Sunday, May 15, 2011

Like, You Know What I Mean, Like?!?!?

Out our window.  See the tiny 5k'ers?
       Nothing makes you feel more welcomed infuriated than coming home from work to find out there isn't a single un-blocked entrance into your own parking garage. After a long and patience-thinning shift, I drove around the entire apartment complex to search for an open street leading to my luck. I finally had a short and sweet conversation with a friendly police officer, and discovered our community is hosting a 5k and apparently management didn't think it necessary to warn a single tenant! We get daily emails about crap and more crap, but forget the important stuff, like: you may not be able to get in and out of your own home on Saturday morning......Who cares about that? Since the race was about to start, I thought I might stick around to see the beginning. The results??? Smallest, and slowest 5k..........EVER. I witnessed a man in blue jeans, several strollers, toddlers, immediate walkers, and definitely no a lack of slackers. Who shows up to a race in blue jeans?

My speeding bullets, sprinting down the hallway
      Since I was awake, I took the dogs downstairs for their morning deuces (we run down the hallway and stairwell, because it's more fun that way) while Patrick slept in, and another stand-by officer asked me what kind of dogs I had. "Yorkies," I said. To which he hesitantly replied, "Aren't those....... really.......big Yorkies?!" Yes sir, yes sir, I happen to have a special talent for picking out extremely large-for-their-breed dogs; thanks for noticing. They get bigger every time.  I really liked what a woman I work with compared it to. Remember Clifford the dog? The more and more the family showered him with love, the more he grew. So maybe that's why they're so big. We do love them A-whole-heck-of-a-LOT!

Typical Cat vs Dog. Lucie to Sumo-  "Why you act so stupid?"

     I'm currently struggling with something that I don't know how to fix. It's an issue I have with phrase repeating. I've noticed that sometimes a group of people that are around each other will occasionally pick up on certain words or phrases and use them in a out of control manner. The current one in circulation is, "Do you know what I mean?" I've been keeping a rough mental tally for the last 3 days and at risk of sounding exaggeratory, I'd say I've heard it about 100 times too many. This is different than saying a catch-phrase from a movie to be funny; this is real conversation. A few weeks ago, Patrick and I were taking a stroll in our favorite nature preserve and happened to walk by a small group of teenagers. After passing them and reaching a safe distance, we simultaneously looked at each other and started laughing. The teeny-boppers were very seriously discussing some sort of scavenger hunt and the yappy one must have said the word "like" no less than every 2-3words. I have a witness of this. I just hope I don't want it to influence my own verbal language. If I start saying any variance of the previously mentioned, please feel free to slap me. Do you know what I mean? I'm just kidding!!! Not really. Or am I?

Tasty goodness
      One more note: I've fallen into a mild love affair with a new coffee treat. I stumbled upon this drink at the last minute pick me-did you forget something-don't you need this-I know you want me display in front of the register at Wal-mart last week. I think it tastes like a coffee flavored liquid marshmallow, and doesn't have the bitterness that those Starbucks canned frappuccinos can have. Of course I added a little bit of caramel to mine, but that's just me; it's an art to make everything complicated. 'You know? (Kidding again.)
     Is that poison ivy itching the crap out of my foot? Oh, it's just my tattoo healing and peeling. I think the recovery period could quite possibly be worse than the acute pain of the needle.

Come on mom, let's play!

The flip-side to my new cute bangs, too crazy not to share

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