Friday, September 9, 2011

True Stories

True story Uno: I accidentally slapped Patrick in the face while I was sleeping this week. I was actually having a really fun dream that if I ran really super fast, I could stay on top of the water. That was until I actually fell into the water. When I "fell", it startled me and I jumped, causing my arm that was laying on Patrick's torso, to pop up and smack him......IN THE FACE. He blamed his next day exhaustion on me, since he had to sleep cautiously with one eye open until morning. I don't know how he continues to sleep next to someone so consistently violent.

True story Dos: I bought my very first 1 piece bathing suit today. Yup. Got it for a steal at $9.99 since no normal person is excited about buying bathing suits in September, regularly priced $70. Anyone who knows me, is familiar with my voluptuous backside. It was my money maker in my earlier career as a bartender, and most importantly my husband bait. After making it through another water aerobics class with half my butt floating out of my bathing suit, I decided it was time to give in to the onsie. I'm pretty sure the lady behind me in class has seen enough of my crack to last her a lifetime!
Get it?!?! Get it?!?!?
True story Tres: Patrick asked me what time it was and I looked at my naked wrist, looked back up at him and said, "It's half past skin thirty." He said he had never heard that phrase in his entire life. Bogus? I got this email from him yesterday. His ability to be so random, but always being sure to let me know he is thinking of me, is one of the reasons I love him: "Hello hello hello. Is your butt on? You ever get tired? What’s the difference between a chicken and a chickun? What in the world?"

True Story Quatro: I got a new job title at work: Delivery Nurse! I'm going to be on the Delivery Team. I will still be a NICU nurse, but 2 of the 3 days a week I work I will be a resource nurse to the unit and team up with the Respiratory Therapist and Neonatologist to stabilize and/or resuscitate high risk delivery infants and premature infants. I am very excited to broaden my experience as I continue growing in my journey as a Neonatal nurse. And the best part is, about 1 day a week I will still take assignments like I do now, so I don't have to forfeit something else I love to do.
I'm also fluent in Karate
True Story Cinco: In less than one week, we will be in Denver, CO celebrating our 3rd Wedding Anniversary! I'm promising myself that I will pack sooner than the night before this trip. Our friend Heather is being so kind to harbor us and show us the local ways for the weekend. We haven't seen her since last September at the Thunderdome in Vermont where we first met!

Do you have any funny sleeping stories?

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