Sunday, September 4, 2011

Things of That Nature: Love

     What is true love all about?
     True love is sharing unlimited bites of your most amazing Cold Stone creation on a late summer night. Me: Banana ice-cream, with pecans and a fudge brownie blended in, and placed in a waffle cone bowl. Patrick: Coffee ice-cream, with a butterfinger, snickers, and heath bar mixed into a non-waffle bowl.  We sped-walked home to eat it on the couch before it melted (even though mine was already half gone by that time), with the doggies at our feet wearing their most pitiful-share-with-me-faces. We let them lick the spoons AFTER we finished all the ice-cream.
     True love is these 3 girls getting almost no sleep, just to wake up and spend the day in the sun at the pool with me. I don't know if their love is for the pool, the sun, me, or just no-sleep-induced-self-torture, but I'm super glad they loved one of those things enough to come because I had a great time having a girl day with them.

     True love is driving to Waco, for the 3rd weekend in a row, in Labor Day weekend traffic non-the-less, on my last day off work, for a football game, just so I could spend the evening with my husband. WHEW, that was a long one! It was actually a really great game: exciting, suspenseful, stressful, an upper, a downer, then an upper again!  We had a lot of fun, and after getting through the traffic, it turned out to not be such a bad decision after all. Patrick's already watched the game again, since it was donned an Instant Classic on ESPN.
A lot of the stands actually ran out of water, but guess what they all did have?!?!?!? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
Geez. So much for poor little Deja Blue.
Emotions. Emotions. Patrick's was he says. 
Sic'em Bears!
Baylor Line spilling onto the field, following tradition. Patrick used to do that!
     True love is tolerating this she-devil cat, Lucifer, despite her evil ways.

     P.S. I did my toes with the leopard nail stickers. I LOVE them, and it really took no time at all!


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