Monday, May 16, 2011

Pulp Free and Tasty to Me

Sundays with my hunny are great, especially when it includes a walk down the street for half price nachos, one dollar off tasty flavored beer, and listening to good old fashioned live music while sitting outside on a gloriously nice and cool spring-influenced evening. The only thing that could have made it better is having reclining lounge chairs for seating, instead of a picnic table bench seat. I improvised and just leaned on Patrick instead. The whole scene was just too relaxing not to lean on something!  
I can't get enough of this Raspberry flavored beer. It's so delightfully tasty.......very raspberry-yy. Fruit flavored beer, as girly as it sounds, is sooooo my thing. Even in my Corona and Dos Equis I add enough lime that you have to chew the pulp sometimes as you're drinking it. (Not becuase I don't like the taste of the beer, but becuase I like the taste of the fruit so much more.) Sounds gross to some maybe, but you won't see me bing diagnosed with scurvy anytime soon!!!! No chewing involved with this Belgium beer though, just fruity goodness.
As I enjoy all types of music, I think I'm always partial to the simplicity of an acoustic guitar, good lyrics, and maybe a little something the bongo's and a cymbal in this case. These guys had never played together before, but you'd never have known, unless you watched the guitarist tell the drummer the way he was going to strum the next song (and they also mentioned it during their break). Mixing uniquely styled covers and some of his own originals, this guy was a very good singer, and could pick the crap out of those strings. Job well done sir; thanks for the free entertainment.

Yay for Ringo's Pub for making it a Sunday Funday once again. Maybe you can let my husband play on your patio one night? It could be fun!

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