list!
Then I made fruit pizza.......and after spreading the icing on the enormous cookie, I licked the beater and thought, "Hmm...that tastes oddly bitter." Oh yes, probably because I forgot to put sugar in the icing!!! DOPE!
Despite the odds, and all my marbles being tossed out the window over the last couple of weeks, dinner was edible.
 Sometimes I act like a 90 year old lady with Alzheimer's......maybe I should just get bigger boobs and a long blonde wig, and then it could be expected of me!
We all wore blue (except my brother who never diverts from black), but Ale won the spirit award in her jersey! (Fun fact: I've had that shirt for 4 years, and this was the first time I've ever worn it.)
This picture is almost the perfect reflection of our night: Dusty sleeping, the crazies celebrating, and Sumo all up in our business! Too bad sissy boy Bobby had to bail on us early. I mean, seriously, who leaves a house party at midnight when they don't even have to be at work until 6am the next morning?!?
Come to think of it, after the way they played their second game, maybe the Cowboys should start wearing blonde wigs too.....or get boobs.

Are you ready for some Football and Fall???

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

For the Record: My Husband is NOTHING Like Tom Green

Nurses don't always get holidays off, so we just alter the dates for whenever we feel like having them......because we're cool like that.  
We celebrated Labor Day over at the White's house in traditional Texas manor. Jessica referred to it as The White Party......but it doesn't count as a racist title, since we let Bobby come, right????
This picture illustrates a primary example of the silliness not uncommon when Patrick and Bobby are in each other's company.....Patrick acting a fool, and Bobby pretending not to notice, or even acknowledge a camera is in his face.   
Speaking of acting a fool, Ryan thought it'd be cool to tell Patrick he resembled Tom Green.......little did he know this comparison has happened many times over the years and Pat would have a few things to say about it! 
(Please note the amazing photogenic qualities of the immediate picture below.)
I can see why Patrick may get a little upset by this comparison. Who wants to be mistaken for that funny guy who has been in a few movies, had his own TV show, and has a lot of money??? I mean, just because they both enjoy snorkeling and making crazy faces doesn't mean they are anything alike.....especially when it comes to money; my husband has no money.
And everyone has made Duck-face for the camera before.....and lots of guys are tall and skinny.......that doesn't mean that my husband and Tom Green are similar in any way.
And just because they both participate in shock-humor, enjoy yelling at things and humping in public, only classifies them as men in general......Besides, Tom Green has brown hair and Patrick's is Salt and Pepper. 
I don't know why people would think they resemble each other, just because they both have intense blue/green eyes, triangle noses, long skinny fingers, and instrument playing capabilities.  
Besides the fact that they both can spell their name with 3 letters, they both usually sport facial hair, they both enjoy singing silly inappropriate songs, and they both like to pose for pictures with their mouths open to show-off their bottom teeth, Tom and Pat have so many Tom's hair is usually longer than Pat's.
But the truth is, my husband is one of the sexiest men alive for all the right reasons. If Tom Green could live up to half the man Patrick is, he'd being doing very well for himself and any girl would be lucky to have him, no matter what his bum has been on. That's right ladies, you'll have to settle for Tom, because my man is spoken for.
Oh look....more silliness.
It's a wonder the kids know how to make faces like that when the adults set such good examples, like this......
Speaking of good examples, Patrick got upset with me because I wouldn't let him prove he could walk this large rusted wheel thingy across the field.
"You always want to do fun stuff like this!!! Why can't I???" he whined. 
"Ugh, because I'm the completely sober one this time. So now all I can think about is you ruining your shorts, or that shirt I really like, or me having to take you to the hospital to get a tetanus shot after busting your head open on that rusted metal! And you're not getting paid millions of dollars to look stupid like Tom Green or those guys on JackAss."
He may have pouted on the way home, but I cheered him up with a little late night Taco Bell. 
Ha, bribery.......It's so easy it should be a crime!

Ever bribe your family with food? Have you ever been compared to someone, maybe a celebrity, that you'd rather not be associated with?


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