Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Death by Tartar: Save Yourselves!

I learned a valuable lesson when I was forced to be extra frugal. Never buy cheap dental floss. It's crap. You might as well floss with sewing thread.

I use a lot so each tooth gets fresh floss!

If teeth could save money like they can save food, I'd be a fairly rich woman. Did you know that studies show Heart Disease and Periodontal Disease are interlinked? I recently found out many people that I know, and consider to have good hygiene, only floss their teeth about twice a year, AKA when their Dentist does it!!!!!

Things you don't notice add up, like loose change in the couch!

You may be impressed by how much food you find. Leftovers in the frig, good. Leftovers in your mouth, bad. For everyone. What's the point in brushing well if you're still leaving food in your mouth? It's a part of my before-bedtime-ritual. And even on days when I think I couldn't have eaten anything that could harbor in a crevice, I find plenty. Don't believe me?!?! Just try it. I challenge you to floss daily for 1 week. Go ahead, splurge on the good stuff. Make sure you slide the floss up each side of the gums between each teeth and more than once. . . . . . . . Look at the floss afterwards and try and tell me you regret doing it! If you get the colored kind, like cinnamon flavor, or the big rope with flouride, you can REALLY see the magic. Forget the money, we need to save our hearts!!

Your teeth will feel like this!

That being said, how often do you floss? You don't have to be honest with me, but you should be honest with yourself.

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