My Photo Addiction of Times Past

     It is an inevitability un-ignorable inherited habit. I am addicted to pictures. Although I have minimal knowledge about them compared to the experts, I love cameras. Photojournalism is probably one of my favorite new age arts out there. I don't blame photographers placing an expensive price tag on their trade because it's an art not everyone poses, soaks up hours of time, and captures priceless memories. I can't image how unfulfilled my life would have been if my existence had started too long before the advanced technology of digital imaging.  I once took a beginner photography class and learned about picture composition, using a manual 35mm camera, cropping, and how to develop my own film and photos in a dark room. It was fun, but nothing beats the immediate gratification of a LSD screen reflecting back evidence of whether or not your picture turned out beautiful, giving you that extra moment to recreate the scene if needed. I remember my Nana used to take rolls and rolls of pictures of us grandkids. . . "just in case". . . Wow, glad the era is over!

Maybe not all of these are works of art, or taken by especially me, but they're all tied to my heart with significant, funny, or emotional memories.

It takes core muscles ability, a lacking fear of falling, and little talent to stand on your intertube on the river. I do it often. New Braunfels, TX
Kayaking tour in La Jolla, CA ecopreserve

The "special" couple. La Jolla, CA

The nerd patrol ready for action! La Jolla, CA

Callie going to the studio with Daddy in our old Hollywood apartment

San Fransisco outdoor art. The fall colors stay close to my heart.

Shananigans in a San Fransisco tree

Lucie hoped in the washer for a break from bathing herself. Spa treatment, if you will.

La Jolla, CA beaches, beautiful.

Topanga Canyon, CA, funky tree pose

At the Observatory with my mom (she took the picture, that's Patrick with me, not my mom.  :p )

Showing him who's boss in Berlin Forrest, CA

Callie loves Granny. The in-laws take on Hollywood!

Found this beauty on a early morning hike at Griffith Park, CA

Cooking therapy in Hollywood with Lindsey after a long day at the beach.

Plastic Surgery Girl and Lemon Faced Man

Vanaynay came to visit the week that M.J. passed away. Another Michale Jackson's star was downstairs from our apartment, but got full attention from fans and news reports. It was quite a show.

We danced the night away at Red Rocks on the Sunset Strip to M.J. music. All. Night. Long.

So much fun. I love her.

Amanda came to visit us in California and photographed this picture of us overlooking L.A.

Eagle Rock at Topang

One of my favorite places on Earth. Looking through Topanga Canyon to Malibu, CA

Squeaky horn from kids section, check. Video Camera ghetto taped to helmet, check. Starting our first mountain biking expidenture in Big Bear, CA

Next to my husband, smores are one of my most favorite things in the world. Having dessert just before the mean 'ol park ranger came and made us put our fire out! Good Times, Good Times. Big Bear, CA

We camped beneathe these beautiful trees! Talking about feeling tiny! Big Bear, CA

I would have loved this tree to be in my back yard as a kid for a dream tree house! Big Bear, CA

Patrick flip over his handbars after gaining too much speed on one of our only down hill slopes while mountain biking. I was happy that he crushed his elbow instead of the pine cones I had in his backpack! Big Bear, CA

Taking a nap. Lake Pyramid, CA

I vote this the coolest lake. Ever. Lake Pyramid, CA

Just georgous. We spent Labor Day here.

Biking down the Pacific Coast Highway. Never seen the water so blue.  

Agh, a bridal tradition with Amanda. Lolita's Elephante Burrito while getting prepped for the wedding! Waco, TX

Me and Avants showing 'em how it's done on the dance floor at Amanda's wedding! Waco, TX

Patrick and I splurged to see our first 3-D movie. It was Dave Matthews and others at ACL. Temple, TX

My beautiful mother knows how to make a pair of 3-D glasses marketable! Belton, TX
Callie all dolled up for Christmas! Belton, TX

Our first and only Christmas Tree in our first home. Belton, TX

Being silly at Amy's house. Waco, TX

A picture perfect moment. Brechenridge, CO

Patrick ducking from the storm clouds! It snowed nearly the entire time we were there. Brechenridge, CO

I can't wait to see a concert here one day. Red Rock Amp., CO

Callie played her little heart out at Vanaynay's house. Time for bed!

First ever live hockey game, just before we got to be on the kiss cam! It was so cool, such a fun night. Lewisville, TX

My. Sexy. Husband.

The weekend I hung upside down everywhere I went! Random stanger incounter. Don't remember how this happened, but it was fun! Dallas, TX

Amy's Bachelorette Party, Dallas, TX

Texas Snowman. Callie built it.....with the help of Daddy of course.  Belton, TX

Photobooth Madness at Matt's wedding.

Girls day with Kristen in Austin, TX

One of my mom's favorites, after Amy and Kyle's wedding. Waco, TX

Leah and Boss' beautiful wedding. Stowe, VT

Patrick milking the cow before our Ben and Jerry's tour. Waterbury,VT

Kayaking down the Brazos. Whitney, TX

Visiting Mike and Chrissy. Too cool for out picture in Central Park, NY

Lake day with our two favorite neices. Lake Belton, TX

Radio City. 'Nuf said. New York, NY

Here I go again, showing off my skills. New Braunfels, TX

Celebrating my Dad's birthday. Waco, TX

Tina and Jake's wedding. Westphalia, TX

Playing with Nana's goodies. Temple, TX

I met Woopie in Times Square. She felt a little waxy. I told her, she might need to lay off the latex airbrushing a bit. New York, NY.

Our rent house view at the ThunderDome. Stowe, VT

The guys, running off some steam before Boss' wedding! Stowe, VT

The Thunderdome Crew at Boss' and Leah's wedding reception. Stowe, VT
Kayaking taking it easy on the Brazos with Brendan and Laura. Whitney, TX

I put together our Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland costumes from scraps and Goodwill merchandise. White Rabbit and Mad Hatter. Waco, TX

I'd like to brag for a moment on my fantastic make-up artistry skills. I also did the abused girl football player and Cheshire Cat. Waco, TX

I'm the fourth Charlie's Angel.....with a glass gun filled with liquor.  They forgot to put me in the movie. Plano, TX

Celebrating my birthday with my favorite mexican food and margaritas at Ninfas! Waco, TX

The family celebrating Amy and Patrick's birthday. Can't believe we squeezed them into our shoe-box apartment! Plano, TX

The Green-team on Christamas. Good minds think alike. Brenham, TX

Before the blizzard hit North Texas! Our apartment park. Plano, TX

Don't worry Patrick, it's just my MOTHER taking that picture! Plano, TX

My mother letting loose and giving the bear a "big bear hug"! Frisco, TX

Sumo, the Sumo Wrestler, getting carried to bed. Plano, TX

If they both see it, it must be real. Frisco, TX

Sumo's first snow experience. He thought it would be fun to dive-bomb the piles of snow, that is until it melted and he got really cold! Plano, TX

Sweet Callie

Sumo Wrestler. My sweet cuddle bear.
Taking the puppies for a fun run in Arbor Hills. Plano, TX

Laughing in awe of how numb our legs are in the cold water. Long Beach Bay, CA

The beauty of spring. Dallas Zoo, TX

My cuties! Arbor Hills, Plano, TX

Just monkey-ing around with the cousin! Dallas Zoo, TX

Our first night out celebrating new found freedom at our favorite date place, RA. Plano, TX

Lucie, sunbathing on the window seat. Plano, TX

My dogs were barking, so the totoise said he would carry me home. Dallas Zoo, TX

Play time gets a bit more complicated when you add another baby to the family. Plano, TX

Willie Nelson Concert. Frisco, TX

Back to our favorite state for vacation! Santa Monica, CA

My brother. He Sleeps. Everywhere. Even at concerts. Frisco, TX

Isn't he the cutest little poser!!! Dallas Zoo, TX

Our first Ranger Opening Day together. Arlington, TX
Dancing the night away. Dallas, TX

Cowboys vs. Packers! We got to go! I think it may have snowed. And we won! Arlington, TX

My little buddy Sumo, still loves to nap with his Momma. Plano, TX

Patrick singing/playing at Georges patio. Waco, TX

Engagement Picture, Waco, TX

The day I found out I passed my boards...and I got to celebrate my birthday and Halloween with Vanaynay! Dallas, TX

Dancing the night away again at Kayla G's wedding. West, TX

Hiking in Griffith Park overlooking the Observatory. Los Angeles, CA

Our wedding shower. China Spring, TX

After a long fun night in Memphis, TN. We actually used this picture on our weding programs. Classy, I know.

The day Patrick submitted his last test to finish his Bachelors Degree! Exciting Day. Plano, TX

I threw Patrick a suprise graduation party and had to get creative on the gown, hat, and diploma. CA is playing as the diploma passer-outter. It was pretty close to being redneck! McGregor, TX

Rehersal dinner night with my girls at the Waco Sports Hall of Fame, and Michael Johnson giving us a huge hug int he background! Waco, TX

Cutting loose after a stressful evening of Reception decorating with Vanaynay and Boss. Waco, TX

My hunny and I at our Rehersal Dinner.

Kayaking on the Carribean in the Bahamas.

Honeymoon in the Bahamas.

Before a dinner night. We clean up kinda good. Bahamas

Last night of the honeymoon. We smile real good too. Bahamas.

My bachelorette party girls! Addison, TX

Snorking in the Bahamas

Our first time to San Fransisco, CA

Driving home along the Pacific Coast Highway was beautiful, but much more than we bargined for after dark with 5 more hours still ahead of us!

Just after Patrick propsed to me in the Gondola. Steam Boat, CO

Bachelorette Party at Pete's Dueling Piano Bar. Addison, TX

Our first Halloween as a married couple; at a house party with a brand new friends. Hollywood, CA

Baby Callie. She loved to jump. Woodland Hills, CA

Ah, Paris......just kidding. Our fist time to Los Vegas, NV. Took a road trip to see Boss and Leah.

Getting dressed on the wedding day. Waco, TX

Patrick and his boys before our wedding. Waco, TX

Me and my girls before our wedding. Waco, TX

The Newlyweds! Waco, TX

Romanticism. Waco, TX

Father Daughter Dance. Maybe the only time my Dad's danced in his life. Waco, TX

Mother Son dance. Aren't they sweet. Waco, TX

I love this picture! Waco, TX
Our first Edge Fest concert. It was unusually frigid that day! Frisco, TX

Sumo. Play play play. Plano, TX

My first brand-new-car-purchase! Waco, TX

My 3rd tattoo, but definitely my coolest and biggest! Killeen, TX

Horsing around. West, TX

Our first time to Medival Times with Krystal and Justin. Dallas, TX

Engagment Picture, Waco, TX

Engagement Picture, Waco, TX

Our going away party before my first travel assisngment. Guess where?!?! Ninfas! Waco, TX

Engagemnt Picture, Waco, TX

Engagement Picture, Waco, TX

Where Patrick met the love of his life. Bikini and Chaps Bartender (top, fourth from the left, that's me!) at Oakelys. Waco, TX

City Park oak tree, New Orleans, LA

City Park arts Museum. New Orleans, LA

Napping under the moss covered oaks in City Park, New Orelans, LA

On top of Eagle Rock. Tonganga Canyon, CA

Pacific Palisades, looking out onto Malibu. Topanga Canyon, CA

My first time to New Orleans, LA

Date night with my hunny. Plano, TX

My first time and probably only time to ever get to hug the NBA Championship Trophy! Go Mavs! The day I bought our first Season Tickts. Dallas, TX

Griffith Park, CA

Vacation with my love. Santa Monica, CA

Dancing the night away with Casie Jo. Waco, TX

Our first Christmas tree as a married couple. It was a little small, but very festive. Woodland Hills, CA

Our first time to Malibu, CA

Sunset at the beach. Malibu, CA

Dissapointing how difficult snowboarding was, but we all gave it a shot. Then we felt like we had been beaten with a stick by a mad man for a solid week. Mountain High, CA

Baby Callie. We called her "lefty"; fell in love with jumbones very early in life. Woodland Hills, CA

We are really good at taking serious photos. Mountain High, CA

Never seen a more ugly tree in my life. Hard to believe just minutes from the desert is a skiing mountain! Wrightwood, CA

My first and only attempt at Snow Boarding! I returned that crap by noon and went to the car for my trusty ski's! Atleast I tried something new, right? Mountain High, CA

Our first trip to San Diego, we went biking with Mike and Chrissy. La Jolla, CA

Mike and Patrick strolling the stone beaches of La Jolla, CA

My first Winery experience! Escondido, CA

Lucie called shot-gun on the 24hr drive back to Texas from Los Angeles, CA.

Letting our inner-freakshow loose. Waco, TX

The night I was kissed by a cougar, while sitting next to my husband! Wow, what a first! San Antonio, TX

Casie Jo and Sean's wedding reception. West, TX

Out with Tina and Jake on the river walk. San Antonio, TX

Lucifer wearing a "High Maintence" T-shirt. Isnt' that a site for sore eyes? It always makes me laugh!!! San Antonio, TX

First trip to Fredericksburg, TX. Visiting my Nana and Mother for shopping and Wine tasting!
Lucie trying to tolerate her younger sister, Callie with the window sunbathing, a daily ritual. Hollywood, CA

Good 'ol times in Santa Monica, CA. Bike to the beach, bus it back home. What a life!

Callie playing with Daddy, recovering from her Spaying surgery. San Antonio, TX

Beach day with Lindsey! Santa Monica, CA

A night of grilling and swimming with Lindsey and Greg in the perfect weather. Woodland Hills, CA

Pakistany Patrick. Woodland Hills, CA

Yoga Instructor Patrick. North of Malibu, CA after a day of hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains. We were calming oursleves after the mountain lion encounter.

My crappy yoga stance. North of Malibu, CA

Griffith Park silliness.

Cafe Was downstairs from our old apartment, listening to hits on the grand piano, splurging on dinner with my mother, drinking too much wine, and laughing. A Lot. Hollywood, CA

I love these trees. Beverly Hills, CA

Cantina Isla on the Sunset Strip, during their anniversary party, the night my mother had "a lot of fun". Hollywood, CA

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