Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May I Make a Suggestion?

I finished it! I finished it!

I'm going to go ahead and throw it out there: anyone and everyone.........of appropriate age............should go ahead and read this book. It's got suspense and action,  sexy love affairs, tragedy, comic relief, a test of morals, and a satisfying end for the cherry topper. It's takes place on a circus train during the great depression and prohibition days, with most of it's characters and scenes inspired by documented events from the 1930's, the author found during her circus research, and includes a second layer by having the main character resemble a biblical story in the book of Genesis. As it bounces between past and present, the great detail and feeling described makes it impossible not to emotionally connect to the main character. It presents a point of view that might make you think differently about how well you listen to the elderly.

My overall rating: Loved it. I'm anxious to watch the movie now, to see if it could even come close to serving the book justice. I don't know how a movie can effectively describe a thought like this:

"Afterward, she lies nestled against me, her hair tickling my face. I stroke her lightly, memorizing her body. I want her to melt into me, like butter on toast. I want to absorb her and walk around for the rest of my days with her encased in my skin.
I want.
I lie motionless, savoring the feeling of her body against mine. I'm afraid to breathe in case I break the spell."

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Procrastination Wins..................

    Up and at 'em for going on 24hours now, but still too much left to do before we leave tonight! (I'm taking a break.)

I'm so glad the park didn't get storm damage!

    This morning's air was too crispy not to enjoy a workout with the pups, so instead of risking the heat and humidity with an afternoon walk, I decided to down a 5hour energy (which accidently regurgitated itself later with a burp, consequently making me very hesitant to belch for the rest of the day in fear of it's wrathful return) and hit the park! Unfortunately the ground was still too wet for us to venture on the out skirting dirt trails to look from my beautiful lost driver's license, so we had to stick to the concrete. We came across two lady's all packed down for a camping trip, and turns out they are practicing carrying their loads for a pack-in/pack-out ,50 mile, 5 day trip in New Mexico with their boy scouting children....How fun! Two hours later, towards the end of our run/walk every mom in West Plano had decided to take advantage of the nice weather, bringing out their jogging strollers full of children, which wasn't a good situation with a frisky Callie running at my side. She just can't help but lunge and yap at anything with wheels.....it's her weakness (she thinks of it as a strength, I'm sure). I'm sadly coming to the realization that Sumo is just a flat out pansy, and while Callie's fire still burned bright, Sumo's had dimmed to a mere flicker which was reflected by the way he kept slowing us down for his lets-lay-down-in-the-grass-I'm-really-tired-breaks. He's currently wiped out on the couch while Callie is keeping guard over the apartment by the window. In case you were wondering, The Black Keys radio is a great Pandora station, with tune after tune of groovy beats to pair with a slow jog. With only a couple of bad apples, I thoroughly enjoyed it.

If you don't love wild flowers, you need to get outta town with
your crazy self!

     After getting back home, we went down to the dog park for an hour while I buried my nose in my Kindle. Can you tell someone is feeling slightly guilty about the upcoming doggie hotel stay? I just hate that they'll be cooped up all weekend while we are out having fun. After only a day of learning so far, I’m already convinced my E-reader was a bad-to-the-bone investment. There are some super cool features that no one talks about! As you're reading, you can scroll down beside words and it automatically tells you the definition in a footnote! Also, you can highlight things and bookmark them for future reference. I took it with me to the dog park to test its outdoor capabilities in the midst of pure sunlight beating down, and further to my  surprise, despite the already good reviews, it reads even better in the brightest of bright lights! A traceless glare. I was trying to take a picture in the same light with my phone to document an example, and struggled to see a single darn thing on my phone! There's no book intimidation or underestimation by size, which allows you to purely focus on the reviews and value of content. And if you enjoy looking at the parameter of the book pages while you are reading, just to gage how far you've come from the beginning, or how close you are to the end, or to feel accomplished with yourself, have no fear.....you get to keep that feeling. There is a little timeline at the bottom of the page that tells you what percent of the book you have completed as you turn each page. By the way, if you haven't heard, Water for Elephants is an excellent book; so far I'm only 17% along, but I just started yesterday! Emotional and intricately detailed.

We all know my phone despirately needs a Macro
setting, so ignoring the blurry close-up, check
out that word definitation! The little round blob to
the right is an air bubble under my screen protector
that I  need to fix. 

     Funny thing: a lady I don’t even know gave me a book this morning. I walked passed her at work, commending her on good author taste, and she insisted that I take the book, read it and pass it on, saying she bought it from her book club membership in a hurry and realized tonight that she had previously read the book! What a sweet lady……..and lucky me! I happen to love free stuff!   
     Now I have to give both dogs and myself a bath...................
     Guess what? I still haven't finished packing and we are leaving tonight. Let’s see just how long I can procrastinate this!

P.S. Way to GO MAVS!!!! Maybe they are earning some well deserved respect now.  

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What a Night

Watching the storm outside, I put on  my big 'ol saggy
 bottom sweats....for more protection! haha

     Wowzers! We couldn't have made a luckier decision to stay home last night. We initially made the decision not to go to the Ranger game to be rested for our upcoming weekend, but it turns out there was a better reason: the weather. There had been some pretty active wind earlier in the day (I remember being annoyed that I even bothered fixing my hair before leaving the house to run errands), but little did we know just what it was working it's self up to! As we watched the devastating storms in Oklahoma on the news while hoping our friends and others were safe, a dangerous storm began to develop over the Metroplex and before we knew it, tornado sirens were sounding and the Biggest Loser season finale I had recording was completely overtaken, never to come back on, for weather reports. I phoned my mom and packed our emergency bag along with making a game plan while over 27,000 homes lost power, 10-70mph winds raged through the air, up to 3'' hail was rapidly falling from the sky, damaging countless vehicles (a lady sent in a picture of her shattered car window from the hail), a couple of tornadoes made ground contact, and several cloud walls and wind funnels were accounted for. (I thought to myself while packing snack bars and water that I couldn't have picked a better night to have made the steak dinner that we just finished eating....what a way to go out!) I then immediately thought of my friends that were at the unprotected ballpark in Arlington and couldn't help but feel sick at my stomach. So, I put my texting skills to work and did my best at giving them play by play information of the storm so they could stay as safe as possible. Finally the stadium security started gathering people for safety in the underground tunnels, but I don't think they ever truly told the fans how much danger they were in, in fear of a chaotic reaction. Krystal said the grass looked like it was covered in snow, from all the hail. My work friends informed me that they actually had to put a Code Black into effect at the hospital and move all the babies into the hallways.....CRAZY! After 2 grueling hours of suspense, the large storm passed over Dallas, and yet another storm that had formed in the west was on it's way. We were finally forced to lay our heads down to sleep, but reluctantly, in fear that sleeping by a window was extremely unsafe on a night like that. It's always a very humbling experience to be subjected to a storm of such power. I'll never feel as safe as I did back home were we had a cellar to escape to when the weather was looking gruff. Needless to say, I had nightmares the entire night, but I'm thankful that everyone that I know is safe and well.

Callie gets Thunderstorm anxiety,
Sumo is just happy to be alive!

     Packing for a future event is very difficult for me. I dress according to mood, so trying to predict what I'll feel like wearing for days in advance is no cup of tea. The current mood I'm in also effects my packing ability, and that current mood today is blah blah lazy pants. I always try really hard not drag out an entire closet worth of clothing while putting together outfits, because I know it drives Patrick crazy (probably due to the fact I usually choose not to put them back where they belong until a week or so later), but sometimes a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!
Reporters bringing in some hail from outside....this was the SMALL hail.

      The dog's fancy hotel stay is booked, we are half packed, and I have one more night of work before off to the Big Easy, for some Cajun food and jazz music!

Yay for my new toy!

P.S. I rewarded myself a Kindle, and will no longer have to wait countless hours at places with nothing to do. I thought it would be way more responsible of me than to get a Nintendo DS, and in what couldn't be more perfect timing, for the road trip! I'm so excited to get my read on!
P.S.S. My turd husband is going to a Maverick's playoff game tonight while I go to work. I couldn't be more jealous.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Get in my Belly!!!

Below is the real picture, but this one is more fun!

Needless to point out, my phone camera is lacking of a Macro setting. That should be their next complication to add to phones!

    I usually don't particulary care for the smell of flowers. It's not that I think they stink, I just don't really hold any partial feelings toward the smell. I undeniably prefer, rather, the earthy fragrance of pine trees, fresh cut grass, mint plants, a crackling outdoor fire, and the coming and going of summer rain.
     Does that make me a weird girl? Oh well, who cares. (Statement; not an actual question.)
     There's a few minor exceptions to that preference, and one of them is magnolas. I think they smell so good.....and they look pretty too! There's a whole line of baby magnola trees along the sidewalk at our apartments that are currently blooming. It makes our doggy potty walk a little more enjoyable.
     Something else I find enjoyable: cuddling with my baby boy Sumo Wrestler. He is such a sweet little cuddle bear.
     Confession here. I don't like to admit that I'm addicted to anything. But there is something I'd very much so not ever have to live without. CAFFIENE! I love it. LOVE IT! I will have it in my tea; would you have some tea, with me? I would like it in my joe, a cup of joe does you good you know! I would not like to miss out on that. I would not like it; it would make me sad. I also enjoy 5 hr energy drinks, redlines, monsters, and chocolate. I'm not careless enough to combine all of these things in one day of course, but eventually they will "get in my belly"!
     ***So I lied. I obviously have not gone MIA, but I promise I have been working!***

As much as I'd like to claim the credit, I didn't draw any of the above, but they are pictures of real events. You might say, I've been playing with my Photofunia app! Pretty cool, huh?

Sunday, May 22, 2011

"On My Way"

     I think it's finally happened. After a little over half a decade together (5.5 years to be exact), Patrick and I have reached the point of.............."wait for it"................normalcy. Well, as normal as we could possibly get anyway. We are still probably one of the cheesiest long term couples ever witnessed to man, but details aside, we actually got into what could be called the mildest of mild spats over the difference between me liking or not liking a particular item. I apparently reason way more complicated that he wanted grasp, while he became flustered at why I couldn't figure out how to give him a simple answer. Most of the time things just aren't black and white for me. Stupid? Yes. And that's why I say we've reached it, because never before in the history of kpLove would we have ever even let a moment like that slip into our bubble.
     Sometimes I reminisce back to the extremely simple days of infatuation when he used to lay his head on my chest and sing me this song. I had never heard it before and thought he was a crazy loon for making it up, but it turns out Ben Kweller was the voice behind it. Although the early days are fun and bring back much happiness to be remembered, now our hearts are filled with a deeper understanding (not that there's never MISunderstandings.....haha) of each other and a comfortable love. It's hard to explain unless you've been there, but hopefully some of my readers know what I'm talking about.
     What an ironic song title for us to also be On Our Way down the road of that we call love.

So here's to relationships young and old, enjoy each other, love can't be sold.......or bought,
Don't think I forgot.........'bout those napkins in your beard... or paranormal activity that you feared,
Like a scaredy cat........lets take a nap, a kitty cat nap, 'cause you my pillow that never gets flat.....
And that first time you farted and tried to play like you's asleep........ it sounded like beep beepity beepy beep beep.
The memories flow like the words from my mouth.....
Don't mess with me fool, unless you wanna go south.

Friday, May 20, 2011

I wish

Maybe we can make a music baby like this and become rich and famous. This is good here. Real good.

Life is a Like a Box of Chocolates

     Belly full to avoid crankiness, coffee in hand and hopefully better mentally prepared, I arrived at my second DPS office for the morning. I decided to avoid the chaotic mid-Plano office and head to an unlisted site I was told about. An eerie feeling of too-good-to-be-true came over me as I walked directly to the front desk without waiting behind a soul. My gut was right. "We don't do driver's licenses here," the lady informed me. So I decided to be adventurous and try my luck at yet a 3rd location. I found myself in what appeared to be little Korea-town, which is only an ignorant assumption based on the scribbly gibberish titling all the store signs in site. I found unfortunately that the famous phrase remains true, "The grass isn't greener......" This grass actually had less seating, and more people willing to verbally complain about the out of control wait and lack of organization. I couldn't help but think, "This would be the ideal time to have that Nintendo DS I've always wanted!" I did, however, get to witness my first posterior upper neck mustache (a sight for sore eyes), listen to a lady beside me loudly explain her entire current life and love affairs to a friend over the phone, and chat with a sweet elderly fellow about a humorous life experience he felt the urge to share with the cute girl in the pigtails (that’s me). The worst part of my three day experience (this may be vain but true), is they ended with the last laugh when the lady made me step in front of the blue screen of shame and have my picture taken. After a 12 hr shift! In scrubs, make-up-less, and hair pinned back in pigtails. My prime moment of raw material to be shoved back in my face every time I have to show my ID (this is to replace my super cute photo on my very UN-expired license, and after I showed up 2 times in decent condition). I might as well have just rolled out of bed to take that picture; which brings to mind another saying from that classic movie we all love, "Life is like a box of chocolates....................."
      So since it's Friday and it’s my only day off, I suppose I'll mix some spiked lemonade from all the lemons I've been given the last few days, and make some sweet music with my hunny (to be taken as an actual literal comment). At least that's something to look forward to.
Like my momma always says, "Moral of this story?"

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Panda Jerks

I need to vent.
I'm so pissed right now.
I need a donut or something equivalent to calm me down. Yeah, I'm talking about emotional eating. So what?

I've made my second trip to the DPS office, and might as well be living a nightmare because I must return. I wish I was dreaming, but I've already pinched myself twice. Once for letting my Drivers License somehow escape my possession, and now again for the unbelievable terrible truth of how pitiful public government services really are. After being beat down by a line of roughly 40 people yesterday afternoon, I decided they'd never finish before close, so I returned with more optimistic hopes this morning, only to have them shattered.  At a prompt 0730, opening time, I still found myself rudely greeted by a line literally wrapping around the building! At 0730 AM! After waiting 20minutes and not moving an inch, I decided to scope out the indoors to see what kinda of monster line I was dealing with. Already packed on the inside. I couldn't believe it. Wasted gas. Wasted time. I'll never get either back. The system has me beat, and I hate being beat. I shall return tomorrow with donuts, coffee, and no curfew. Don't test me DPS, I will prevail.

P.S. Stop being such panda jerks.

                   Maybe these will help calm me down:

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Breath of Fresh Air

   Warning: I might practically go MIA for a little while, as I have a killer work schedule ahead of me for the next 1.5weeks. Last night I decided to be a good little domesticated wife, after wasting me entire day away, and made a fabulously healthy dinner. A little experimentation was called to play and I'm proud to say it turned out excellentaaay! The master-piece: Toasted 100% whole wheat sandwich thins, topped with a little pesto, provolone cheese, sliced avocado, and barbecue seasoned chicken breast sautéed with halved cherry tomatoes and yellow onion. The main course was accompanied by wild rice and baked thinly sliced sweet potatoes, drizzled with olive oil, and sprinkled with Nutmeg, Curry, and Black pepper! After we stuffed our faces while watching our Netflix motion picture "Dear John", we decided to take a stroll down the street to Red Mango (in our pajamas no less, and knowing the kind of street we live on, that's a pretty big deal....people get dressed up to hang on our street.......BUT I DON'T GIVE A HOOT....get it?) and get some frozen yogurt! I had Original and Dulce De Leche, while Patrick got the Pomegranate, and of course I ended up wanting what he had too. That's just the kind of girl I am!

"treat yourself well' Red Mango

     A couple of days ago, I realized a pathetic thing about myself. My liquid foundation actually has the word "pale" on it. The worst part?? That particular foundation is suppose adjust to your skin tone, and it's still too dark for my skin. I actually have to mix it with a lighter shade!!! So today, I decided to spend some more time in the sun-lizzle (sun light), but felt guilty thinking of up pinning the pups up for pool time, so instead I took them to our favorite park.

Off-trails are the best, look at those flowers!!!! How could you not enjoy that run?

Creek bathing after our run in the sun.

     My Nana may think that all the rain has just been "watering concrete" out here lately, but I've got pictures to prove otherwise! The wildflowers are in full bloom right now, and it is beautiful out there. No Bluebonnets or Indian Blankets to be found, but some pretty ones at that. I ran the dogs until they were hiding for shade (2 hours), and eventually had to carry them to the car. They got plenty of creek-swimming time in, since it was bath day, and I swear I have to bring my real camera next time so I can get some footage of how much fun Sumo has running in the weeds. I could just kick myself when I forget my camera. It's always when I don't have it, that arise moments I really want to capture. When we were making our way to the water fountain, a little girl fell and hurt her pride on the sidewalk. As I tried to tune out the screams of bloody murder, a brilliant thought came to mind, and I took the doggies over for a little pet therapy. Of course sweet Callie and Sumo took away all the tears and we left with smiles, not only on the little girl's face, but the mommy's face as well, which made us all feel good. They always get a few smiles and compliments for being so darn cute, but when I get to see them lick away little girl's tears........well that's something really special.

Aghhhh, breathing in that fresh air.

Resting on a cool shaded rock, Sumo needed a break

     I know I mentioned "good 'ol fashioned" in my last blog, but at the risk of being repetitive, I must bring up some more. There's nothing like a good 'ol fashioned dirt covered beaten trail and grass to run on over concrete and cement any day of the week. I have gotten to where I just can't run on a sidewalk anymore. New tennis' and orthotics, it doesn't matter. I tried again today, and it kills my arthritic knee......KILLS IT. I'm not trying to whine, just being factual. Any sponsors for a knee replacement, I'm bone on bone here?!?!? Anyone????............ Besides that, the breathing in the smell of plants, trees, and water are just the best while you're working out. There's really nothing better. They need to in-cooperate that smell into gyms somehow.

Diggin' these: Ear Pollution

     Another good 'ol fashioned: whole ear coverage, over the head, headphones!!!! Well, these are a new and improved spin off the oldies. I'm done with those stupid little pieces of plastic that are supposed to fit into your ear canal. They slide out anytime you do anything vigorous, sweat, or accidently tug on the cord. I've moved on to bigger and better things. I really don't care if anyone thinks I look like a nerd in these. They are amazing at blocking out noise, don't fall off, sound great, and only have a cord off one side, so you don't have the whole cross cord issue! I totally rocked out to The Killers Radio on Pandora the entire time. I can't get enough of that station.
     My last good 'ol fashioned: the fanny pack! I'm not joking. I'm lost without this thing on walks, trips to Six Flags, and anywhere else I don't want to carry a purse......but need stuff. Patrick has come to accept that fact that his wife sports this bright yellow 80's fad of a thing. It's the perfect accent to any nerd's attire! I once saw Carrie Bradshaw on Sex in the City wear one, and ever since then I use my fellow fashion diva as a example of how fanny packs can still be cool.
     Tonight, Patrick and I watched the Mav's kick some more booty and had a bar food menu in their honor. We accompanied the homemade New York style pizza, Sweet Potato French fries topped with my special sweet salty seasoning, and jalapeño poppers with some new flavored beers I picked up for us to try. The Apricot Ale would be great if I had some oranges to spruce it up with, but the Berry Weiss was delicious all by its lonesome. Shout out to Ashley for giving me the initiative to try some new flavors!

Callie's pitiful "Please, I don't want to take a bath" face

I'm always amazed at tree roots, these were exposed, making a bridge over a large trench, and super cool looking if I might add.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Pulp Free and Tasty to Me

Sundays with my hunny are great, especially when it includes a walk down the street for half price nachos, one dollar off tasty flavored beer, and listening to good old fashioned live music while sitting outside on a gloriously nice and cool spring-influenced evening. The only thing that could have made it better is having reclining lounge chairs for seating, instead of a picnic table bench seat. I improvised and just leaned on Patrick instead. The whole scene was just too relaxing not to lean on something!  
I can't get enough of this Raspberry flavored beer. It's so delightfully tasty.......very raspberry-yy. Fruit flavored beer, as girly as it sounds, is sooooo my thing. Even in my Corona and Dos Equis I add enough lime that you have to chew the pulp sometimes as you're drinking it. (Not becuase I don't like the taste of the beer, but becuase I like the taste of the fruit so much more.) Sounds gross to some maybe, but you won't see me bing diagnosed with scurvy anytime soon!!!! No chewing involved with this Belgium beer though, just fruity goodness.
As I enjoy all types of music, I think I'm always partial to the simplicity of an acoustic guitar, good lyrics, and maybe a little something extra......like the bongo's and a cymbal in this case. These guys had never played together before, but you'd never have known, unless you watched the guitarist tell the drummer the way he was going to strum the next song (and they also mentioned it during their break). Mixing uniquely styled covers and some of his own originals, this guy was a very good singer, and could pick the crap out of those strings. Job well done sir; thanks for the free entertainment.

Yay for Ringo's Pub for making it a Sunday Funday once again. Maybe you can let my husband play on your patio one night? It could be fun!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Like, You Know What I Mean, Like?!?!?

Out our window.  See the tiny 5k'ers?
       Nothing makes you feel more welcomed infuriated than coming home from work to find out there isn't a single un-blocked entrance into your own parking garage. After a long and patience-thinning shift, I drove around the entire apartment complex to search for an open street leading to my building....no luck. I finally had a short and sweet conversation with a friendly police officer, and discovered our community is hosting a 5k and apparently management didn't think it necessary to warn a single tenant! We get daily emails about crap and more crap, but forget the important stuff, like: you may not be able to get in and out of your own home on Saturday morning......Who cares about that? Since the race was about to start, I thought I might stick around to see the beginning. The results??? Smallest, and slowest 5k..........EVER. I witnessed a man in blue jeans, several strollers, toddlers, immediate walkers, and definitely no a lack of slackers. Who shows up to a race in blue jeans?

My speeding bullets, sprinting down the hallway
      Since I was awake, I took the dogs downstairs for their morning deuces (we run down the hallway and stairwell, because it's more fun that way) while Patrick slept in, and another stand-by officer asked me what kind of dogs I had. "Yorkies," I said. To which he hesitantly replied, "Aren't those....... really.......big Yorkies?!" Yes sir, yes sir, I happen to have a special talent for picking out extremely large-for-their-breed dogs; thanks for noticing. They get bigger every time.  I really liked what a woman I work with compared it to. Remember Clifford the dog? The more and more the family showered him with love, the more he grew. So maybe that's why they're so big. We do love them A-whole-heck-of-a-LOT!

Typical Cat vs Dog. Lucie to Sumo-  "Why you act so stupid?"

     I'm currently struggling with something that I don't know how to fix. It's an issue I have with phrase repeating. I've noticed that sometimes a group of people that are around each other will occasionally pick up on certain words or phrases and use them in a out of control manner. The current one in circulation is, "Do you know what I mean?" I've been keeping a rough mental tally for the last 3 days and at risk of sounding exaggeratory, I'd say I've heard it about 100 times too many. This is different than saying a catch-phrase from a movie to be funny; this is real conversation. A few weeks ago, Patrick and I were taking a stroll in our favorite nature preserve and happened to walk by a small group of teenagers. After passing them and reaching a safe distance, we simultaneously looked at each other and started laughing. The teeny-boppers were very seriously discussing some sort of scavenger hunt and the yappy one must have said the word "like" no less than every 2-3words. I have a witness of this. I just hope I don't want it to influence my own verbal language. If I start saying any variance of the previously mentioned, please feel free to slap me. Do you know what I mean? I'm just kidding!!! Not really. Or am I?

Tasty goodness
      One more note: I've fallen into a mild love affair with a new coffee treat. I stumbled upon this drink at the last minute pick me-did you forget something-don't you need this-I know you want me display in front of the register at Wal-mart last week. I think it tastes like a coffee flavored liquid marshmallow, and doesn't have the bitterness that those Starbucks canned frappuccinos can have. Of course I added a little bit of caramel to mine, but that's just me; it's an art to make everything complicated. 'You know? (Kidding again.)
     Is that poison ivy itching the crap out of my foot? Oh wait....no, it's just my tattoo healing and peeling. I think the recovery period could quite possibly be worse than the acute pain of the needle.

Come on mom, let's play!

The flip-side to my new cute bangs, too crazy not to share

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Salute to ya Motha

     The absolute best part about keeping some sort of written journal throughout your life is reading back over it years later. It's true that writing isn't for everyone and many actually cringe at the thought, but if they had the opportunity to read back on how their lives and thoughts have evolved over the years, they may be a little more open minded to putting forth the effort. As a little girl, I kept a journal because I saw girls in movies that I admired do it. The imaginary idealism of a lock and key on the outside of a worn-from-use-journal was so excitingly secretive, and I pictured how fascinating it would be when someone found it years later and wonder what was in there. I wrote in it off and on, eventually getting "too busy" to find routine time. As a high school student, although keeping a journal became cliché and un-cool, I started taking an English class on the side at a local college, and my professor assigned a daily journal as a huge chunk of our semester grade. "Even if you only write a few sentences, you MUST make an entry every day," he said, "and I WILL read it!" The idea being, the more you are in touch with the writing side of your brain, the easier it becomes. He wasn't lying....about any of it. It did become easier and easier and the words would just flow out of me. Being in high school, I had plenty of mellow-drama to write about, and as I expressed my uncensored feelings, every now and then I would apologize for the language (just in case he was reading it), and he would note, "no need for apologies" beside my entry. The man just loved to read that much. My point is, as much as I hated making those daily entries for a grade, it's amazing to read back on them now. The words bring back feelings and memories that would otherwise be long gone and forgotten. Some good, some sad, some stupid, but regardless, mine. Pictures remind us of a lot, but well written memories bring back much more. Although I have the luxury of being able to read back to grade school on many of my thoughts, and see how I've grown on the inside, it's never too late to start recording those memories for yourself.   They truly are priceless.
     Mother's Day was a success. We relaxed at the river with the family, ate some fried catfish and cornbread, and Sumo went swimming in something other than a creek for the first time in his life. The weather couldn’t have cooperated more and I think I did a pretty good job picking out presents and finding the perfect cards this year. It feels good to be able to make someone so deserving smile. Where would we be without Mothers and Grandmothers? They gave us life, and then taught us how to smile. What an honor to have that much purpose in one's life.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Deeper than Skin

What does my first sock mean to me, you ask?

Hoot Owl: Standing for my earned wisdom and wisdom to come, also representing that I could "give a hoot" about what others think, and I'd rather stay up late than get up early.
Cherry Blossom: To represent my own individualism, strength and beauty.
Celtic Cross: This one's an oldy, already residing on my ankle from when I was 18. It represents my Savior and will always be one of the first things I got to do as an "adult" to express myself.
Stars as background: (This part won't be finished until I go back after my first session is healed.) In remembrance of our time living in Hollywood on the walk of fame amongst the stars, where our hearts stay, and that KpLove will always be stars of our own life.
Outline complete 

Shading complete, with my fuzzy cross in view. You already can't see my ankle at this point, with the wimpy swelling, not it's hardcore.

It's almost done! It took hours of research, 1.5 hours of drawing in the shop to put all my favorite things together and then to design it on my foot, and 3.5 hours of needle time, but I now have a beauty to show for it.
I can't wait to appreciate it more after my extreme swelling and bruising subsides, and am even more excited to have it completely finished. Until then, I already can't stop looking at it (partly because I'm amazed at how stretched my skin is right now without bursting open, and partly because I love it so much). I'm also especially happy that Germ, the artist, fixed my old cross for me. It now has the swirly detail back that I initially loved it for. Thanks Germ!

Dear Martha

Sumo helping out
  "Dear Martha Stewart,

     Can you please make a little room in this world for me? I love creating sentimental yet useful things for friends, decorating my living space with warm and cozy yet inspiring repurposed projects, and cooking food to nourish the soul. I need a bit of tutoring in thank you note mailing and voice message returning etiquette, but those things are nothing that a personal assistant and my "I'm sorry smile" can't fix. If you could please discover me soon and make me rich from doing what I love to do best, I would be eternally grateful.

Yours truly,

     Last weekend was Mother's Day, so that means it was time to hit the flower arrangement designing sweat shop and get to work! Us girls always have some good laughs and sip on some good wine when we get together, putting our creative hats on and mixing play with work. Knowing how I enjoy a challenge, Vickie always gives me what I call the "fun orders". This year I got to make a few arrangements that resembled a puppy dog coming out of the basket, adogable. Get it? A-dog-able, instead of adorable? I brought Callie and Sumo with me for the weekend and they had a blast at Granny's as always. Sumo was our little helper for the weekend and assumed role of destroying compose! Call Park Lake Flowers for all your flower needs! Here's a few of my favorite arrangements that I had the pleasure of putting together:

Smogely the Bear modeling this veil:
Pink ribbon, white sequined flowers,
chocolate material flowered crown
     Last week, I also sewed a classy bachelorette party veil for one of my mother's friends. Every girl wants a fun veil to party in, as her last unmarried night on the town, but not all girls want condoms hanging out everywhere. That's where I come in handy! I discovered my niche for this a couple years ago and although it's always a pain in the butt, the finished product is Oh-So-Cute.  

Tina's Veil: Pink and silver ruffles with Pink flowered material and silver bling dangles crown



Amy's Veil: Pink and Purple Ribbon with pearl beading and Feathered Crown

Amanda's Veil: Camo Polka Dots with pink beading and Three layered pink beading crown


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