Monday, May 9, 2011

Deeper than Skin

What does my first sock mean to me, you ask?

Hoot Owl: Standing for my earned wisdom and wisdom to come, also representing that I could "give a hoot" about what others think, and I'd rather stay up late than get up early.
Cherry Blossom: To represent my own individualism, strength and beauty.
Celtic Cross: This one's an oldy, already residing on my ankle from when I was 18. It represents my Savior and will always be one of the first things I got to do as an "adult" to express myself.
Stars as background: (This part won't be finished until I go back after my first session is healed.) In remembrance of our time living in Hollywood on the walk of fame amongst the stars, where our hearts stay, and that KpLove will always be stars of our own life.
Outline complete 

Shading complete, with my fuzzy cross in view. You already can't see my ankle at this point, with the wimpy swelling, not it's hardcore.

It's almost done! It took hours of research, 1.5 hours of drawing in the shop to put all my favorite things together and then to design it on my foot, and 3.5 hours of needle time, but I now have a beauty to show for it.
I can't wait to appreciate it more after my extreme swelling and bruising subsides, and am even more excited to have it completely finished. Until then, I already can't stop looking at it (partly because I'm amazed at how stretched my skin is right now without bursting open, and partly because I love it so much). I'm also especially happy that Germ, the artist, fixed my old cross for me. It now has the swirly detail back that I initially loved it for. Thanks Germ!


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