Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Inside Outwards

Throwing T.P. into the crowd

Just the two of us at Edge Fest
       So this last month of work has been really hard on my body. Due to the nature of our Ranger game schedule, day-time work meetings, and weekend requirements, my schedule has been all jacked up and choppy (which does terrible things to a night-shifter's internal rhythm). It's traumatized my brain in such ways that I actually wore my pants inside out to work one day this week. The sad part is, I didn't even realize it until about 5 am when I went to the stock room to gather some supplies and tried to slide some syringes in my cargo pocket, not understanding why they wouldn't go in! Dum-de-dum-dum-DUMB! The good news is we have a vacation comming up this month! Nawlins here we come!!!!!!

It's for real
     During my last measily two days off (I know what you're thinking...."Don't complain about two days off. That's what we all get." But that entails me not getting off until 0720am, not going to sleep until 0900am after taking the dogs on a walk and grabbing some grub, waking up in the afternoon after a short nap to feel jet-lagged for the rest of the day, making the most of my evening, and then going back to sleep to be regular the next day.........so it really only feels like 1 day off.....and after all that work to be regular, going back to a night schedule so soon just screws it up all over again!), if you can follow me back to the begining, I tried to make the most of them. Friday night Patrick and I tried a new resturuant with his work friends. Fuzzy Tacos! It was a laid back envoironment, and by laid back I mean you don't have to tip anyone, pretty cheap prices and strong drinks. The tasty-goodness of the food was satisfying to my belly and afterwards we enjoyed one of our last nights of the cool weather on a back porch somewhere in Lewisville.

My fav hat there
     And now to get to the good stuff; we arose early on Saturday morning to hang with the animals and make it to Edge Fest to spend the day rocking out in the sunshine. For 12 hours, we chilled to a variety of great bands, had a couple of cold ones, and enoyed some good ol' fashioned people-watching with our feet propped up on the bleachers. I'd like to note that for the first time ever in KpLove history, "K" finished a beer first! It was a unforgetful moment to be recorded. Neon Trees was better on stage then I preconcieving-ly thought they'd be; that lead singer is so crazy hyper. He was all over the place, barefooted and all, and sang laying on the ground for a while. Social Distortion did a fun cover for Ring of Fire, and Seether was great as always including their cover of Smells like Teen Spirit. I enjoy hearing different bands takes on famous songs. A couple more of my favorite day time bands would have been Panic at the Disco and Flogging Molly. The "School of Rock" program was also there with several kid bands tearing up the guitar/bass/drums and fundraising for the cause. Those kids were having a blast, showing off their talent and we had fun watching them.

Halloween lady
     As day turned into evening the crowds started to get a little crazy and I swear I saw more titty flashing and crowd surfing that has ever existed at a single concert. Every girl the camera featured on the big screens revealed her knockers...large, medium and small, the boys loved them all! Even a couple of guys flashed theirs, to which the lead singer of Wheezer showed a little nipple in return. Speaking of that guy, he was hallarious. He kept referring to the crowd as "the pizzahut people" and to introduce a throw back song said, "We've got a special pizza for you" (the concert venue was Pizza Hut Park) and said to "Support your local Wheezer". They put on a spectacular show and the lead singer came down into the crowd and ran over to our side of the bleachers to sing amongst the people for some "good physical contact", he called it. Everyone just ate it up. My first time to see something like that happen.  They finished on a drum solo with the entire band playing a single set of drums. Also a first for me. I actually felt bad for Jane's Addiction anit-climatic following of Weezer........until they didn't sing Jane Says. Everyone waited for that song, and the turd heads didn't play it. As closure, we hit-up Whataburger on the way home and let the lead in our eye lids take over after chowing down while the puppies played around us. Any that, my friends, is what you call a pretty perfect day.

Hamster ball crowd surfer

Guess they couldn't find a babysitter, at least it had ear muffs 
Neon Trees

Weezer's grand drum finale

Jane's Addiction sky dancing girls


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