Thursday, May 19, 2011

Panda Jerks

I need to vent.
I'm so pissed right now.
I need a donut or something equivalent to calm me down. Yeah, I'm talking about emotional eating. So what?

I've made my second trip to the DPS office, and might as well be living a nightmare because I must return. I wish I was dreaming, but I've already pinched myself twice. Once for letting my Drivers License somehow escape my possession, and now again for the unbelievable terrible truth of how pitiful public government services really are. After being beat down by a line of roughly 40 people yesterday afternoon, I decided they'd never finish before close, so I returned with more optimistic hopes this morning, only to have them shattered.  At a prompt 0730, opening time, I still found myself rudely greeted by a line literally wrapping around the building! At 0730 AM! After waiting 20minutes and not moving an inch, I decided to scope out the indoors to see what kinda of monster line I was dealing with. Already packed on the inside. I couldn't believe it. Wasted gas. Wasted time. I'll never get either back. The system has me beat, and I hate being beat. I shall return tomorrow with donuts, coffee, and no curfew. Don't test me DPS, I will prevail.

P.S. Stop being such panda jerks.

                   Maybe these will help calm me down:


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