Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sleeping Beauty

     I can't explain how exhausted I was all day yesterday. The bad part was, I had no reasonable justification. I  was even ready to go to bed by 9pm! First, I took a super hard yoga class in a hot room that morning; we spent about 5mintues after class doing peaceful meditation and I almost feel asleep.
     Then after my unjustified nap on the couch at home, I took the dogs out for some good exercise in the park. The summer weather has got them out of shape! While we were there, we came across these super scary tree thorns! I've never seen such a scary thorn in my life!
As if I wasn't already sleeping beauty. . . . .What would happen if I touched these?!?!?!?!

I think they're telling nature they want to be taken seriously.
     I gave the puppies a bath since they played it up in the creek and came home covered in debris, did a couple of loads of laundry and managed to squeeze out a little extra energy to make dinner for my  hunny. We watched a movie: The Tourist. Have you seen it? It was strange, but I didn't hate it. Typical Angelina. And I love me some Johnny Depp; he is such a good actor.
     Couch time is one of the best times. Look at these sweet boys. This will probably be one of the last pictures I ever show of this couch since as of Saturday it's new home will be at my little cousin's apartment. We are going to miss it, but are so excited about making new memories on our new one! I bought this couch for Patrick and I's very first apartment together. So long material couch, welcome home brand new leather chaise lounge sectional sofa!!!! (Delivery is scheduled for next week!)
Sumo wedged himself here and wouldn't move.

Everyone eventually compromised for this. Compromise makes a family go round!

     So I went to the grocery store today and after the cashier rang up and bagged my $191 basket full of groceries, I opened my wallet to pay and realized my ID and debit card are at home resting in the fanny pack from yesterday's walk, and I only have about $40 in cash on me. Oops. I did my best critical speed thinking and after eleminated the ideas of choosing the most important groceries or calling Patrick to bring me his debit card, decided I'd just try a credit card. I had 3: one I closed, and two were expired. Oops. Luckily I found the replacement card to one of my expired accounts and the cashier let me call to activate it as I paced in place while going through all the steps of activation, eventually having to speak to a real person because my numbers didn't match up, naming my last 3 addresses because none of the ones I said matched to what was on file (Oops), and finally getting sympathy from the activation lady because she said she remembers how many addresses she had when she was young! Whew, that was a close one! Almost nothing is more embarrassing than that and now everyone at Wal-mart knows where to find me!
     After yoga, water aerobics, and carrying all those groceries down the hall myself, my arms and shoulders feel like they may fall off. . . . . . . . but when I look at these, vehicles I've spotted around the neighborhood, I feel strong like the flag!!!! 
Don't worry, I wasn't using while driving. We were stopped at a red light.

Getting purdy at the car wash!

Have you ever been a dummy like me and checked out at a store to realize you had no method of payment?!?!? How do you normal people wake up at the crack of dawn every single day?!?!?!

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