Monday, May 23, 2011

Get in my Belly!!!

Below is the real picture, but this one is more fun!

Needless to point out, my phone camera is lacking of a Macro setting. That should be their next complication to add to phones!

    I usually don't particulary care for the smell of flowers. It's not that I think they stink, I just don't really hold any partial feelings toward the smell. I undeniably prefer, rather, the earthy fragrance of pine trees, fresh cut grass, mint plants, a crackling outdoor fire, and the coming and going of summer rain.
     Does that make me a weird girl? Oh well, who cares. (Statement; not an actual question.)
     There's a few minor exceptions to that preference, and one of them is magnolas. I think they smell so good.....and they look pretty too! There's a whole line of baby magnola trees along the sidewalk at our apartments that are currently blooming. It makes our doggy potty walk a little more enjoyable.
     Something else I find enjoyable: cuddling with my baby boy Sumo Wrestler. He is such a sweet little cuddle bear.
     Confession here. I don't like to admit that I'm addicted to anything. But there is something I'd very much so not ever have to live without. CAFFIENE! I love it. LOVE IT! I will have it in my tea; would you have some tea, with me? I would like it in my joe, a cup of joe does you good you know! I would not like to miss out on that. I would not like it; it would make me sad. I also enjoy 5 hr energy drinks, redlines, monsters, and chocolate. I'm not careless enough to combine all of these things in one day of course, but eventually they will "get in my belly"!
     ***So I lied. I obviously have not gone MIA, but I promise I have been working!***

As much as I'd like to claim the credit, I didn't draw any of the above, but they are pictures of real events. You might say, I've been playing with my Photofunia app! Pretty cool, huh?


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