Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Darn Shnazzy

Perfect weather came just in time for Labor Day. I had the day off and Patrick and I made sure we stretched both the weather and his extra day off to it's full potential. We headed to RA for some Happy Hour sushi, pigged out on the works while sitting on the outdoor porch laughing at the drunken lady next to us, and still had something extra to smile about when our check came since I had coupons!  While there, yet another person asked me if my tattoos hurt. I usually just say, "Not anymore." but, I've decided I'm going to start saying, "No, it just tickled a little."
Yeah Baby, Yeah

Viva Los Vegas Rolls, oh how I adore thee
 Patrick was extremely jealous that he couldn't squeeze between the armrests of this bench, so I did it to rub it in his face like the sweet, kind, loving wife that I am.....

Nanay Nanay Boo Boo
Then we headed to Ringo's Pub so I could have a dessert beer. My favorite, Belgium Raspberry. And of course we had to sit out on the porch. We sipped slowly while we laughed at the drunkies behind us.
hmmmmmm.....What do to next?
I have the windows open allowing the fresh breeze to intoxicate the apartment with Callie on the window-seal growling at the dogs downstairs, Sumo laying next to me, Lucie sunbathing, candles burning, left over endorphins from an amazing workout this morning to add to my already Autumn induced spunky self, and a free dinner on it's way tonight at Three Forks Steakhouse for a work related in-service. I'd say it's a pretty darn good follow-up to a pretty darn shnazzy Labor Day.

How did you enjoy your Labor Day?!?

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