Friday, September 23, 2011

Eating Carpet, Not Carpet Munching

The Erectile Penis Rock

Some Major Climbing Cliffs
     Our last full day of vacation began with a group hike, which we thought was pretty uneventful until we looked back on pictures and saw that we very well could have been attacked by a bear! I vividly recall joking about the possibility of who would be the lucky soul to suck venom from my body if bit by a snake, and seeing captured pictures of a woman in the wilderness unaware of the mountain lion stalking in the brush, but never thought we would look back on our own pictures and see anything remotely as terrifying! Too bad we don't have pretend-investigative-movie-technology to zoom extra close into a digital image and it miraculously be defined enough to identify the bear from a rock and whether it was male or female.
The wand points to mystery......

Watch out for that Cacti when you land!

     We tried taking a short cut to finish the hike early, and ended up on a road in Eldorado Springs, strangely enough stumping our trail guide Heather, whom has lived her life hiking those trails, and had never experienced that exact one before. Leave it to us to bewilder the native! It was a nice easy ending though, and we got to see climbers on some of the most serious rock climbing cliffs in the country. We walked through the quaint little town and gawked at the homes, picking up the realtor papers while discussing which one we'd like to live in, as if we could afford to buy any of them.

"Save Eldorado"
     After making it back to civilization, replenishing our bodies with frozen yogurt (where I expelled one of the most amazingly robust belches in the history of belch-dom, probably making the woman with the young child behind us wonder how she was going dedicate the rest of her life teaching her child not to be so cool), and tidying ourselves to a respectable manner, we drove to Cindy and Craig's house for a beer tasting and pizza party. Cindy is my bosom kitchen friend, as Ann of Green Gables would put it. She was a great host, from providing food (pizza, cheese dip, white bean dip, pita chips, AND warm brownies a la mode with coffee ice cream; everything homemade) and encouraging laid-back entertainment, down to providing gifts for the winning beer bearers! We only had a couple of terrible beers in the batch, which resulted in creative ratings. The findings proved as long as the polls are anonymous, even men enjoy fruity beverages. Heather was one of the winners, with a raspberry wheat, and got to drink from her Pimp Stein the rest of the night, while I put my big girl panties on and sledded down the stairs on a knee board like a bolt of lightening, screaming the entire way down, and sampling the taste of Cindy and Craig's carpet when I landed! Then Angel and I had nurse bonding time, as she let me shoot her in the cushioned flesh that masks her sacrum with a blow dart gun (I kept my promise to be gentle, and Heather has yet to share those photos). Patrick forgot to bring the magic guitar to serenade us, but he did manage to squeeze into a ridiculously small jacket for a few smiles. The Cowboys won, and all was well with the Carruth's.
Eldorado Springs

Tiny Climbers

Just playing with Rattler Tails, no big deal. 
     Thank you to all who participated in making our anniversary vacation extra special. Especially Heather, who went above and beyond to make our stay as cozy as possible. She let me cook in her kitchen, leave my bathroom supplies all over her counter, and even sleep in her bed. You are an awesome member of the Thunderdome Crew, Heather!
Oh yes, that is quite the prize. 

Pimpin' it Well.

Tall guy in a little coat

What are your plans for the weekend?!?! Anything special you like to do to celebrate anniversaries?

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