Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Breath of Fresh Air

   Warning: I might practically go MIA for a little while, as I have a killer work schedule ahead of me for the next 1.5weeks. Last night I decided to be a good little domesticated wife, after wasting me entire day away, and made a fabulously healthy dinner. A little experimentation was called to play and I'm proud to say it turned out excellentaaay! The master-piece: Toasted 100% whole wheat sandwich thins, topped with a little pesto, provolone cheese, sliced avocado, and barbecue seasoned chicken breast sautéed with halved cherry tomatoes and yellow onion. The main course was accompanied by wild rice and baked thinly sliced sweet potatoes, drizzled with olive oil, and sprinkled with Nutmeg, Curry, and Black pepper! After we stuffed our faces while watching our Netflix motion picture "Dear John", we decided to take a stroll down the street to Red Mango (in our pajamas no less, and knowing the kind of street we live on, that's a pretty big deal....people get dressed up to hang on our street.......BUT I DON'T GIVE A HOOT....get it?) and get some frozen yogurt! I had Original and Dulce De Leche, while Patrick got the Pomegranate, and of course I ended up wanting what he had too. That's just the kind of girl I am!

"treat yourself well' Red Mango

     A couple of days ago, I realized a pathetic thing about myself. My liquid foundation actually has the word "pale" on it. The worst part?? That particular foundation is suppose adjust to your skin tone, and it's still too dark for my skin. I actually have to mix it with a lighter shade!!! So today, I decided to spend some more time in the sun-lizzle (sun light), but felt guilty thinking of up pinning the pups up for pool time, so instead I took them to our favorite park.

Off-trails are the best, look at those flowers!!!! How could you not enjoy that run?

Creek bathing after our run in the sun.

     My Nana may think that all the rain has just been "watering concrete" out here lately, but I've got pictures to prove otherwise! The wildflowers are in full bloom right now, and it is beautiful out there. No Bluebonnets or Indian Blankets to be found, but some pretty ones at that. I ran the dogs until they were hiding for shade (2 hours), and eventually had to carry them to the car. They got plenty of creek-swimming time in, since it was bath day, and I swear I have to bring my real camera next time so I can get some footage of how much fun Sumo has running in the weeds. I could just kick myself when I forget my camera. It's always when I don't have it, that arise moments I really want to capture. When we were making our way to the water fountain, a little girl fell and hurt her pride on the sidewalk. As I tried to tune out the screams of bloody murder, a brilliant thought came to mind, and I took the doggies over for a little pet therapy. Of course sweet Callie and Sumo took away all the tears and we left with smiles, not only on the little girl's face, but the mommy's face as well, which made us all feel good. They always get a few smiles and compliments for being so darn cute, but when I get to see them lick away little girl's tears........well that's something really special.

Aghhhh, breathing in that fresh air.

Resting on a cool shaded rock, Sumo needed a break

     I know I mentioned "good 'ol fashioned" in my last blog, but at the risk of being repetitive, I must bring up some more. There's nothing like a good 'ol fashioned dirt covered beaten trail and grass to run on over concrete and cement any day of the week. I have gotten to where I just can't run on a sidewalk anymore. New tennis' and orthotics, it doesn't matter. I tried again today, and it kills my arthritic knee......KILLS IT. I'm not trying to whine, just being factual. Any sponsors for a knee replacement, I'm bone on bone here?!?!? Anyone????............ Besides that, the breathing in the smell of plants, trees, and water are just the best while you're working out. There's really nothing better. They need to in-cooperate that smell into gyms somehow.

Diggin' these: Ear Pollution

     Another good 'ol fashioned: whole ear coverage, over the head, headphones!!!! Well, these are a new and improved spin off the oldies. I'm done with those stupid little pieces of plastic that are supposed to fit into your ear canal. They slide out anytime you do anything vigorous, sweat, or accidently tug on the cord. I've moved on to bigger and better things. I really don't care if anyone thinks I look like a nerd in these. They are amazing at blocking out noise, don't fall off, sound great, and only have a cord off one side, so you don't have the whole cross cord issue! I totally rocked out to The Killers Radio on Pandora the entire time. I can't get enough of that station.
     My last good 'ol fashioned: the fanny pack! I'm not joking. I'm lost without this thing on walks, trips to Six Flags, and anywhere else I don't want to carry a purse......but need stuff. Patrick has come to accept that fact that his wife sports this bright yellow 80's fad of a thing. It's the perfect accent to any nerd's attire! I once saw Carrie Bradshaw on Sex in the City wear one, and ever since then I use my fellow fashion diva as a example of how fanny packs can still be cool.
     Tonight, Patrick and I watched the Mav's kick some more booty and had a bar food menu in their honor. We accompanied the homemade New York style pizza, Sweet Potato French fries topped with my special sweet salty seasoning, and jalapeño poppers with some new flavored beers I picked up for us to try. The Apricot Ale would be great if I had some oranges to spruce it up with, but the Berry Weiss was delicious all by its lonesome. Shout out to Ashley for giving me the initiative to try some new flavors!

Callie's pitiful "Please, I don't want to take a bath" face

I'm always amazed at tree roots, these were exposed, making a bridge over a large trench, and super cool looking if I might add.


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